{Oyster Shell Wreath}

Good Sunday Morning to you!!!

Each day really is up to you! Why not start your day off right from the moment you open your eyes in bed!
It's going to be a great day! Each day is a gift and it's up to us to do what we want with it:):)

It's been hot...hot...hot here and I couldn't be happier!
Well....it's been a little too hot to go outside and run or ride my bike....so i've spent a little more time at the gym this summer than I usually do. Owell....at least i'm still getting my workouts in!

Since I haven't been riding as much....i'm not sure how far i'll get in the Apple Cider ride in September.
Last year I made it to 76 miles and was hoping to do 100 miles this year....it's not going to happen:((

but you know what....it's ok! I'll just do my best and forget the rest! Right!?!?!?
And to tell you the truth...i've found a little more balance to my workouts this summer!
I love goals...don't get me wrong...I am a super goal oriented kind of girl....and I do kind of feel guilty not training for the 100 mile bike ride.....
But I also love that I can actually enjoy my workouts and not feel stuck because i'm training for something!

OK....enough about that......

I still have tons of oyster shells left over from our trip to Edisto Island!!

It was so fun collecting the shells on the beach.....
I was a collecting fool:)
My husband was laughing as I was scurrying around collecting shells that most folks down there throw in the trash....
but I say....one person's trash is another's treasure:)

I'm not sure where this cute little wreath will go....maybe in the spare bedroom that we are slowly re-doing!
Remember.....beachy frenchy is the look i'm going for:)
soft and warm greys...creams...simple and pretty:)

Maybe by next year i'll have it all done!! haha:)

I love the random pattern of this wreath!
By now you know I like things perfectly...imperfect!

And so I just glued the shells on this wreath all willie nillie......

Kind of as if they were all still scattered along the beach:)

How can you go wrong with burlap!?!?
It goes perfectly with the beachy simple feel of the wreath!

I probably won't keep the burlap...but it didn't hurt to try!!

Have a fabulous day wherever you're at!!!!
I am hoping to talk my husband into a little beach day:):)


"Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same."  Francesca Reigler


  1. Such beautiful pictures!

    Have you checked out my new kitchen yet?


  2. So pretty, I love all of the wreaths you do!

    I have used the gym a whole lot more this summer too - and changing it up feels pretty good : ) You will rock that bike ride, as long as you are enjoying it!

    Happy Summer Heather!!!!!!

  3. Hi my friend, that wreath is so cute. The oysters I found were all larger and heavier, so not good wreath material. I really love the end quote of your post-so true yet so hard to do sometimes. I have been going to the pool almost daily, it is a great toning exercise-who knew. I used to race mountain bikes, and I once trained for a 100 mile marathon in Switzerland, but at the time women were not aloud to enter:( Have a great summer!

  4. Love your wreath! You have such beautiful photos on your blog. I really enjoy reading them.

  5. What a great way to use all the shells. Around there they get crushed and used as driveways or paths!

  6. What a gorgeous wreath! I luv it! :-)

  7. I love the wreath and how the oysters look!! Glad to hear it's hot in your corner -enjoy!!

  8. I love the wreath! It has been crazy hot here too!

  9. Love this wreath! It's free form design is so much more "beachy" than the totally symmetrical wreaths we usually see. Much more my taste...

  10. I love your wreath Heather!

    Happy Sunday to you too...xo kelley

  11. What a beautiful blog. The joy, positive messages,and clean beauty of your creations... A sight to behold.

    Greetings from France.

  12. I love oyster shells, too. I've collected some at the Gulf of Mexico, but not many enough to make a wreath... I use them as little tealight holders... so cute!

    Have a nice & happy week, Heather!

  13. I love it!!
    Great job!
    I just saw another version at Frugal Farmhouse Design.
    I'm so inspired now!!
    Have a beautiful week...

  14. Gorgeous!!

    And I would keep the burlap...just use to hang it up..maybe from a rusty old vintage coat hook...that would be beachy french to me!!!

  15. Thanks for mentioning the glue you used! I love your wreath and have one that I need to work on when we get back to Florida. I got it at a Thrift store and some of the shells are missing...needs work! heehee! Enjoy your day, my friend! ♥

  16. Very cool - you really did collect lots of shells! The wreath turned out lovely - I love the simple calming shades of white and cream.

  17. Fabulous idea!!
    I love it!
    I still must know...
    do you have more than 24 hours in your day?
    Gypsea Nurse

  18. I just discovered your lovely blog and I look forward to popping by again for some more inspiration! I've just put the finished touches on my new blog ‘Coastal Style’ It will have lots of inspiration on beach houses, resortwear, summer food, travel and anything ‘beachy’. I had a lot of fun putting it together so maybe you would like to check it out if you have a spare minute.

  19. Most people complain that it's to hot in the summer time but at least it's not raining. Try to go for bike rides in the even. I think there is nothing more fun then bike rides.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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