{vintage inspired cuff bracelets: DIY}


guess what....it's FRIDAY!!! And you know what that means......it's FABULOUS FRIDAY....time to spread a little fabulousness around the little blogosphere!

I had leather cuff bracelets on my list of things to make for Simple Daisy....but then ... I realized there are a million and one people already making them out there......so I shelved that idea.....and moved onto to other ideas with leather!!
But I thought this idea was just too simple to not share with you:):)

Do you remember when I showed you how to make little fabric rosettes!?!?!

Oh..ok...maybe I didn't "exactly" show you....but I lead you in the direction of some fabulous tutorials!!

alright...fine...turns out I didn't do that either...
so here you go:)

Well....I thought those little rosettes would be so cute on hand-died leather cuffs!!

You don't have to die the leather....but I choose to.....that way I could get the perfect turquoise leather that's all scuffed up and roughed up!!!

Leather cuffs....from here
leather die.....from here
E6000 glue to glue your things on with
Sandpaper to scuff 'em up.

The skies the limit to what you can do with these!

I am not too much into the feather craze {maybe if I was 16 and at the local fair} but if you are.....
you could glue feathers all over these!!! I think would be just about the only way i'd wear feathers!
No dangling feathers off my ears but a feather cuff bracelet.....maybe!

Well and the new feather bracelet I will be adding to my shop:) Molded from a blue jay feather I found while mowing!!!

Oh and while it wouldn't be my style.....my sweet friend at work is making these fabulous feather headbands!!! In case you're interested:)

How about you......are you into the feather craze or just patiently waiting for it to pass!?!?!?

But really......glue until your hearts content!!!
And if you find yourself making too many.....wellllllll......just give them away!
Christmas is just around the corner!! haha:)

and then have a little fun with your cute little bracelets.....

Life is just too short to take yourself seriously:)

and now I am seriously realizing.....my hair is just sad:(
I am trying to completely grow out the color to see what i'm actually working with....
I am tired of the bleached out....over processed....have to go to the salon every 6 weeks look!
I "trying" to move towards a more natural....relaxed ....maybe even a little bohemian with beachy waves look:)

Probably never get there.....but at least I have a vision:):)

And I just threw a few random images of the girls in there.....you know by now...they have to be 100 included into everything I do!

I saved the vintage buckles from the leather on my trunk and am thinking Ruby needs a super cute new leather color with turquoise happiness embellishments! Maybe this weekend:) Or maybe next year:)

Ok well that's a little sprinking of my fabulousness......so let's see what you're up to!!!!
Happy Friday:)

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"Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking."
~ by Marcus Aurelius


  1. LOVE your cuff bracelets, Heather!!! ...what a cute idea ...and so much you ~ simple and sweet!! Love that bohemian look and the color, of course ;-)

    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful & inspired weekend!!!


  2. I absolutley LOVE the cuff bracelets and am coming back this weekend to browse more.. :) Have a great weekend~A.

  3. Heather these are gorgeous!!! I love the butterfly one. You are so cute, your pictures are so fun and I think a new collar designed by you for ruby would be perfect! Hey, you could even make shabby/beachy/bohemian dog collars! :)
    can't wait to see you!!

  4. Hey Heather, how cute-love the turquoise one especially. My Bella would look handsome in such a dog collar. Have a super weekend.

  5. I just love all of those especially the one with the enamel flower on it!!! and you look so stinkin cute! love your laugh at yourself photos! and your hair it's beachy waving looking now...so love it! Have a great weekend!

  6. Those are awesome...LOVE the one with the butterfly!!

  7. Wow....these bracelets are GORGEOUS!!! I cant decide on a favorite...they are all beautiful! Very lovely job :)

    I just started up a new linky party over at my place called DIY Diva Thursdays. It's centered around all things fashion. This would be the perfect project to link up and show off. Id love to have you over.

    I am going to link up to your party as well! :)


  8. Adorable FABFRI cuffs!!! Love 'em...the more, the merrier, I say!

  9. Very cute, who can go past a little turquoise, it gets my heart beating a little faster. Im having hair style issues myself at the moment!!!

  10. Hi Heather!

    your cuffs are so pretty, I love leather cuffs and have a few I have picked up in my travels. It is so nice to see the girls in this post and I like your vision of just being. I woke early today and said BLAH to the hair straightener, it will be the regular old me today at work and that should DO! Hope you have a great Monday. Hugs from Cali!

  11. You are so
    adorable and
    so are your
    cuffs! I love
    them all and
    the rosettes
    are really sweet.
    I think that
    I might even take
    a crack at these....
    xx Suzanne

  12. The cuffs are really fun...and the idea of the dog collar is so great. I hope you do some....I will be your first customer or my dog Millie will be!

    xo kelley

  13. Firstly your hair is beautiful and i love it ! Secondly i love those cuffs ! Your a talented lady xx

  14. these are super cute and so creative!


  15. First time visiting your blog and it is so.darn.cute. I think we share similar interests..starting with the beach and the color blue/aqua lol! I love your enthusiasm and happiness..and you are adorable. Gonna check out the rest of your blog :)

  16. Do the leather straps ever look nice with the Butterflies on them. You should add some little jewels onto the butterfly that is plain to give it more detail. That would be really nice. You have the greatest smile on your face when you play with Ruby.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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