{Fabulous Friday: Horseback Riding}

Hello and happy Friday!
Giddy up.....it's going to be a great day!

At least that's what I'm telling myself today:)

Do you remember the "embracing my Midwestern spirit" post!?!?!

Well.....lately I have been really focused on complaining less and having acceptance in my heart more.

I've always been the dreaming of moving away to the ocean girl...
the....why do I live in the Midwest girl....
the...I hate winter girl....

but you know what............I am most definitely...
the....I love my husband girl......and he's NOT moving:)

So this past summer...I started to really search my soul....
think long and hard about who I am....
what I like....
what it is that I want out of life...

Do you ever have those little times in your life!?!??!?

I started to look around at all that I am blessed with....
and all that the Midwest is...
and I started to think....growing up I used to love this place...
I love the lakes and fishing...
I love the greenery...
I love the flowers that we have.....{you don't get peonies to grow in your yard in the south}
I love Lake Michigan
I love the seasons
I love the friends I have and I love my life here.

OK...I'm not going to lie...I don't love January....but you know what...I used to be quite a skier! I love skiing, in fact:) Maybe i'll try it again this winter.....

but I really started to think about not wishing my life away .....but focusing more on the here and now and what can I appreciate that I have right here.

Some of you may have noticed....
I have started to change the focus of Simple Daisy....the blog and the jewelry....

I am moving towards embracing who I really am.....right here and right now....
Less about dreaming of the sea ..
Not that I don't dream of the sea:) Trust me......I think I "plan" a beachy vacation just about every chance I get!! Who cares if we only ever take one or two of them.....planning is the fun part, right:)

And I probably  should say....I'm sorry if I am confusing you by switching things up....but I'm not.
Growing and changing is a natural part of life:)

I still L.O.V.E. the beach and all of my beachy blogger friends!
Sealaura.....I wouldn't ever be sad if she invited me to stay at her place:)
Or Completely Coastal....still my major source of all things beachy inspiration!!
And the Nautical Cottage blog.....major ocean crushes going on there:)

It's just that to make sense of my life....I had to move away from constantly wanting something that's not going to happen.....
and had to start focusing on what is here and real:)

I am starting to think a whole lot more about Simple Daisy and where I want to take the "brand," my jewelry, the blog....the whole thing!

My number 1 focus is still.....creating full time for a living:)
How that will look....I don't know:)
I am scatter brained.....I admit it! One minute it's a shop...the next minute it's an on-line boutique....a week from now it's just my jewelry:)

Either way...I am 100% sure that when the time is right Simple Daisy will be my full time job but right now I am enjoying life and just enjoying finding my creative spirit!

And I am ok with the fact that my jewelry is taking on an inspired bohemian vibe.
Because...well....I like to wear little inspirational reminders on my wrist or neck all day long!
And truth be told....I wear my jewelry....every.single.day....and it helps me every time I look at a little quote i've handwritten on a piece!
My jewelry is complete a reflection of me! It's like music that a musician looks back on......I hope to one day see my life, my journey and the path i've travelled through my jewlery:)

And I hope to inspire others with my jewelry along the way:)

Live a life of balance is the one i'm getting the use of right at this moment:)

Sorry new readers for being long winded:)
I like to share feelings.....because most of the time....I think we're all going through the same things in life and can help one another!
Long time readers....well you already know i'm long winded!!

I really just wanted to share because every since I've taken a different road my on my blog.....
comments have gone down......and now....I know...this shouldn't matter.....
but it does...
it makes me nervous
I wear my heart on my sleeve...what can I say!!
Maybe it's just the new direction i'm moving.

Either way....part of embracing my midwestern spirit is to get out there and try somethings i've never done before.
HORSEBACK RIDING is one of them:)

I've ridden "barely" once or twice
and volunteered many years ago at
Loveway Theraputic Horseback Riding for Children with Special Needs

Let me tell you....talk about a humbling experience...
I worked with a group of boys from a local orphanage.
I didn't even know we had orphanages in our area.
We do........and I will never forget it!
It really touched me that the children I worked with didn't even have homes or families to go home to!

I am a big...big....big fan of volunteering and someday when life slows down for me...I will again:)

But anyway....I decided to take horseback riding lessons from a really sweet girl I work with!!!
I say girl...but she's really a woman.....so am I {i'll be 37 this year} but for some reason...girl always sounds better:)

She started me off with Nelly!!!
A simple and very sweet horse...but I'm not going to lie....I was still completely nervous and Nelly knew it:)

Horses have an amazing ability to sense the rider!
they know if your nervous and inexperienced:)
Let's just say....Nelly had her own agenda! But I am proud to say that by the end of the lesson....Nelly's agenda and my agenda became one in the same!

I may not be used to horses....but I am a pretty good dog trainer and I can mean business when I need to:)

I really think it's just sooooooooo important to get out there and try new things!
You never what you are going to take away from the experience!

I learned that I might just love riding horses ....
I am sort of a dirt rustler kind of a girl..
Never perfectly put together and there's always some kind of stain on my clothes...usually wine:)
so I think horses might fit in perfectly with me:)

Not that I will want to own one....maybe lease one in the future...who knows!

It's just good to broaden your horizons:):)
And getting out there and experiencing new things is helping me appreciate where I live even more!
It's my home and I am ok with that:)

Trying new things has definitely taken me in new directions with my designs! I am so inspired by so many different things! I love the spirit of horses! I love watching them and seeing how intelligent they are.
I love seeing how free they look just running around being happy!

Just being at her horse farm {is that what you call it!?!?!} for the morning made me think of so many things!This sweet little baby horse {colt or a filly} I'm not sure....
It was learning so many things! This was it's first time being tied up to get groomed! The look on it's face....priceless!!
Isn't that how we feel when we experience new situations! Scared...apprehensive...nervous....but then we realize....it's all going to be ok!

I love that she had her baby with her as we rode!!! He was just so sweet and yet so naughty to his mommy:)
He kept ramming into us.....neighing....and just running around! Scared the heck outta me.....but I loved it too! It was so fun to watch Nelly trying to tell her offspring what to do...while trying to listen to me...who didn't know which reign to pull or which side to kick! Poor horse!
And I talked to her ....apologizing the whole way! Maybe she thought I was nuts! I better bring her fresh carrots next week:)

all in all.....it was just such a fun experience and I can't wait to go again!!!!

So get out there and experience something new!!!!!
I want to hear all about it!!!!!

Now it's your turn to share your "something" fabulous for Friday!
Oh....and please share my button on your blog post if you don't mind:)


  1. Heather, I very much enjoy your blog. I found you about a year ago I think and I've only posted once (I think). I tend to read and enjoy blogs and don't post much. Whatever direction your life takes you, I'll still read! I thoroughly enjoy your positive spirit! As I approach 50 next year, I'm working hard on making positive changes in my life and taking it in a different direction.

    Keep on being you!

  2. Oh Heather, I love visiting with you here!
    I enjoy hearing you chat and sharing whats on your heart.
    Your love of life and your honesty is so refreshing, and you have a way of just drawing us into your heart.
    You look fabulous on that horse and...good for you for attempting new things!
    You are the funniest and I wish I could meet you in person!
    A little birdie told me that you also love flea markets and such, and thats right up my alley too!
    Im so blessed to be getting to know you here..and just enjoying your sweet spirit!
    Have a fun day sweetie!!!!

    Deborah xo

  3. Hello and happy Friday Heather. I really enjoy your blog, and wouldn't change a thing. I love horses, used to have one back home.
    We have a saying in GE that goes'The happiness of the earth lies on the back of the horses' it doesn;t sound as good translated. I really h eart that belt buckle with the young horse. You outdid yourself! Cheers

  4. Hello and happy Friday Heather. I really enjoy your blog, and wouldn't change a thing. I love horses, used to have one back home.
    We have a saying in GE that goes'The happiness of the earth lies on the back of the horses' it doesn;t sound as good translated. I really h eart that belt buckle with the young horse. You outdid yourself! Cheers

  5. Such a great post Heather. Looks like you're having so much fun with the horses! You look like a natural.

    I love reading your blog. Unfortunately, I'm not a born optimist, but I'm trying to change that. I enjoy reading your blog because of your spirit and love of life. Always inspirational. Thank you so much!

  6. Ride 'em Beachgirl! You can be anything you want and be anywhere you want... it doesn't have to happen right away. If there is a plan, and you put it out there in the universe it will happen. Right now, your wonderful life is in the mid-west. And your dreams are with you and all of us! Bless you for sharing them! When I catch up with all my bloggers (via reader) it's hard to remember to post a comment and for that I am sorry. I'm still here and enjoying every post you publish, and every thing you create.

    Things are tough for me right now at home and seeing the beauty of your posts and creativity brings me happiness.

    I grew up in the mid-west and live in NC most days, I'm ten years older than you and now have that beach house... in time your dream will come true. Hey, and if you think about it, you create that dream everyday.

    You're a lovely breath of fresh air for many of us!

  7. Great post!! I agree with you on living in the "where you are now", we can lose sight of what''s really important by focusing too much on a wish or dream...but don't lose sight of it all together, it's those hopes, wishes and dreams that keep us going. :-)

    I like the new look and feel of your blog. Sometimes comments just go down too, August is a very quiet time in blogland and there have still been some blogger commenting issues.

    Don't lose heart...a lot of people read and don't comment too!!

    Have a Fabulous Friday!! :-D

  8. Yay Heather! Trying new things is great. I just love that little guy. He is so sweet. It's important to love the here and now yet still be able to dream. I think you're finding your niche and that is wonderful. Don't you worry about the comments. I've noticed the same thing. It might be the time of year when everyone is so busy with summer and then school. At least that's what I'm telling myself!

  9. You are growing, and changing, stretching your creative boundaries is a good thing. And yes some people will not follow your blog as closely, but new ones will find you.

    We don't have to completely give up the things we love when we move, we just expand our horizons and add new adventures.

    Did I ever tell you how much your beautiful necklace that I purchased from your Etsy site means to me?

    I am going to be leaving the ocean, forever....moving inland like you, but I will always dream of the water. It's been there my entire life, and the thought of leaving it....is hard. The tags and the blue stone will always allow me to hold this close to my heart.

    I look forward to seeing your growth in creativity, and your adventures.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  10. I really enjoyed your post and think we are all going through similar struggles. I also moved from where my heart is and it is hard......real hard. But I think you are right, at some point you have to embrace where you are and find the good and what it has to offer. This is our life and where our journey is now. Enjoy your riding, you look great on your horse!! xoRobin❤

  11. I've been totally enjoying your "ride"..., reflections and changes! Funny, for me it seems to play out the other way. I so enjoyed the FL experience this summer..., and just want more warmth and beautiful sea in my life. My husband will never move there, he's a North Eastern guy. So I have to create something for myself, even if it means to be apart from him..., at least for a certain amount of time each year. I don't know how it's going to play out. This doesn't mean that I'm unhappy where I live now. I still believe that true happiness is independent of circumstances..., at the same time though, knowing what I love and embracing it feels really really good. All the best!!

  12. hi Heather-

    Life is what you make it and you are making it a wonderful one for your self. Change is a good thing. I smiled when I read about your horseback riding experience. I don't ride, but my older daughter does - she lives and breaths horses. I am highly allergic to them, but for years took her to her weekly lessons and shows. I just lived on allergy meds. If you ever make equine jewelry - I know I will be buying a piece for her.

    My best- Diane

  13. Heather - I have been a reader & commenter for a long time now. I have always really enjoyed your blog but find that lately I absolutely love it. I feel like it is so in line with what I need to be focused on. I can relate to every post, I feel like we are at very similar places.

    This post was especially sweet to read. It made me sit back, take a deep breath and then a sip of my wine : )

    You are fabulous!

  14. Heather-I started reading your blog recently and I love the positivity! Enjoying each day and loving life is the way to go! I will keep reading for sure!

  15. I think it's a great idea that all of us need to be reminded of - I am trying to "living in the moment" - hard, but I think it will be a better experience if I can do it. Thanks for the awesome reminder! (-:

  16. Heather - you are such a dear heart! I soooo love visiting you here. When I'm down in the dumps, upset about something, or just plain frustrated, your words and photos always lift me up and make me smile. We all love you for who you are! So don't change a thing about you or your blog or anything else. ♥ I know what you mean about wanting your home and your life being something that just quite doesn't fit. I had the same thing here at Heaven's Walk when I tried to make it a beach cottage. Just didn't feel right. (Not to mention how confused it made my Hubby, lol!) But when I fell into the French farmhouse style, it fit like a glove. The same thing's true about me. I'm a farm girl and love it out here in the boonies --- but my heart will always be yearning for the beach. And that's ok. I just carry a little of that dream with me every day....especially now that I have my new "Dream" bracelet that you made for me. ♥ Love you, girlie! xoxo laurie

  17. What a great post Heather! I love it that you are trying new things and embracing your Midwestern girl. :) The great thing about creativity is that it can take us so many places, you don't need to be set in one particular thing and you are so creative and talented, I can't wait to see where this leads you. :)
    I hope you are feeling better and enjoying your weekend!!

  18. Hi Heather, I really liked this post! You have a great perspective about where you are living. Sometimes I really wish I was back on the East Coast, but I know that Hawaii is where God has me right now. Appreciating where you live and why you live there can be hard, but so important. Oh, and I love horses too - haven't ridden in a while, but they are such beautiful animals!

  19. Come on SD........we love ya no matter what you're doing or where you're doing it!! We just love the happy sunshine you spread all around us and make us feel like we're right beside you all the time!!
    I will tell ya that one thing I don't like about new blog is that we have to go back to the top to comment..instead of reading your post and immediately commenting then. For old people like me, you never know when you'll lose a comment to the alzheimic behavior I'm feeling lately!!! hahahahhaa.

  20. Change is good - or it eventually is...sometimes I fight it. Since we moved a couple of weeks ago, I know I will be in a bit of a fight with it for awhile.
    I know what you mean too about changing your mind often about the goals you have...I am always thinking up one thing and then another - my husband probably goes mad.
    Love your horsey photos - so gorg!!

  21. What a wonderful post! I love seeing you ride horses. I used to love riding horses and dreamed all my life of owning one. We even moved to the midwest when my children were little with a vision to live on a farm. But that is when we realized our home was California and our real place of 'being' was the coast. So we returned within 18 mos and let that 'living on the prairie' dream go. We will never leave again. This is who we are. For the past 11 yrs. I have fully embraced my California girl roots and coastal calm soul. You know your Simple Daisy name fits well for a return to embracing your midwest roots. I don't mind your changing at all...you are just growing and that is good. ox

  22. What I do everyday is a sit down and write all the things I'm grateful for. This helps me see life in a more positive and healthy way.

    -Zane of ontario honey

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