{party time}

Good Sunday Morning!!
Last night we had our annual Christmas party and it was SUPER fun.
Do you ever plan something that you stress about and then when it happens you are just so proud and happy that you did it!?!?!
That's how I feel about my parties....
I love to entertain and I love to have parties...but I STRESS....STRESS...STRESS about them.
Yet, when the day finally comes and the people start to arrive...I am in PURE BLISS:)
It makes me feel so happy in my heart to have such wonderful friends and family in my life!
Let's see....
I made these simple and tasty little cocktails.It's just...cheap champagne and pomegranate/cranberry juice! I pour half and half in a sugar rimmed champagne glass and add in a couple fresh raspberries. They look so festive and they don't cost a million dollars!
I think it's nice to have a signature cocktail to offer people when they arrive, even if the party is bring your own cocktail.
It makes me happy and it makes my guests happy:)

Now...I personally like to glam it up when I have a party... I think it's fun to get all glammed up.
But I always tell everyone...wear whatever makes you happy and you can come in your p.j.s....I just want you to come:)No one really does come in their pajamas. In fact, I think we all look pretty nice~ Even my husband glammed it up! Any party I have ALWAYS includes dancing! For this...we clear out the living room and use whatever we can find to sing and dance:) My friend, Michelle, chose a lamp {minus the shade} as her microphone. She cracks me up:) I just think it's so nice to have a *fun* holiday party!! At this time of the year everyone is so busy attending work parties, shopping and just plain running around like a mad person. I like to give people the opportunity to just let loose and have a good time:)
And boy do we know how to let loose! just look at my kitchen at the end of my party:) Now....of course...we had some yummy food!! I made pork tenderloin for the meat eaters:)
And I made a couple healthy options! I think it's important to have healthy options when you're at a party! Parties make it SOOOOO easy to overindulge! It helped knowing that my friend Jamie {she's a personal trainer} was coming.

She has definitely helped me a TON in getting fit and healthy!! Just look how cute she is. I still have a little more to go and will get right back on track AFTER the holidays. And I know she'll be right there to help me out:)
Anyway I made....cous cous with chopped up veggies! Simple and definitely healthy!
I also made tropical salsa! I love this salsa. Canned tropical fruit, chopped onions, fresh cilantro, lime juice, cumin and chili powder and wala...a healthy and tasty salsa!

Ok....well I better get to cleaning up the mess!! Have a Happy Sunday!!

"Live life fully while you're here. Experience everything. Take care of yourself and your friends. Have fun, be crazy, be weird. Go out and screw up! You're going to anyway, so you might as well enjoy the process. Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes: find the cause of your problem and eliminate it. Don't try to be perfect ; just be an excellent example of being human." Anthony Robbins


  1. What a fun party, great job! Those drinks look so festive, glad you had fun :)

  2. Loved your ideas! We are having some peeps over next Saturday...I think our siggy Sangria... It is just TOO DARN HOT here...and then we'll probably all jump in the pool!

  3. Looks like soooo much fun! What a wonderful drink idea, I love it. Glad that you are enjoying the holidays & your friends - that is what it is all about : )

    I hear you on the stress before though - I do the same thing. It always seems to turn out to be a blast, stress or no. That should be a sign to nix the stress...maybe someday : )

    That salsa looks rediculously delish!!! I am also of the opinion that you can never go wrong with couscous salad, YUM (& healthy)!!!

  4. Your party looks like it was a hit!! Everythings looks wonderful. Glad you had a blast!

  5. Mmmmm those drinks look yummy I'm making those for New Years! Looks like everything turned out great!
    now you can relax and enjoy your vaca!

  6. a messy kitchen IS a sign of a great party!!
    love that you were dancing..
    dancing makes you happy!

  7. Absolutely love to see people enjoying their friends.....and the holidays just make everyone glow!!
    Looked like such a fun time...

  8. I think you know how much I love to cook and entertain BUT I do try not to let it stress me out because I do want to enjoy the prepping too. It is hard though, you're right. But you did a bang up job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE the drink idea. For Xmas I am doing Pomegranate Margaritas.

    Again, have a FANtastic time.

  9. what fun!!! love your salsa idea... i love cilantro!!! wish I could keep it alive as a kitchen herb...

    your champagne with juice idea is great!


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