{the pond}

I finally got around to building the pond and I did it all by myself in one day!!!!! I couldn't be happier than a kitty rolling around in the grass in the sunshine!!!! I love how it turned out...but lets see what you think?!?!?
Now I think the front door area is complete~~ Except for the pond pump cord...which my husband is going to help me out with!!
I am so proud that I did this all by myself! I know my husband would have helped me but I am not a very patient person and just wanted to get it done!! So I did it! The digging took about 4 straight hours! I was super sore the next day but it was so worth it!
Plus it was a free workout! No weights required~I still need to get fish and pond plants...but I think it still looks pretty happy~ In my dream world I would be some sort of garden designer....I just love doing this!!!
In fact this autumn I am going to apply to the Master Gardener program!! Just another thing to help keep me busy during the long midwestern winter!

Oh yeah....happy first day of summer!! woohoo~
"People take pictures of summer, just in case someone thought they had missed it, and to prove that it really existed."-- Ray Davies


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