{Fresh Friday}

Happy Friday to you:)
I am racing around getting ready to head out for KEY WEST...woo hoo~
I am a last minute packer and haven't packed a thing yet. BUT guess what.....
Last night while we were out Ruby chewed up EVERY pair of sandals I had to take:(Now, I am anxiously waiting for the shops to open so I can run out and PRAY that someone in Indiana is selling sandals in DECEMBER:)Oh...why oh why did we HAVE to get another dog!! Who knew labs could be so naughty?!?!? I guess she is clearly NOT ready to be left out while we are away!!
It is kind of humorous b/c if you knew me....you would not be shocked that this happened to me:) It's just how I roll....everything is chaos ALL THE TIME!! Haha
Even with all this....I couldn't leave you without a healthy little recipe! It is FRESH FRIDAY:)
~Spicy Thai Soup~

This soup was so ridiculously simple to make and yet oh so tasty! It was just perfect for a cold winter evening.
* 4 cups low sodium vegetable broth
* 1 tbs. miso
* siracha sauce ....to taste!! It's very spicy so be careful.
* 1 cup shitake mushrooms
* .5 cup shredded carrots
* .5 cup chopped scallions
* 1 cup chopped napa cabbage
* chopped extra firm tofu....however much you want!

Bring first 7 ingredients to a boil for about 4 minutes, then throw the tofu in for another 2 minutes.

I topped it with chopped cashews and it was DELICIOUS!I had no problem finishing off my bowl!!
It would be great with a nice Riesling wine but since it's FREEZING cold here...I enjoyed it with a lovely Cabernet.
Plus it was sooo good...I warmed it up and had it again the next day! Soup is perfect if your trying to lose a little weight. The broth really fills you up before you eat your main meal and you can make it with healthy ingredients!! This soup will definitely be on my list of healthy and quick foods to cook:) I think it's pure health in a bowl.

Well...hope you have a wonderful weekend and i'll see you when we get back!!!!!!

"Happiness lies, first of all, in health." George William Curtis


  1. OMG Ruby had a good time with your shoes! I hope you can find at least a pair or two before you go. Otherwise wait until you get to Key West to buy some new ones.

  2. Ruby did some fine work huh? Don;t worry there will be so many cute sandals inkey west to purchase you will be delighted! I would pack one pair b/c if u r anything like me, I like to shop! and I am sure there will be no shortage of cute shoes at all the beachy boutiques. safe travels!

  3. BTW I LOVE anything thai so I will be making this soup when I get back from my trip! so excited for it. :)

  4. Holy Cow! Ruby did some damage!! Well, you get the fun of shopping for new ones - good luck this time of year. You might have to buy them in key west - have a great time.
    That soup looks delish, might have to make that one sometime!

  5. look on the bright side....you get to buy yourself a pair of famous Key West Kinos sandals!

    Have a ball!

  6. oh man! i am a shoe lover so I can feel the pain... but also seeing the humor is good ;)

    hope you are finding some cute shoes on the trip!

  7. Oh, I mourn with you on the loss of so many good shoes! On the upside, that soup seems it could comfort the worst shoe-blues.


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