{the front door}

Finally painted the front door last weekend~
Turned out *OK*.....
It wasn't the exact blue I was after...but I still think it looks happy! It seems like I can never pick the paint color that I see in my mind! Why is that?!?!?
I might paint it again at some point~
But not right now.
I added a cute little chalk board {just an old frame I had that I painted black and painted some sheet metal with chalkboard paint} works out just perfect! And I like the happy little flowers below it! I like the house numbers....Had to add those awhile back after the UPS guy wrote me a little note regarding not having house numbers on my house. Sorry!

Happy little flowers to greet our company!

The little pillows I just made look perfect {I think} on the front porch!

And one of my favorite things...

Using wine boxes to plant flowers in! Simple and cute! This one is a little old..but they do last quite awhile and I only pay $5 for them! Cost effective~

Even Ruby and L.C. like to hang out on the front porch!
OK.....really they just like to chase the chipmunks that live around the front porch!

Next will be the pond!! Yippee.....
I love summer projects!! Don't you!?!?!?
Have a happy week~


  1. Your entrance looks so fun and welcoming (kind of how I imagine you to be) - love it!

  2. I love the chalk board, what a cute idea! And the door looks fabulous :)

  3. Thanks so much!! It's always nice to get such wonderful comments! Makes me really happy:)

  4. i agree..its a friendly happy welcome..you kinda get that someone like that lives inside!

  5. And happy it looks! I think this is a great blue.

  6. LOVE the blue door - reminds me of Notting Hill...

  7. Everything looks great! I love the chalk board and your flowers look awesome.

  8. Never mind, I went back to see you painted some sheet metal. I had forgotten :)

  9. Our front doors are almost exactly the same color!


    Obviously, I love it!


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