Hello and Happy Tuesday...wish it was Friday:)

How was your Labor day!?!?!!?! We had family and friends over for a gathering and that was pretty nice!
I love to have gatherings....gatherings and dinner parties.....my two favorite things:)

I finally got around to painting the vintage steamer trunk I bought a month or two ago!!

I L.O.V.E. how it turned out:)
And I think it's just perfect in our bedroom!

I couldn't help myself with the  "La Mer" ...french for the sea:)
I thought it was much cuter than if I would have painted "Indiana" on it:) heehee!

I may be embracing my Midwestern spirit...but I am not about to go around painting Indiana on my things:)

I love how the bedroom is shaping up...it's just so light and happy in there! Like flowers in a field happy:)
OK fine...those aren't flowers....they are the broccoli that I let bolt because I never got around to picking it out of my garden! Who knew broccoli made such pretty little flowers! And the bees and the butterflies have been more than thankful that I never picked my broccoli:)

And I still need to get photographs in the frames....just haven't gotten around to doing it yet:)

My sweet girl L.C. can't get on the bed anymore:( She's accepted it and i've made her a super comfy spot on the floor...pillows, blankets, her bones...I think she feels like she's in a camp out every evening she goes to bed!

And by evening...I do mean evening! She's like a little old lady.....she gets fed up with the day and happily retires herself to her spot in our bedroom at around 7pm every evening. Owell...at least she's happy:)

And Ruby...well Ruby is still a wrecking ball! She has to be involved in everything. No privacy....I should have named her Shadow:)

Thank goodness she doesn't chew anymore! She practically tore our entire house to shreds....ok...not the whole house but every pair of shoes, every blanket and every single pillow was destroyed!

and no we didn't crate train her when she was a baby...she was a rescue dog and she was terrified of crates! She barked so much that the neighbors complained and that was with the windows closed!
They said she never stopped barking the whole day! Now that was I call persistent!

Either way...she's fine now and we love her:)

I just love the trunk...not a bad purchase for only $40.00:) I love bargains! And now it looks even cuter ....painted white and scuffed up:) Yes!?!?!?

Yes....I always have fresh flowers next to my side of the bed.....they make me happy when I first open my eyes in the morning:)
Are you a fresh flowers kind of person!?!?!?

Well there you have it....a little peek into my world:)
ps...i'd love cute curtains in our bedroom but I have 2 words for you.....
dog hair!

I try to have as little fabric as possible in my home:)
Hope you have a great rest of your week!

oh and ps...
thank you for all of your kind words on my last post:)
I even got quite a few e-mails! So nice to know we all go through the same things:):)
I really do appreciate....from the bottom of my heart....your kind words! Thank you:)

Never be bullied into silence.  Never allow yourself to be made a victim.  Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself.  ~Harvey Fierstein


  1. Heather I love your bedroom and that white trunk is so great!
    Its lovely in white and I adore your pops of turquoise!
    Your furry friends are so cute, and I love fresh flowers too!
    I received my parcel today...thank you so much..I love it!!

    Deborah xoxo

  2. Oooh! Love it! Love the new blog look too!

  3. Oh, it's just gorgeous. What a find. I love "le mer" on it. Good for you. And I have been getting caught up on your beautiful posts. I love how you discuss savoring the now. I think sometimes it takes a lifetime to realize that. Good for you.

  4. Heather your white trunk is something else! I love it!

    And I find so much love in your blog ...thank you!

    xo kelley

  5. Oh my goodness... The white trunk! I just bought one at a swap meet for $5! I've been staring at it (literally) trying to figure out how to "fix" it... Now I know!!! I'm so excited to get started on it!

  6. Pretty pretty pretty! Your trunk came out very nice. Is it a thrift find? Also love the new banner on your blog.

  7. i LOVE your trunk and what you did with it! what a great find! looks like your dogs love your bedroom too : )

  8. The photos of your lovely bedroom have inspired me to freshen up my guestroom. i think the message board would be perfect for a welcoming message and I will keep an eye out for a trunk to "fix up". Enjoy reading your blog!

  9. I am kicking myself now over the ugly vintage trunk I threw away a couple years ago . . .

  10. Looks lovely and fresh!!

    That flowering broccoli is soooo pretty!!

  11. It is beautiful! What a deal(or steal) too. I love the phrase "La Mer"...the perfect added touch. I grew up with two old trunks, my parents still have them. Maybe they will give them to me one day and I can paint them white! They would probably gasp if I did.

  12. Hello! I love the white trunk and your "forever friends" are precious! I find your blog inspiring. I too dream of being an ocean girl however, after reading your blog, I DO love where I live and the seasons except for the winter..not a snow girl LOL Keep on your journey!

  13. Cabbage and broccoli flowers taste wonderful in a salad, have you tried them? Takes away any gardener's remorse.

    I have always been fascinated by the French pun la mer/la mere, but I can see the extra e would not have the right connotations on a trunk, even a beautiful one!

  14. everything perfect! I really liked your bedroom.
    We met a guy here at Rio de Janeiro, Brasil from Indiana, cool!

  15. PS: I forgot to tell you. Your blog helps me to study English. It's becoming very handy for me. (because I study and have fun at the same time). Thanks

  16. Your bedroom is fabulous and the trunk is the perfect addition ~ well done, Heather.

    Hope you're having a beachy week.


  17. I love it Heather, it looks so perfect in your room!! What a great storage place and it looks like the dogs approve. :)

  18. Your trunk looks great - what a charming room! and Ruby is pretty darn cute too :)

  19. I love your bedroom and the trunk fits right in with it so nicely. I love that you painted it white and scruffed it up a bit! I love your blog! Thanks for sharing!
    P.S. Your girls are adorable too!

  20. the trunk looks SO GOOD!! nice job with that.. love the room!

    come visit for a minkpink giveaway!


  21. Love the trunk. Love the white. LOVE the "la mer"! What a delightful blog you have.


  22. Your bedroom is so serene-love it. I have almost exactly the same trunk-what material is yours? Mine is sailcloth or something like that. I never thought of painting it-hm... Have a great weekend.

  23. What a lovely treatment and transformation-

    beachside cottage

  24. Love your clean and cozy room....and your fur friends!!

  25. Ruby didn't seem to have a problem getting up on the bed. Next time try to pick the broccoli before it bolts. Broccoli grown yourself tastes way better then store brought broccoli.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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