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Good morning everyone~
Thanks for the positive input on Fresh Friday's! I'll keep it up. Now I just need to figure out a way to make a blog button for that! {I've seen those on other blogs} Any ideas???

I love chalkboard paint. It's such a simple and fun way to transform things you might already have on hand. I have made many chalkboards out of frames I already had on hand and have one in almost every room of my house!
You remember this one...I put it by my front door so I can write happy messages to my friends that stop by or to the UPS guy! I know he's always coming to my house!
This one is in my dining room...
A couple in the kitchen.... I actually bought these about 6 years ago and paid a little too much for them. That's when I decided I could easily and more affordably make them myself!
The one in my sunroom...I had that frame for a LONG time just hanging out in the basement. I'm so glad I don't throw things away~

Oh and I even painted the backsplash in the kitchen with chalkboard paint. I figured it was a pretty low budget re-do so why not?!?!? And I think's it's fun to see what people wrote after a party~

Lots of ways to spruce up your space with things your might already have on hand and with a little can of chalkboard paint!

Here are some other ideas I found while browsing around....Just click the image for the source.

A great big chalkboard, perfect for kids to draw on until their heart's content~

Paint your dooor with chalkboard paint...hey, why not?!?!

Look at this whole wall painted with chalkboard paint. I really wanted to do that with my dining room wall..but the room is just too dark for that. But you never know! I do like to change things up~Maybe throw some chalkboard paint on you bicycle. So cute, especially if you had a vintage cruiser~And last....paint your car with chalkboard paint! I love, love, love this!

Makes me want to find a vintage junky jeep and just paint it with chalkboard paint!

So there you have it....lots of cute ways to use up that can of chalkboard paint! Do you have any things in your home painted with chalkboard paint???

Have a great day~


  1. Now the VW bug is super cool..., hopefully it won't be too much of a distraction! The chalkboard at the entry is a neat idea.

  2. love these! what great ideas! and btw- i think it´s so cool you are doing a 100 mile bike ride! it´s going to be fun following your big adventure! besos-jane

  3. Thanks Maya...

    Hi Jane...
    I am really looking forward to the ride!! I am so excited and can't wait to see how it goes~ Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Great ideas! I was just thinking I should do something like this for my sister.

  5. love these ideas, especially the bright childrens one..

    i believe you can add some sanded
    grout or is it sandless grout to any paint to create the chalkboard effect...ck it out online, i read that you can turn any color into chalkboard paint, doesn't have to be black!

  6. here is the recipe link..
    and it was unsanded grout :)

  7. hey chica
    I think if you go under add a gadget there is a place where you can set up a poll and people can pick multiple asnwers is this something you are thinking???

  8. Omg yours kitchen is so cool with the chalk paint! Ohhh and I loooove that idea to do the whole wall...looks awesome!

  9. Wow. I have never seen so many uses for it. what a creative idea to do as your back splash. I may do this in my laundry room.

  10. P.S. For the one by your front door - what did you actually paint over? You didn't do it on the brick so what did you out the paint on?

    And if I did it on my laundry room wall within a nice colored frame, let's say, would I just buy a frame and then paint the right size of course and then hang it over the paint. Anything else needed to be done?

  11. I'm just about to repaint my sons headboard in chalk board paint. He loves to express himself on a chalk board. We have one outside where everybody writes where they've gone off to. Such as, gone surfing - down to the cove - at the beach - out for sushi - surf's up - surf team today - walking the pups - love you mommy (I just made that last one up). Your blog is so purty.

  12. i just happened upon your blog and it is so much fun. thank you for sharing. a great place to hang!

  13. Love all the chalkboard ideas! Even the car :) And your kitchen backsplash was a great idea.

  14. Oh my gosh; I thought of putting chalkboard paint on a bug, and looked it up to see if it was possible. I'm so glad it is!! :D How amazing!


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