{the finished product}

As I promised in my craziness from winter I re-did my dining room!! Not with the turquoise wall as I first thought....my heart just wasn't happy with how it turned out...This is, of course, after I got better..which I am still not 100%! Finally, went to the doctor and found out I had influenza which turned into pneumonia!! Glad I went in!!
Here is how it turned out!!!!!!!!!!
I absolutely love it!! It is so much calmer and quieter feeling....
It is not 100% done as you can tell..I have to get those things that go at the top of the wall on the left and I still have to take my black and white photos...maybe I can save for a new camera by summer!!!
I mostly used what I already had on hand..but did add to it....I already had these little daisies and the bottles..I just threw in some sand and wrapped twine around them and added a super cute capiz shell button.....

I did the same to the new candles I bought....

I got into a sewing frenzy because I just couldn't find anything that truly made my heart happy .... so I made these super simple curtains out of muslin from the fabric store...cheap and simple..

Then I sewed 8 cushions for the chairs which amounted to $30 total for all the cushions!!!!! I simply used 2 white bandana and stuffing for each cushion...then added 4 turquoise shell buttons for the tufted look!! I have to say I am rather impressed with myself..because usually when I sew things they end up in the trash!!! Not this time...

I did buy 2 of these cute little pillows from Ruby & Stella....she has the cutest pillows!!!I used beach rocks I had saved from Lake Michigan ...and just added sand and blue beach rocks to the candles!! I just love it!! i am sooooo much happier without the red wall!! What do you think????

Have a GREAT day....It's finally 50 degrees here and SUNNY!!! WooHooo~~~~


  1. Your room turned out great! It has such a wonderful beachy feel without being overwhelming or in your face. I'm from FL and even Floridians can go overboard in their beach/tropical decorating. Yours is spot on.

  2. Love your style. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your jewelry . I have my eye on the Monica necklace, right up my alley. BTW I used to live in Mishawaka when I taught at ND. Small bloggy world :)

  3. Nice beachy feel. I love your room and how you added some lights around the mirror too..., really like your blog! Thanks for your visit and adding Completely Coastal to your blogroll, yours is on my roll now too...

  4. wow this looks great! you are so creative :)
    thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. Wow, you're amazing. I can't sew so I cannot fathom doing all those cushions and curtains. It really looks beautiful. I bet you can't wait to entertain!!!!

    Feel better and Happy V Day!

  6. I think it turned out lovely too. Though for some reason I'm not able to see all of your pictures. But the ones i can see - wow you put a lot of work into it and the results are quite amazing!

  7. i'm new to your blog, but cant imagine a red wall in this beautiful space...it looks so perfect now! i really appreciate the clean and natural look!


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