{happy day}

Well hello there!!
Happy Sunday to you!

Guess what....the SUN came out today!!
I was soooo excited! We haven't seen the sun since......well since the last time I posted about the sun:)

I love the sunshine...it just makes me so motivated! Even with a terrible cold right now...I still accomplished a lot today:)

Blue skies! I love them! And January in Indiana....really makes you appreciate them! It really is the little things that mean so much  in life!

We were all happy today! Even the birds were singing more than usual! Who cares there's a major winter storm on it's way....today I just enjoyed the moment!
Another good thing to remember....sometimes you just have to live in the moment:)

I was super busy with Simple Daisy today!! Thank you... Thank you:):) I can't even tell you just how happy it makes me to keep on moving forward in the direction of my dreams!!
And you know what...I have you to thank for that!!!!

Thank you Becky at Beachsnaps for doing a little post about Simple Daisy packaging!! So nice of you:)

And I finished up some odds and ends in my plan to spruce up our bedroom!
It's funny how when the seasons change I want to completely switch up my decor!
I just painted some things white, got a new duvet cover and changed out the bedside tables!
Still more to do...but it's a start!

Aren't those little tables cute!! Someone in our family built them......out of paneling and junk wood...they were pretty sad! My husband brought them home and couldn't quite figure out why I wanted them.....but look at them now! Nothing that a little paint and sanding can't take care of:):)

Can't wait to show you this little bathroom when it's finished! It's actually our master bath....I guess in the 70's {when our home was built} people just weren't into grand master baths!

It's so small you can barely fit 2 people in there at the same time!!!

It won't be the beachy style I like...it is afterall my husband's bathroom and he likes a little more modern style...and well.....he wasn't in love with the baby blue shower, toilet, and sink....me...I could have worked with it!! So it was time to make a change!

Hopefully we'll be done in a couple of weeks....still have to tile the shower!

but back to the bedroom!! It really should be your little happy space! Is your bedroom your happy space!?!?

Even Ruby approves!
Now if she would just stop leaving her black hair everywhere....I would be a lot happier:)

I hope you have a happy week! It sounds like we might be snowed in:(
I know I am still holding onto the thought that there really are daffodils underneath all that snow...just waiting to peek their pretty little heads out of the ground!!!

"A great attitude does much more than turn on the lights in our worlds;
it seems to magically connect us to all sorts of serendipitous opportunities
that were somehow absent before the change."
-Earl Nightingale


  1. you have been WAY productive--I'm impressed! growing up in Indiana, I know all too well about how nice it is to see sunshine in January! We had a little here today in RI and I felt rejuvenated. Loved the new look you gave your sidetables! if you have a second, be sure to stop by...you'll be happy you did! I'm hosting a giveaway with your name all over it! xoxo {av}

  2. It looks like you found the perfect spot in that tub reading a perfect magazine! :) Love you new jewelry and your bedroom is coming along perfectly! Our master bath is the same size! I can't wait to see what you do!

  3. Hello Sunshine! So happy to hear your thoughts, see your master coming along, and enjoy your doodles! You remind me of Sark, have you read any of her books? I blogged about her before here if you want to check it out:


    Happy week!

  4. Oh yeah...Daisy girl...you'll be seeing daffodils and tulips soon. Know that! Also know that the thought of being snowed in sounds delectable. Delightful.

    Close your eyes and will the sound of the waves to you. They are there. Trust.

  5. Our sunshine did not last very long. It was cloudy and gloomy here today. But what a glorious day yesterday was!

    I picked up a new duvet too. I need to see how it fits and then wash it. I'm ready for some lighter and brighter too. Yours is looking great!

  6. Love the bedside tables, they came up great. Wondering what you'll put above the bed. Our bedroom isn't finished, but for now I'm good with it, because it's tidy and has lovely white linen on the bed.

    Have a great start to the week,

    Lisa x

  7. I love the custom jewelry! So sweet.

    I am very inspired with your bedroom changes. Mr. H and I cleaned out a LOT of clutter this weekend and are starting to move things around...it always feels really good.

    Jealous of the hot tub & love love love that magazine.

  8. Hello Sunshine! I know what you mean about needing the light in my life. That hot tub looks yummy and I love the new jewelry.

  9. LOVE those earrings you made!! Super beautiful!

    A little sunshine goes a long way.


  10. Love that shot in the tub, and I love that magazine too. Have a great week.

  11. I know EXACTLY what you were feeling today, Heather! The sun was shining here in Michigan, too - along with bright blue skies and dripping icicles. :) It was just beautiful! I was painting my armoire today in the living room, and it was so wonderful to feel the heat of the sun on my back. ♥ Your bedroom is really coming together so nicely! I ADORE my bedroom. It's my most fav room in the house now. :)

    xoxo laurie

  12. This post made me happy! So glad you had a wonderfully sunny, and very productive day! I can't wait to see your bathroom, and I love those night tables, so glad you rescued them and painted them!

    Thanks also for your sweet comment about me selling my photos! I'm glad you are following your dreams too!

    Kat :)

  13. Ohhh...memories are returning. When I lived in PA, I would RUN across the snowy backyard to join my friend in her hot tub...usually late at night...and drink wine. It was "OUR" time...just we two girls. Special!!!

    I am so happy you had some sun today. You sound almost euphoric...and it certainly spurred you on with your projects. Love the earrings!!! Love the tables!!!

    Happy day...
    Jane (artfully graced)

    ps I cannot wait to get my necklace. This one is for ME! I also sent you an email re: a custom pair of earrings...did you get it? I wanted a special pair to wear at my son's wedding at the end of March.

  14. You did a lot:)
    Nice to know the sun is back on your side of the world...

  15. So glad the sun came out in your neighborhood! I like the white duvet in your bedroom. White and light blue always brightens things up. I painted our spare bedroom, which also serves as "my space" a beautiful summer blue.It's very cheerful.
    Happy week to you!!

  16. Darling Daisy girl how many syunning images!
    Sunshine is the thing I miss more in this moment of the year... :)
    I love your earrings (aqua blue color is my fave too!) and your bedroom will surely become stunning too!
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment!
    Have a good day

  17. You are such a busy bee! Glad you had time to relax in the spa before you start on all your new projects. Love, love your graphics.

  18. Wow! You were very busy!!!
    I love those earrings you made, especially the ones on the far left...beautiful!

    And those side tables look great painted...can't wait to see the bathroom!

  19. How do you do it all? If I manage to do a load of laundry I congratulate myself! Great job and I am so glad the sun came out. Also your new designs are so cute how could anyone resist them? Congratulations on Simpledaisy being so successful!

  20. love your blog....and your jewelry...so happy to find you from A Thoughtful Place! I am dying for some sunshine....but we're getting snow instead. That's okay, at least tomorrow is Feb. 1st and we are one step closer to spring!

  21. That tub looks inviting. You always make me feel relaxed, all the silver, white & blue.

  22. You HAVE been very productive Girl!!! Love the white tables and that jewelry is to die for!!! Your posts always make me happy....LOVE coming over here!!! Your puppy loves that bed....I can tell!! I'm pretty sick of the snow and ready for some SUNSHINE!!! We haven't had any here...none. So, nice to see it here on your blog!! Your bedroom looks great!! The bathroom looks similar to mine which is in the midst of a redo...still have to tile the walls!!

  23. it's that time of the year--dreaming of spring and doing a little house re-do...I'm in the process of reworking my laundry room :)...cleaning, that is. I have no plans to redecorate much...just plans for some pretty containers for soaps, etc....organizational pretties.

  24. And you're reading Coastal Living, my favorite mag. Love it!


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