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{ps. can any of you direct me somewhere to learn how to make the pictures on my blog bigger?? I know I have to change the template to strech and I have played around with changing the size in the HTML code of the pictures...and it makes the picture bigger but then it's super fuzzy?!?!?}


  1. i wish i could help, I have no idea! I hope I get to learn with you!

  2. It's pretty easy to find good instructions on how to do that, just search with keywords like larger pictures in blogger..., I came across Blogger Buster, great site, maybe there..., you basically delete both width and height html code when you have uploaded the picture. I have tried that and it looked fine in the preview, but then once published the picture didn't display anymore after a while and since I'm not really looking to have larger images, I stopped trying. I think Rhoda from Southern Hospitality had also a short tutorial on this not too long ago..., hope that helps a little. Good luck. Oh, I have launched another blog (A Beach Lovers Place)..., maybe you want to join me there! See you.
    Maya@Completely Coastal


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