{burlap craft project}

How are you doing today!?!?! Were you affected by the massive winter storm!!??
We are snowed in today......very cold and windy too!
Not my kind of weather...but you already know that:)

It's been a tough winter....the kind of winter where I am going to appreciate the first nice day we have. And I mean REALLY Appreciate!
The kind of winter where it's taken everything in me to remain chipper and positive....
The kind of winter that just plain wears you down......

but you know what....it hasn't broken me....
in fact...this is the first winter...that I decided I would own it...rather than winter owning me:)

I got busy with Simple Daisy and working in my little studio.

Each day .... I race home from work...pour a glass of wine...turn on the french cafe music...close the blinds...light the candles and just pretend that winter's not really happening:)

I have tried to look at it as an opportunity ...
an opportunity to have the time to work harder on Simple Daisy...
I am not as likely to sit inside in the summer:)

Always remember....that we can CHOOSE the way we view the world!

Do you see opportunities or failures!!?
Do you see the way the sunlight dances on the snowcovered ground or do you see misery!?!?
Do you see how beautiful you already are or do you see the gray in your hair!?!?

Each and every day is a gift! Each day is an opportunity to find something to be happy about!
Each day is an opportunity to move closer to the life you imagine! Everything is a choice:)

and when you feel yourself getting just plain tired of something in life....for me it's the snow!

do something that will make you happy!

I grew grass:):)
I just NEEDED to see some greenery! Amazing just how much you miss the smell of fresh cut grass in the winter! ANd yes....I do cut the grass so I can release it's beautiful scent! Makes me very happy!!!!

I also made some of those little burlap rosettes!! I think they are super cute!!
You can find tutorials all over the internet.....but basically you just cut strips of burlap about 2 inches thick and fold it in half and twirl and glue....twirl and glue!
Easy peasy:)

And the burlap "spring".....well just cut triangles out of the burlap and glue the triangles onto twine! Paint the letters!!!

Just a tiny something to bring a little cheer to the long winter days!!

What do you do to bring a little cheer to your winter days!!!

Are you the kind of person that loves the simple things in life!?!?
Well...if you're snowed in like me ... I hope you enjoy your day!! And if your a southern girl....send me some beachy photos!! I do live vicariously through you ..you know:):):):)

"Happiness is not a matter of events; it depends upon the tides of the mind."
Alice Meynell


  1. super cute and cheery on this wintery day!

  2. I live in the Seattle area...so we haven't had snow in awhile. I feel for everyone though!!
    I love the picture of Ruby in the snow...so cute!!
    Stay warm!

  3. I feel for you!! I don't know how in the hairy heck we, here in VA, dodged the bullet of this massive storm, but we did. And I thank God for that! It's sunny, breezy and 53 degrees here today. Does my soul good. My 11 year old son thought that we needed to grow grass this winter too, so we have a pot on our windowsill!

    Stay warm and sunny on the inside!

  4. Yes...I do love the simple things in life! Love the pot and the banner...now stay in and out of that snow:)


  5. Your post is so cheery .I love your creativity.I see you have so much snow there.I feel for you I am from the midwest.Brrr.I remember those days.Glass of wine,candles with french cafe music sounds cozy.Keep warm...Chickie

  6. Hi Heather-

    Your posts always brighten my day. I just made some yummy vegetable soup and french bread. It was delish and healthy for a cold winter's day. I love your pot of grass. I haven't seen any since Christmas. All I keep thinking is Winter is not a permanent thing - just something we have to get through. Keep smiling.
    My best- Diane

  7. You've got the right attitude...live life to the fullest! And grow grass!!! (wish I had thought of that during my gloomy years in PA!)

    I love your burlap rosettes...never thought of making those. I use burlap for many things...table cloths (well before PB and Ballard), wine bags, gift bags...and even bows for my front door...paired with black and white checked ribbon. (Really cool!)
    Jane (artfully graced)

  8. I escaped the snow in Canada for Ireland and have been getting gale-force winds and whipping rain all day! I'm just longing for warm, sunny days! Love your projects - so cheery! I've been sorting my closet - not fun but it sure feels good when it's done :)

  9. Love that stuff!!... and never though to grow a patch of grass. The burlap "roses" around that pot are beautiful. - I follow a few beach blogs to live vicariously through them too!... some day....

  10. Hi Heather, You sure have alot of snow! I understand your shortcomings with Old Man Winter. Eventhough I live in Florida we had some pretty cold days last month. We are enjoyng 80 degree weather today with a light breeze. Today's weather inspired me to get out of my funk, head to the gym and then to the market to purchase Eat-Clean food. I feel so much better since I went to the gym and can't wait to go back. You sure are right when you say to choose the day you will have and be happy! :)

  11. hello Heather!

    I`m Chris from Brazil
    I just receive the earrings I order, and you made my day very happy today.
    They are cute!!!!
    Thank you!
    Love follow your blog.

  12. Very cute!! I love the grass, now I can come enjoy it here. :) We are snowed in too but the sun is actually shining!!

  13. Love the idea with the seeding of your own grass. Maybe I should try this, since I seem to kill all my indoor plants. We had snow coming in at all sides as well, but today is the first day of the melt... I love how the sun is shining, and I also choose to be happy despite the long winter. I have been busy cleaning out closets, because as soon as I can, I am heading outside! :)

  14. You need to move down to South Florida with me!!! I miss seeing winters and am complaining that we are hitting 80 today. I guess we all have our own things. I am loving those burlap flowers and your little pots of grass. Save a glass of wine for me too!!

  15. HI Heather!
    I can't believe that I just found your blog this afternoon! Look at all I have been missing! This little project you did ...I LOVE.
    Your blog is so unique!
    I will be following,

  16. Still sending sunshine your way. Keep owning that winter girl. Spring will be there soon I hope,

    Lisa x

  17. Hi Sweet Dasiy girl,
    You have a really good out look on life. I love those burlap rosettes. Their awesome!!! I'm sooo copieing them. lol..
    I put a link to your blog on my last post come by and take a peek.
    Stay warm.

  18. LOVE all the burlap goodies!! Very happy and spring looking! LIght & airy...looks great!

    I live on the West coast so we don't have any snow at the moment, but I grew up in Canada so I remember very well those snow days!

  19. That picture of Ruby is just FANTASTIC!

  20. No snow here, but it's been VERY cold and windy. Very un-Florida like. So ready for Spring.

    Love the burlap roses!!!!!!! Love the idea for the grass. You are a smarty!


  21. Heather ~ I know that everytime I visit you, I will leave feeling refreshed, uplifted, and appreciative! You are amazing, girl! :)

    I spent my snowy day shoveling...then snuggled inside painting a couple projects and making good use of a quiet, cold, sunny day. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  22. Way to make lemonade!

    Beah photos coming your way...thanks for the snow shots!

    (see....works both ways!)

  23. Just wanted to tell you that you are so talented! I just got my necklace and I'm so in love with it!! Thank you! I can't wait to get order more. = ))

  24. You grew grass! Why am I not in the least bit surprised? For it is just this sort of thing that makes you distinctively simpledaisy.

    Seriously Heather, I want to thank you for tweeting and FBing my rant on the sandbar piano. I can always tell when someone is a beach lover and not just a beach goer when they understand these types of things. You touched my heart.

    Now you need a little beaching? Come on by and take a walk on my "new" little beach with me. It is my new sanctuary and I'm happy to let others come for a virtual visit.


  25. your ideas are fresh and simple...growing grass, love it!!!

    is it as easy as sprinkle, cover and water?

  26. We haven't had any snow here this winter but there's still hope. ;) I don't mind as long as it doesn't stick around long.

    Your French Cafe music sounds wonderful! I just bought an Italian Cafe cd a couple days ago and the kids and I have been listening to it nonstop. So fun!

  27. Are you ready for this???? We're prolly gonna be snowed in tomorrow!!! Can you believe that? None of us can....although our "snowed in" is about 1/2 inch of snow. But us southerners do not know how to even breathe when it's snowing, so the whole world shuts down here when it does. Crazyass weather this yr for sure.....I'm actually excited about tomorrow...may set my alarm to get up during the nite to see if it actually happens!!
    I leave for FL on Sunday and I'm reading all your comments from Floridians saying it's cold there now...go figure!!
    Beach pics on their way to you!!
    (sorry to say this to you but I've always yearned to see snow banked up against a wall or door like in your picture....)

  28. Very cute project Heather... And the true feeling of this project can be in winters... Sure I will try it in coming winter ...I am going to follow you for some your upcoming interesting projects...
    I would love if you please peek a little at
    Sure you will find a crafty project of your choice from my library…

  29. Glad to have discovered all these lovely ideas. Thank you.

  30. My dog really loves walking in the winter time. I think it's the snow that she loves to play in. For me I find winters hard because I find trapped in the house. The darkness of winter is also something I find hard to deal with. I try to see the benefits of winter time such as more time inside. You can go skiing or snowshoeing. You gotta see the benefits of winter or else you won't enjoy your life.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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