{happy spring sunday}

I really had good intentions of doing yard work all day...but then thoughts of the beach starting creeping into my mind as I was diligently raking out the beds in my yard and thinking of how warm and sunny it was....
Eventually I go inside to my husband and say "hey let's go to New Buffalo today" {Lake Michigan for those of you who might not know}...I don't think he was too too excited about this thought but I am persistant!!!

I know it's not tropical...but it's all i've got!! And it's pretty!! That's my husband...he's super cute but I am still not sure he is convinced of what I have in mind!! but he does love me...and hey it was 9 years ago this St. Patty's day that we met...so...I think he feels a little like he should do anything I ask!!! Except help in the yard!! HaHa....

I first decide we should go to the beach..I have some photography thoughts in mind....even though I don't have my new camera yet...You can tell by the tree that it is clearly NOT summer here in the midwest...but it is still lovelyThe sky was simply sublime.......

Definately NOT warm and tropical...but lovely nontheless.....

We even climbed the beach stairs...I just love the view...even though it is only March...it was just beautiful!!

Sometimes....I think...I really want a new, super camera....then I take a fw photos on my ultra simple camera and I think to myself....hey...look at how lovely these images turn out...why spend $$$ on something you don't truely need.......but then I definatetly think...what would these look like with the proper equipment....... I tried to take our picture...but I guess ...not everything can turn out the way I want!! A little blurry...but happy!!!

I just love this beach and it is where I spend a lot of time in the summer!!!This seriously cracks me up.....anyone who knows me .... knows I am obsessed with jeeps..but even I would not have the top down on a day where the temperature only reached 58 degrees!!! You go Jeep owners....

After all that walkin' and talkin'....okay only 10 minutes..... we went to our favorite place to have a bite to eat and a cocktail!!!!

After the Dog.. I get a hair brain idea to go to Redamak's ...it was the place we went on our first date 9 years ago!!!

Now I see why we don't go there anymore....who serves beer like this??? If I want beer I want in a frosty mug...if I want wine I want it in a glass like that.......On our way home...we saw all these turkeys in a field...how awesome and can you see all the male turkeys have their back feathers up!! I thought that was really cool....because how many people actually take the time to look for nature while they are driving!!!

Hope you have a super happy week!!!


  1. The beach looks beautiful...I grew up in MI and we used to vacation in Grand Haven. Have a great week!

  2. I think so too..., that beach is awesome. I like your shots too..., and congrats to 9 years, my husband and I are in our 13th!

  3. love your pictures. I love New Buffalo! I used to go there and it comforted me. congrats on your anniversary and happy st. patty's day!

  4. what an awesome trip. i live in michigan...i will have to plan a trip around there sometime the sand and water look amazing!

  5. thanks for the tour of new buffalo.

    the restuarants look like my kind of place! i like the old authentic non fancy places !!

    i have a bigger camera, though you can get good shots, i find alot of times its too cumbersome (and kinda touristy looking) to carry all day. you cant leave it under a blanket if you go into the water...your always worried someone will take it..i keep my flat sony with me at ALL times, and most of my blog is with those pics.

  6. Even in cooler weather I could spend all day at the beach! Looks like you had an awesome day!


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