{Happy Birthday}

Hi everyone...
It's another birthday for me today:) 35 woohoo
I have to tell you that I am NOT a fan of the 5's...25, 35, 45 etc. I don't know why I just feel like it's the tipping point to the next decade! Owell..
Now I am not a resolution kind of girl on the new year...but I do think a birthday is the perfect time to take a moment and evaluate your life. My birthday just happens to land on New Year's Eve.
Last year I was really feeling like I had to get my health and fitness back in order. I think I did a pretty good job in this department. I did not meet my weight goal but I am still moving in that direction.
More importantly I finally found myself again.
As I started to think about my birthday post I really started to think about all the things I accomplished & did this past year..
Take a look.

1. Key West , 2. Healthy Food, 3. Friends, 4. Def Leppard, 5. 35, 6. Pond, 7. Nephew Time, 8. Key West, 9. Camping, 10. Saugatuck, 11. Wine Drive, 12. Bike Ride
This mosaic really makes me realize just how hard on myself I am. When I stop for a moment to take a look at all I did last year I feel proud.
~Rode 75 miles in a bike ride.
~Spent great times with my wonderful friends.
~Had some fun parties at my home.
~Started getting really into cooking and started Fresh Friday's on simpledaisy.
~Did tons of crafting this year...
~Built a pond all by myself.
~Spent a lot of fun times with my husband in all the local beachy towns.
~Went to a Def Leppard concert.
~Spent time with my adorable nephew.
~Tore out the carpeting in our bedroom so that my husband HAD to put in a new floor:)
~Painted 2 rooms in our house.
~Got a new puppy.
on and on and on...

I had a really great, fun and happy year!

Sometimes is nice to take a moment and reflect on one's accomplishments.....
It can help put things in perspective.

For me, I just think I need to take a moment and start being more appreciative of WHO I AM. Life goes by so fast and sometimes I focus so much what is NOT going right that I don't even see what is going right!
So my main goal this year is to just be PRESENT....
Really be appreciative for all the moments of my life and try NOT to be too hard on myself!!

I should be thankful that I am the kind of girl who doesn't wait around for things to happen....I make them happen! I have been accused of being bossy...but if bossy means getting things done and knowing what I want...then I guess I am bossy:)

Sometimes in life I think it's so important to stop and take a moment to really think about who you are..and are you comfortable with that person!
For me...I like most everything about myself {minus the superficial things, weight, etc} except that I am just too hard on myself. Nothing I do is ever enough and I don't always take the time to just appreciate the day!
So those are my goals this year!
......appreciate each and every day!
......not be so hard on myself!

Of course I still have my little fitness goals
ride the century
run a half marathon
complete a dualathon

but now I am confident those things will happen! Last year it was a major goal of mine just to get fit again and here I am! More fit than I have been in years! It just goes to show...when you have a goal and set your mind to something....anything can be accomplished!!

Whether you do or don't make goals...I think it's a super idea to just take a moment and check yourself at least once a year!

What do you like?!?!
What do you wish to change?!?!
Once you decide just get out there and do it~
You won't ever regret making positive changes in your life:)

*****Have a wonderful New Year*****

"Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same." ~Francesca Reigler


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! And what a year you had! So much fun and so many accomplishments! You're such an inspiration! :)

    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful 2010!

  3. Happy Birthday... hope its a good one, along with your NEW YEAR!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! Kudos to all you achieved. Your blog is like a fresh breath of inspiration of getting me back on track of more healthy living. I'll have to try some of those recipes. Your "girls" (dogs) are so funny.


    And Happy New Year! You should be VERY proud of yourself. Even without your list as a reminder I DO recall all that you have done and I just remember being so impressed and inspired when I come here.

    You have had a great 2009 but I think you're going to have an even better 2010. My main goal this year is maintaining my health and getting more into it as well and just staying more positive than not!!!!

  6. What an ispiring post. I like your attitude to make things happen! I couldn't agree more. You seem really happy and it just pours out of your writing. :) How great is that?! I look forward to following your blog in 2010!

  7. Happy Birthday! Your pictures from Key West are beautiful! I love all your summery outfits!

  8. happy birthday~
    we have the same numbers in our birth years, only mine are reversed of yours :) so, that makes you very, very young!

    your birthday collage reflects alot of cheerful, happy and healthy accomplishments!

  9. love your bday collage. I need to learn how to make those! Also you truly are an inspiration and that collage shows so much joy in acheiving your accomplishments. My beach hat is off to you my dear. I turned 35 last october and I am all about squeezing all the goodness of life. I am so excited to spend another year with simpledaisy!

  10. Happy Birthday Capricorn Friend!! I'm sorry I missed it.

    Bossy is a Capricorn trait. :) And I think you have the right attitude. I'm looking forward to what the new year brings.

    Happy New Year and Belated Birthday wishes.


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