{A food philosophy}

So...it's the day after Christmas and who's ready to talk about food?!?!

HA...if you're like me your still stuffed to the gills!! Throw in a vacation and I think i've gained another 5 lbs.
You know i've been vegan for awhile and that's been going pretty good.....but on vacation I broke down and had lots of this.....Mahi Mahi!! YUMMY! You Florida people are SOOO lucky! The funny thing was...I ate lots of Mahi with extra veggies and no starches and my tummy felt great and I had tons of energy!!! Hmmm.... Plus, I was so happy because we rented bikes and rode all around the island. You know I love exercise too!
My husband probably could have done without the exercise on vacation but I was in bliss!Somewhere along the way, I got involved in a few too many of these....and maybe too many of these....
{Yes, I wore black dresses more than once on vacation. I love simple black dresses!}

And you know I love my vino! Just look at how happy it looks:)
But after a few too many one evening....I ended up eating all this the next day....

I did NOT feel good after eating fries, bread and a large black bean burger! I am still learning more and more about what foods make me feel good and which ones don't!

Protein and veggies make me feel GREAT and starchy carbs...not so great! I definitely drive myself crazy with all this...vegan, not vegan, whole foods, fruits, not fruits....on and on!! Really like i've said before "keep it SIMPLE." I need to remember not to make so many rules for myself. If I want egg whites for breakfast b/c they give me energy then I should have them! If I want grilled fish for dinner then I should have it. I know I am a healthy eater and a mostly whole foods eater....but while on vacation...I realized pumping up the protein kept me full and happy for hours!!! It's good for me!

And I definitely cannot do "anything in moderation"....if I have one fry...i'll eat them ALL! If I have one piece of warm bread...i'll eat the WHOLE basket!! Geesh!
So....Now I am going to focus on eating a little more protein and a little less starchy carbs to see how I feel!! Life really is a journey and you do really have to take the time to see what works for your body! Everyone is DIFFERENT!!

Hope you had a fabulous Christmas!!

"Live in rooms full of light
Avoid heavy food
Be moderate in the drinking of wine
Take massage, baths, exercise, and gymnastics
Fight insomnia with gentle rocking or the sound of running water
Change surroundings and take long journeys
Strictly avoid frightening ideas
Indulge in cheerful conversation and amusements
Listen to music."
~A. Cornelius Celsus


  1. Wow...now I feel guilty. I doidn't think, for a skinny minute, about what I ate this holiday.


  2. Hi there,
    Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog. I really appreciate new readers and comments. I would love it if you continued to read...though I am quite random and admittedly not a "food-focused" blog.
    Your vacation looks beautiful, and you look very pretty and happy. Have a beautiful day.

  3. How lucky are you to be in such a beautiful place! The mahi looks delicious too.

    Nothing works better on a vacation than a black dress. :)

  4. I love the black dresses! The food looks absolutely fabulous, as does the vino : )

    I hear ya, I soooo want to be one of those "anything/everything in moderation" gals but it is tough. I think I have to just work on being one of those "I know myself" people - like you said, if I eat one...I will eat 100 & I know that. I DON'T deny treats but "everything in moderation" gets me in trouble...eek.

    Sounds to me like you are figuring yourself out though. I hope to get there soon, where I really and truly know myself.

    Glad you enjoyed your vacation!!!


  5. Merry Christmas and can I tell you how jealous I am that you're in Key West?!

    You look great - keep up whatever you're doing and enjoy every minute of it!

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  7. I know exactly how you feel with the starchy foods! I feel so lethargic and dull when I eat a starchy meal, but so energized if I eat fresh greens. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I can't wait to read more!

  8. What a great vacation you're having..., fun foods, touring, eating, drinks! And I can not do french fries in moderation either!

  9. Glad you're having such a lovely time in Florida! The weather has been gorgeous!

  10. Looks like had a grand time! That sun and surf look so appealing right now, looking out my window at snow and 30 degrees. Moderation - what's that??? Especially this time of year. Which reminds me I need to get on the exercise bike.

  11. Oh, it ALL looks good, from the mahi mahi to the black bean burger. But I do know what you mean, I am what I eat. When I eat bad I feel bad. Period.

    During the week at lunch I never eat heavy because then I would feel lethargic the whole work day and that's a miserable feeling. So yah, I definitely pay attention to when I want to be bad.

    Love all the recap pics!!!!!


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