{Fabulous Friday}

Hello everyone!!!

Guess what.....it's FRIDAY!!!
I just get so darn excited about Fridays! I love them...live for them....and wake up every Friday morning doing a happy dance!
Sure doesn't take much to make me happy!!!

Do you remember last week.... I mentioned that I wanted to start doing a Fabulous Friday party as well as a little something special for you on my facebook page:)
For this week.............
I thought it would be fun to learn a little something about a blogger I just adore!!

Sooooo......I'd like to welcome.........
Michelle from Emerald Cove!
She is always up to something creative and i'm just so inspired by her:)

ps....stop on by her blog....she's doing a Simple Daisy give-away and offering 20% off your purchase of Simple Daisy jewelry with the code.....EMERALD20

drum roll please.................

Hello to you!!
My name is Michelle and I am from Emerald
Cove and
I am SO very excited to be a guest of Heathers today!!
I adore Heather and her blog, she is always so darn creative and so positive
and teaches us to look at the bright side of things even when we feel like
running away.

I was first drawn to Simple Daisy because Heather lives in the Midwest and
LOVES the beach and Lake Michigan as much as I do!

We do not live too far from each other and I had the pleasure of meeting her
last month at a local flea market and we have plans to meet up again at the
end of this month!

I wanted to share with you some of the things that I love about living by
Lake Michigan and even though I dream of living one day on the East Coast
around Cape Cod or even Nantucket,


there are so many amazing things about Michigan.

I love how Lake Michigan is so open and seems endless like the ocean.
The amazing sand dunes to climb and explore.

The gorgeous sunsets that paint our skies every night.

The fresh water lakes that are scattered all over that fill our summer days
with sunshine and children's laughter.

Sandy shorelines and sparkling water.

Like Heather, I also love to craft with the beautiful treasures that the
lake gives us.

I started this driftwood shark for my sons room


I also love creating things that remind me of my favorite places.
This is a local newspaper of my most favorite place on earth,
Glen Lake.

I used it along with some empty clam shells from Glen Lake to make this

I also made the little driftwood candle holder from the driftwood that I
found this summer while we were there.

And of course I love to surround myself with images and memories.

This is my grandma and her sister at Glen Lake so long ago.
We still go to this very spot.

My very favorite photo of my daughter on Glen Lake as well as gifts from
dear friends.

Everything about these photos makes me smile and to surround myself with the
things that are near and dear to my heart is what makes my home.

Michigan is so beautiful with the changing seasons, so much to see and
(although ask me what I feel about it come February)
and even with the snow and winters, it is definitely worth going through to
get to the summer and fall.

Thank you so much Heather for me letting share the things that I love, I
hope you all enjoyed.


Hope you enjoyed learning a little something about Michelle!!! I think we can all learn so much from one another:)
Have a wonderful and inspired weekend!!

Now it's your turn to share your "something" fabulous for Friday!
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  1. Love Michelle! I like her take on life.

    Michelle, I look forward to seeing that shark!

  2. I've enjoyed this post! you are two of my FAVORITE blog buddies! I learn so much from each of you and always feel inspired when I visit! Enjoy your fabulous day! ♥

  3. Love Michelle and I love all the pictures, so pretty! First time here and I'm linking up today, Really enjoying your blog. Now off to grab your button for my post :)

  4. oh michelle, maybe one day when you live on the cape we can meet there- i loooove it there!
    i dont have anything fabulous to link up since my house is in boxes around me at the moment and the packers are finishing now. :)

  5. Absolutely love both of your blogs. Heather, you are my muse! Reading your blog makes me so happy and has got me back on track with creating and decorating again!!!! Thank you!

  6. Hi Michelle - nice to see you over here!!!

    Your photos are beautiful - I love to see what the seashores of Michigan have to offer - have never been and they are beautiful (although I hope you get to be by Nantucket one day!)

    The driftwood shark looks like a great piece...do share when you finish!

    Happy Weekend---

    beachside cottage

  7. What a great post from Michelle. I love her blog and her style. She's such a sweetheart! Can't wait to see the finished shark.

  8. Great post Michelle and thanks for having her Heather. Love you both!

  9. Michelle is such a doll (just like you) and I'm so happy to learn more about Michigan - it sounds so lovely.

    Hope you have a delightful week.


  10. Michelle is such a breath of fresh sea air, isn't she? She has a way of calming me with her creative spirit and her genius creations.

    loving the photography and heart shared in this post!


    p.s. i think michelle could easily become an ambassador for michigan tourism, yes? someone needs to make some calls...

  11. Two of my favorite bloggers in one post :) Michigan sounds like a really cool place. I saw Lake Michigan from the Wisconsin shore once, and I was surprised how much it reminded me of the ocean.


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