{Fresh Friday}


It's Friday.....let's all do the Friday happy dance:):):)
and you know what else....we are one day closer to SPRING!!!!
I think every soul here in the Midwest is counting down to the first wam day spent doing yard work outside! I know I am:)

Thanks for all your beachy e-mails!!! I've enjoyed all of your happy, beachy photos!!!!! You all make me so happy:):)

Did you see on the news that the groundhog says spring will be here soon!!!!! I really only believe what the groundhog has to say.....when he says spring will be here sooner rather than later:)

Of course....with the big winter storm we just experienced....it sure doesn't feel like spring will be here soon!!
But it will be!! It comes every year:)

Ruby has been pretty happy this year.....she loves the snow!!!!

L.C. ..... not so much!! I think her hips just hurt too much to go running around in the deep snow!
I keep telling here spring will be here very soon:)
I wonder if she believes me!

I long for the days when I can grill my fish and veggies outside.
but for right now....I just roast everything in the oven!

I told you I have trying to clean up my eating.....lessen the starchy carbs....eat more veggies......
You know....in anticipation of shorts and skirts season!
It's been going ok.....darn peanut butter bread and pizza!!

but really.....eating light and healthy foods do make me feel best!
How about you!?!!??

Here's what I made....
I really can't take credit for it......my friend made this for us for dinner the other day and it was soooooo good I had to re-create it! Of course.....it's not as good as hers!! But it was good nonetheless:)

Plus...I just can't wait until I can take nice photos of my food outside in the natural light!! For now....you'll just have to be ok with overhead lights:)

And guess what else I ordered!?!!? I talked about it last year but chickened out and ordered Chalean Extreme instead.
Well not this year.....it came in the mail yesterday and I start the program Monday!!!!

I am sure I will die....but every winter about this time....I order a new workout program or start something new at the gym....I just need something new to re-spark my interest!!
Do you know what I mean!?!?!?

Plus it's super hard cardio and I think that will be great conditioning for the upcoming riding season!!!!
click the photo if you'd like to learn more about Insanity!

after all that working out talk....it's time for a galss of vino!!!

Do you ever do that....pour yourself a glass of wine right after you're done working out!!! Ok...well not RIGHT after i'm done but pretty close!! heehee:)

Yes it is...
with wine  & hope anything truly is possible:):)

Hope you have a really fabulous weekend!! I'll be getting my nephew tonight....doing crafts and filling Simple Daisy orders!!

Oh darn....I went to do the linky party and now you have to pay:(
I didn't have time to enter in all my information this morning....so no linky party this week!!

Maybe you can share your healthy recipe ideas on the Simple Daisy facebook page:):)

Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it. ~Jack Canfield


  1. Friday's are the best! I'm having lunch with friends at Sweet Tomatoes and going over to Fleet Fleet Sports and The Walking Company for new walking shoes...time to get on down the road!!

  2. I hope that spring is here sooner that later too!! My friend did the insanity and she said it was just that but it was great workout!! Good luck and enjoy! :)

  3. I'm hitting the pavement today, too...doing my new walking routine. Your meal looks good...healthy!
    Jane (artfully graced)

  4. You've probably said it before, but what filter did you use to get the "snowy hearts" effect?

    And there's the old stand-by P90x. Works GREAT but BOY is it tough to restart once you've stopped!!!

  5. Is the heart diy, or did you order? (My finger's been on that order button several times lately, might treat myself today.)

    Here's hoping the groundhog knows his stuff this year.

  6. I was super disappointed that you have to pay for Mr Linky... Oh well, I guess there is no free lunch.
    I took the leap and paid~ and then did the math. I bet that is a lot of $25's.

  7. Hi Heather,
    Spring is calling my name too! We are about to have our 9th snow storm here in NY. I am sooo done with this state. I'd give anything to be a California girl :)
    Fish meals always make me think of summer...forget spring, let the insanity begin-think SUMMER!

  8. Heather ~ you are just such a good dose of sunshine on a cold wintry day! I adore your outlook on life and the way you look at everything through a glass half full instead of half empty. :) Bless you for that!

    Hubby and I have always loved eating healthy....until a ginormous craving hits me for mashed potatoes and gravy or pizza....then all goes down the tube. lol! But we love our fish and veggies most of the time.

    Hey, let me know how you like your Insanity workout. I have the Chalene Extreme workout and enjoy it, but am ready for something different and less dancey. I've got 1 month to lose 10 pounds....is that even possible....?????? lolol!

    pass the wine.....

    xoxo laurie

  9. Lovin' your puppy pics this week Heather!!! My girlz love the snow, but haven't been able to stay out too long because it has been FRIGID!! Ah yes....let us hope that Mr. Groundhog got it right!!

  10. Hi Heather,
    I can lose almost a stone in my first week of giving up carbs. I also cut right back (but not cut completely) on dairy and sugar (this one I do cut completely) for a bit and feel so much better. Ditto for peanut butter. I used to be a huge fan of pizza, but don't like the salt. I wake up the next day so thirsty. But the flavour is so good.

    Lisa x

  11. wine post workouts totally make sense :)

    and i super hope spring gets here soon for you and LC!

    p.s. i also only think the groundhog knows what he is talking ab when he predicts spring is near. otherwise... i think he is full of it :)

    hope you are having a great weekend!

  12. Okay, I'll go for the fish and vino while leaving the workout to you.

    I'm with L.C., my old hips just won't take much more than walking the beach these days. When I can no longer do that, I'll know it's time to go, lol.

  13. OMG...Insanity is the hardest workout ever! I have P90X, like it more and I just received Turbo Fire in the mail today. It looks like a lot of fun. Good luck, and let me know how you like it. Marcia


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