{Happy Friday}

I'd like to say TGIF....but since i'm off in the summer everyday is TGIF!!! Lucky me~

Anywho...as you know I have been really working hard at training for this Century in September and so I have also really cleaned up my eating. I was thinking that it might be kind of fun to do a
Fresh Fridays, where I show you some yummy and totally healthy (at least in my opinion) food that I have made during the week! Oh and I could also share an awesome spa place that we could all dream about going to! I think it's fun to share good food ideas with others and I think it will help keep me motivated to try new things.
So here goes.....
Fresh Fridays~
A lovely salad with mixed baby greens, tomatoes, sprouts, blueberries, walnuts, feta and cucumbers~I also made the dressing...my own concoction....one whole mango, honey, lime juice and zest, fresh mint, and Chardonnay wine!! Throw in the food processor and there you go....your own healthy fat free and oh so tasty salad dressing!

As you can see I threw a fresh orange in my water and included wasa crackers with another concoction of my own......cottage cheese dip!

The dip has fat free cottage cheese, artichokes, avocado, lots of garlic and salt and pepper all whizzed up in the food processor! Delicious.

I can't tell you how important I think healthy food is and I am so thankful that I am back to eating really healthy and feeling really good! In my humble opinion...and I am definitely full of those....we could all stand to clean up our eating just a bit~
I don't usually use recipes so I can't tell you the exact proportions of everything in my meals. I think it's so fun to experiment with food. Sometimes I lay in bed and just think about new combinations of foods to try. Really tasty, healthy food is so good and makes you feel so good to eat it! I never get tired of enjoying a lovely meal or great wine~

And now for the spa.....
Oh I wish I could go.......
Kamandalu Resort & Spa in Bali........Bali is most definitely on my list of places to go~
Who couldn't get some serious r & r in this room?!?!
Everything looks so lush and beautiful.
I could certainly enjoy a nice spa meal sitting by this pool.
Beautiful....honey, 10 year anniversary????

Let me know what you think of Fresh Fridays...yeah or nea!
Have a super happy weekend~
"Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food."~ Hippocrates


  1. Oh, everything looks so wonderful, and beautiful and crisp and clean. I am with you, I am happiest when I am eating right and exercising, no doubt about it. But life is short, so I throw in the bad stuff in moderation.

    Your meal looks gorgeous and I love the idea of that dressing!! Good luck with your training. Right now, swimming is my thing to stay in shape. I'll be back to stay inspired!!!!

  2. I totally agree. I'm very out of balance right now and I need a little kick in the pants to get there.

    I love the Fresh Friday idea!

  3. Hey thanks for the input!
    Live.love.eat...I throw in bad stuff too once in awhile..but I just like how I feel when I know I am fueling my body with whole natural foods!
    Kara...balance is definitely key! I love my vino..but I have to balance it with my long riding schedule right now...so sometimes I have to cut it off before I want too!!
    I'll keep up with the Fresh Fridays! Take care~

  4. Congrats! It sounds like you are really working toward your goal. Isn't it empowering to know that you're so physically fit! I've been working on running 20 miles a week, with the goal of another half marathon this fall. I'm impressed with your ability to throw recipes together - I'm a total follow the recipe kind of gal - I'm sure it's a control thing.

  5. I am digging the fresh fridays idea. that salad looks so amazing but my fork would not go through the screen! Have a great weekend :)


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