{dog days of summer}

Hello and Happy Sunday to you!!!

Recently I was interviewed by Diane of In My Own Style....you can stop on over and read the interview here......
Thanks Diane.....i've had new readers stop over and say "hello!" So fun to "meet" new people!!

Welcome new friends!!
And hello to all of my friends.....

It's hot..hot..hot here! dog days of summer, I say!! And i'm not complaining!!!

I love summer...no surprise to you:)
The other day I decided my husband I should have date day!! {code for taking the dogs to the beach and watching the sunset}

So funny because almost every time we try and do this....it's starts out with a bickerment! Just being honest:)

I am in a rush to get to the beach....the dogs are going crazy jumping all around.....my husband is just walking in the door from work and I am saying...come on, come on, come on....hurry up....
well one thing leads to another and we're in a full blown bickerment.....all while trying to get ready for a nice date day!!!

After about 20 minutes in the car with no talking....I just start laughing....
By now...I know it happens every time I try to plan a special time:)
I accept it...laugh and move on so that we can have a nice time!!!

Does that ever happen to you!?!?!?
In the excitement to have a really nice time......making sure you grab everything....tensions run high!! haha!!!!

Just thought I should share the reality:)
It's not always rainbows and butterflies......but it's still pretty nice:):)
It's all worth it though....
I love the beach so much....

My heart is just so happy at the sight of water.
The sound...the scent...birds flying overhead...sun glistening on the water...
it all just leaves my heart feeling full with simple bliss:)

I tell you ...I am like a kid at Christmas morning when I get to the beach!
It sure doesn't take much to make me happy......

I can tell you for certain....the best things in life are free!!!!

I'm not into fancy things.....just into finding beauty in the simplest things in life.

I am reminded every time I spend alone time with my husband just how lucky we are!
bickering or not.....I feel blessed to have my best friend also be my husband:)

I think it's so important to have an open heart in life.
Open your heart: to people...to simple things in life....to the beauty of each and every day!

And the girls love the beach so much!
Especially L.C.
Strange for a German Shepard....that dog absolutely loves the water!!!

I am facing the fact that my girl is getting old....she really struggled to walk to the beach...her hips are bad but I just knew she would so thankful once we reached the water!!!!
And she was!!!
She ran around like a little puppy!!! It was so cute and made my heart so happy.
I know our time is limited....and I trust she will let me know when she's had enough...but for today....I am just going to soak up every minute I have left with her...hair and all:)

My Ruby girl...now that's another story!
I am not sure if she keeps L.C. feeling young...or if she overly tires L.C. out!
Ruby is full...full...full of energy and excitement!

She shows me everyday how to be happy about the simplest things in life...
Show her the leash and you'd see what I mean!
You'd think she just hit the lottery:)

How can that not be contagious!

All in all....it was a fabulous summer evening!
And living in the Midwest...trust me....you really learn to appreciate a warm, beautiful summer evening!

I sure hope you have a very wonderful Sunday afternoon!!!
It's going to be a hot one here today....and I LOVE it:):)

Have a great day!!!

"Life holds so many simple blessings, each day bringing its own individual wonder."
John McLeod


  1. Thanks, Heather... You made my day!! It's such a cold and rainy Sunday in Germany, I was laying on the couch, waiting for some sunshine, find your newest post and then: SMILE!!!! I open my heart... to the beauty of raindrops, all shades of grey, to the breeze air... what a wonderful day!! Thanks again and enjoy your hot Sunday afternoon! Jutta

  2. What a sweet post Heather! I love the reality of it : ) Things are not always perfect but that is what makes them perfect!

    I love doggies too, even with all of that hair! We have it all over the place!!!!!! Our old girl, Harley, was a Lab/Shepperd mix and she shed like a beast. When she was gone though I would have lived in a house covered in her hair just to have her back. Now we have Gunner, he is a 5 1/2 year old lab that we rescued...he is soooo sweet. He sheds like a beast too but you know, it doesn't bother me one bit : )

    What beautiful pictures!!! Your blog never fails to make me smile!

    Oh, and I love the word "bickerment"! I am going to start using that - those happen in my house a lot : )

  3. Such a beautiful post!
    You are such a breath of fresh air and a ray of sunshine!!
    And I adore your honesty...that happens here too! :)
    But love your response!!
    Your hubby and you are adorable together and your dogs are precious.
    I love how you love he simple joys in this life and enjoy them to the fullest!
    Me too !!!!
    You are a blessing sweet girl!!!

    Deborah xoxoxoxo

  4. I love this post! It is so true that one must find joy in the simple things in life. You can't find it in the all of things you think you need. It took me awhile to realize all of this and I'm happy to see that you caught on to it all at a much younger age ;)

    I wish we could take dogs to our beaches here but they are not allowed. Yours look like they had a blast!

  5. Hi Heather, love the pics-they are getting more beautiful each post if that is possible. While we both love the beach DH and I always bicker on the way there lol The dogs in the back are no help either. How old is your LC? My Feger is 14.5 yrs now, but every morning at the lake she acts like a young one, too. Hugs and cheers my dear friend!

  6. Hi Heather!

    What a sweet post! I know what you mean about getting out the door. My B does this thing where he hops in the car and starts it, meanwhile I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off, getting the leashes, the treats, the dog poop bags, water, you know what I mean! It's when I get to the beach that I do feel all better. I don't think guys realize sometimes all the stuff that the "kids" need at the beach yet when we get there, he asks "did you bring treats?!!" ARGH!! but like you said, the fun outweighs everything else and everyone has such a ball once we get there. i like your word bicckerments! xoxo L

  7. Hi Heather..
    delightful post!
    why not have "things" ready when Hubs comes home if you are there already? seems to me a bit of preplanning could/would eliminate most of the bickerments?
    perhaps a picnic basket already loaded with necessities for you and the dogs,plop the chilled wine in as you head out the door?
    try it..
    warmest sandy hugs..

  8. I agree, the best things in life are free. Just love your photos at the beach and your family.....Love your blog....the beach is so peaceful and calm.....

  9. Beautiful post, Heather! I thought of you last evening. We drove over the causeway toward Tampa and dinner. On both sides of the bay, I spotted pods of dolphins frolicking in the waves. It was so beautiful...and an very unusual sight. Then, from the shores, a great blue heron rose up and flew beside us...and pelicans were riding the currents. My thoughts were..."Heather would love this!"

  10. Ironic, I read your blog yesterday and thought the hubby and I would go to Saugatuck and Douglas for a date day. How fun, right? Same thing, by the end of the day,we were bickering. Just weren't on the same wave length. He hates crowds and shops...I thought it would be fun to sit and have a couple cocktails and enjoy the weather. Have a little dinner. Bicker, bicker....we drove home in silence.
    So much for that idea. Glad yours worked out, Heather.

  11. I love the summer time, too...and the beach is my favorite place to be! We spend our summers here in the mountains of NC...and I love that, too! You shared wonderful photos that make me long for the sea! Happy Summer, my friend! ♥

  12. FANTASTIC Interview!!!! Love your blog more and more everyday! Keep up the great work and positive attitude. It truly is contagious!

  13. Loved this post! Yes, life isn't perfect, but it can still be beautiful <3

  14. What an awesome post! Thanks so much for the reminder to enjoy the simple things in life. They really are what make me happiest too, but sometimes it's so easy to get caught up in the game of life that I forget it! We moved to WA a few months ago, and I so miss our home state of Michigan. So it's always good to "talk" to a fellow Midwesterner! Have a great day:)

  15. I agree completely - simple things are the best.
    Our weather here (WA state) has been just plain sad this summer - so the midwest sounds great right now.
    The dog pictures are so cute!!
    Hapve a great time!

  16. Hi!
    What lovely pictures - can totally relate to the beach feeling......

    We are having a giveaway at Everything Coastal, come over and see!


  17. Your puppies are adorable! I agree, less is more :) Would love to have a simple day at the beach. Thanks for those beautiful images.

  18. Hello this is my first time to your page and WOW! My favorite place in the whole world is the beach and you've just hit the nail on the head with these photos. They are awe inspiring. I can almost hear the waves crashing. It's nice to meet ya!

  19. Gorgeous pictures, Heather! It is one of the very best places to be and
    remember all the good things in life.

    Love all your positive energy!

  20. There is no better place than being by the lake, life is simple and easy there and not to mention pretty perfect. I love the pics of the dogs, my Rodman used to to love to swim in the lake. :)

  21. Oh - that is one of my favorite days at the beach posts I've seen anywhere! I love that you brought the doggies, too!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful coastal afternoon!

    beachside cottage

  22. Oh, it's hot, hot, hot, here in the Midwest under the dome :)
    Glad you can find relief in one of the great lakes!

  23. Looks like a perfect summer evening! Your girls are just beautiful and full of life!


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