{happy weekend}

Top of the morning to you!!
Hope you had a fun and festive 4th of July~
I love the 4th of July and think it's such a fun time of the year.
What more could you ask for?!?!?
On Friday we headed up to our favorite place....South Haven, MI~There are so many fun beachy bars where you just sit and watch the boats go by.....aahh relaxation!
Everything was so festive for the holiday~
The view from our seat at The Idler~ We just sat sipping cocktails watching the boats go up and down the river~
I chose these today...sometimes it's nice to save a few extra calories {in case you want to eat something a little naughty later}! And I think they taste pretty good especially with a little lemon slice!
You could pay to take a ride on this boat...it takes you out to Lake Michigan and back. We've never done it but it looks like it would be fun~
Saw this super cute little boat...
Went to our super favorite place.....
I love eveything about this place...It's just a simple little bar right on the water..

Oh and they even have *palm trees*.....
hey...you get what you can get when you live in Indiana!!!!
Oh and on a side note....
woke up this morning and checked on the pond
and found a little frog sitting on the lily pads!! Now how happy is that?!?!??!
Have a fabulous week~


  1. Love these pictures!

    What a great view from the boat...
    looks like it was a fun holiday!

    Your earrings are soooo cute.

  2. looks like a great day....i love that last shot. what a great catch :)

  3. That place looks AWESOME. I love little beachy bars. Those pics are what my favorite days are made up of. As for the MGD 64 I will have to try that. I try not to load up on too many liquid cals either so I buy the light stuff but did get sick of Beck's Light which was 64 too. I think those are the only two so low. Will def try it!!!!!!!!!


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