{dark chocolate}

I *heart* dark chocolate especially paired with a delicious red wine! I have a little square of dark chocolate almost every night after dinner... hmmm....what does that say about my wine consumption!?!?!
Lately I have been into dark chocolate with chili. Sounds a little strange but tastes fabulous.

two.....toasted head

Then I found this yummy looking chocolate... chocolove
Could be a new one to try!

Or maybe I should try and do a little good while you enjoying my dark chocolate and wine! chocolate bar
Part of the proceeds of this bar go to help endangered species!!

Or I could help support and spread the word about rescue dogs by drinking wine!dog lovers wine club
You know I am a sucker for rescue dogs~They'll even do custom labels of your pet! What a great gift idea!

Of course I always love beautiful packageing and this chocolate looks lovely~

oh joy

Or maybe..vosges chocolate

And lastley...I am definately going to make this recipe at some point...

veg news
vegetarian dark chocolate chili! YUM....except i'll probably subsitute cabernet for the coffee in the recipe!!

Why you ask....am I posting about red wine...dark chocolate...and chili in what is *supposed to be* the beginning of summer......WELL

because it's crappy, cold and rainy here in *lovely* Indiana!!!!!!!

Hope you have a happy day! I am going out to continue working on building the pond!! Stay tuned!


  1. great post! What's better than wine and chocolate on these rainy gross days :)

  2. What's not to love - chocolate and wine!

    It went from 60 degrees to 90 degrees in one day in Iowa.

    I'm sure it's coming your way.

  3. I do like the chocolate with chili. And I am not even a big choc person. The wine, however, is another story. I am so glad to learn of those custom labels for pets. This will make a great gift for my best friend. Thanks.


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