{let's compare & contrast}

In my quest to be a little happier during the winter, I took the dogs out for a snowy walk today. While I was walking and FREEZING I couldn't help but to have Key West in my mind! We got back Christmas Eve but it is still fresh enough that I am able to still smile while it's blizzarding outside here in Indiana.
So, anyway....
Here's a tiny recap of what I wore while in Key West...
Everything I wore was simple and easy.....just the way I like it!
and of course...it consisted of A LOT of turquoise and aqua blues:)I could dress like that everyday!!
But now let's see what I wore on my walk today... A hat, a scarf and about 4 shirts just to stay warm!! But at least I am trying to make the best of the cold and snow!!

Now let's see my feet while in Key West......
Oh those are the flip-flops I had to buy while I was there after Ruby chewed up all my sandals! Thanks Ruby....at least I got a cute new pair of flip flops. And here they are all warm and cozy in the snow... What a difference:)

Now for the scenery....

I am sure many of you have been to Key West so you can appreciate just how beautiful it is there. The sunsets are just incredible~And I really loved how colorful everything was....and that most everything was TURQUOISE!! So cute.

And the water....well you already know that I am total beach girl!! I could live in a trailer on the beach and be perfectly happy!Here is the scenery here today....Somehow the snow just does not look nearly as pretty as the aqua blue water!

Now I have to say there was one SUPER COLD day {by Key West standards} in Key West...it was 58 and cloudy...

We were a little sad...

But then we thought....hey at least it's NOT snowing:)

Oh....and I can't forget the beach grass.....I LOVE beach grass.

The Key West version....and our version in December...hmmmm......at least it's pretty in the summer!!

Well....at least the girls were happy in the snow today....
Ruby thinks it's the best thing since rawhide bones were invented....or should I say sandals...

and L.C. enjoys it too...
After our walk in the snow I came in, made a cup of hot tea and got on-line to tell you all about our snowy walk:)Hope your day is going well wherever you are:) I know, I am happy that I am still off school until the New Year...woohoo:)

“Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving, make every day a holiday and celebrate just living!” Amanda Bradley


  1. Hah, cute post. Loved your sad little faces although it looks like you had such a great time in the Keys. I cannot wait to go again.

  2. Cute post! My dog was super excited when it snowed here too! Helped me get excited about it too. If nothing else its beautiful right?

  3. looks like all your tropical christmas dreams came true :)

    as many times as i've been to key west, i've never been at christmas, so i'm inspired to try this one year


  4. oh, now this is hilarious!!! you post brought many smiles to this ol' face!!
    I have shots of that same beach bar with the colored chairs. Even entered it in a photography contest..will have to dig it up to show you!!
    Least you turned your puppy dog frowns into happy faces with fond memories of warm days!

  5. Reality bites, hey? You two are beautiful.

  6. Love love love the turquoise umbrellas looks like u guys had a blast miss you !

  7. Great pics! I have a few of these too from my time in Florida.

    Looks like Key West was awesome!!


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