{cute spring jackets}

I love cute little jackets and here in the Midwest you have to wear them well into July!!!
I don't think one can have enough and during my recent "window" shopping escapade.....I found some really great ones~
Who doesn't love Anthropologie...a little out of my price range..but I do love their clothes and I really love this little trench~
J Crew
Definately my favorite jacket!!! I think the ruffles are just too cute! If it were a little more within my budget I would definately own this jacket! Maybe it will go on sale~
Charlotte Russe
A little 80's but super cute!! I think this would look great atop a simple tank top, maybe an aqua blue one!! And it's very affordable~
Just a little something to look forward to if spring EVER gets here!! The high was 25 degrees today.....brrr...even the sprouting daffodils are freezing!!
Have a great day.....


  1. cute indeed! I remember those days in the midwest. And I do have all those little jackets I accumulated during my time at Notre Dame, yet I still need more of them! :) Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Cute jackets. Living in FL I think I only own one or two.

  3. That middle one - that's the one I want!!


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