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To dream~You never know where life is going to take you!
I never thought it would ever be possible for me to actually set my mind to training for the 100 mile bike ride....but I am.
Yesterday was 34 miles for my long ride. It just feels really good to work towards a goal and all the time on my bike gives me lots of time to dream!!!!
What are your goals and dreams?

"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going." ~ Beverly Sills


  1. Good for you! Congratulations. You are probably feeling sooooo good about all of this!!!!

  2. Hello
    my goal is to do the 50 mile ride and not come out of the gate like a pony ! LOL... thanks for the motivation for my 25 miler this weekend!

  3. I dream of falling in love....

  4. Well hello everyone!!

    live.love.eat....it does feel good!! I feel really happy to be working so hard towards a goal!

    Bella-fluer...please don't come out of the gate like a pony...remember I have to keep going after the first 50!!

    Kara...that's a great dream!!! I am lucky b/c I have my love! And he's great!

  5. Love the boardwalk leading to... the fulfillment of all our dreams! My number one dream,living right by the most beautiful beach..., but have no clue where that would be. Just know it's got to be within walking distance and live up to my Swiss standards of clean and pristine.

  6. Good for you! Congratulations. You're an inspiration.



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