{trying to make pillows}

I had a hairbrain idea to make some new pillows today. It is not easy with a puppy!Ruby got into everything I was trying to do! I am already not the world's best sewer and so it was super hard to concentrate with her running around! But I think they turned out pretty cute!! I just love Amy Butler fabric!!
I put two in the dining room...
And the others will be for the front porch! Stay tuned because I am getting ready to make some changes up there! I want to paint the front door that dark purply blue color and *we* are going to start putting the pond in! {hopefully my husband won't already be too tired of projects}

Maybe something along these lines~
Ok ... well, you get the idea!!!

As I trying to take pictures of the new pillows...Ruby decided she should lay on them!I yelled at her to get off of them! {what...who...me}But she was just too cute to be mad at for long!!
The *joys* of a puppy!!!


  1. I love the color of that door. Nice project..., the pillows. I want to redo a fabric lampshade, but then I don't seem to be able to pull myself away from the computer. Ruby, uh..., soooo adorable.

  2. I was thinking I wanted a light blue door. Something a little unexpected.

    Love the pillows!

    And Ruby - what a face! makes me want to get another dog.

  3. That Ruby - she is such a sweetheart! I love the blue doors, makes me want to run out and buy some high gloss bright blue paint!

  4. wow beautiful pillows! love the pup...so cute :)

  5. That pillow fabric is GORGEOUS...love it... and your sweet dog :)


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