{a happy day}

Hello & how are you on this fine as wine Monday evening!?!?

I have to tell you that I think the universe was trying to speak to me today.
I have been quite sick with a summer cold:( No voice for 3 days now {yes....my husband is very happy}
and I had quite a few orders to work on for Simple Daisy....
but guess what....

A storm rolled in this morning and left us without power for most of the day....
which in turn forced me to relax {not something easy for me to do} and hopefully start moving towards feeling better!!!!

I wanted to be grouchy....because I don't like to be forced to do nothing....it also rained for a good part of the morning/afternoon.

But then the skies cleared and the sun began to shine and thought it would be nice to take a little walk around my house!
Maybe check out the damage....
nothing too major...a broken umbrella, sticks and leaves down everywhere....but pretty much unscathed!

I did, however, run into this sweet little guy!!!

And it really made me stop in my tracks to just appreciate the moment!
How often do you get to see a baby chickadee!?!?

It was so darn cute! it let me get right up close to it! Even Ruby and LC had a good look at it!
Everyone was happy:)
It did get me to thinking that it really is so important to just live in the moment sometimes and truly appreciate all that you have.

I love to take little daycations!! This one was a recent  one to Saugatuck, MI~
If you live anywhere nearby it's a must see! Such a happy place:)
Even is you can't get away for a whole week or even a weekend for that matter....I always think a little daycation is nice!

I, of course, wore all my Simple Daisy bling!
I love to really stack my bracelets up....the more the better:)
Are you a bracelet stacker!?!?!

And how could I not appreciate my girls!
They bring my heart so much happiness.....ok...i'd be lying if I didn't tell you that
they bring me heartache every once in awhile too.....let's just say...if you come to my home for dinner....I can guarantee you will get licked and there will be hair in somewhere on your dinner plate!
Either way...I still love them!

I love to see all the pretty flowers blooming in my yard!
It's not a fancy yard...in fact, by most people's accounts it's a pretty messy yard..
I like to call it cottage...
It's definitely not 3 bushes and mulch....like you see in most of the neighborhoods around here!
Perfection just makes me nervous:)
I do like nice grass though....and so our grass is usually pretty up to par.....kind of balances the messy beds and borders!

Just started on this wine bottle border!
Hope to finish it in the next year or two....no pressure to drink more wine and send me your empty bottles:)

I love them...i've seen them in magazines, on the Internet and at a friend's house!
Pretty darn cute and definitely cottage!

My husband's idea of a wine bottle border:)
I think he'd get his border finished long before mine...but it wouldn't be as cute!!!

I am just so happy with all the beauty in my own backyard....
it's not the beach...
it's not fancy...
but it's all mine and most all of it is completely my own designs:)
Sometimes you just have to be appreciative of what you already have!

Ok...well...I am going to appreciate finishing my nice glass of vino....
in between coughs and slapping at mosquitoes!
It's just too nice to go inside:)

Have a wonderful evening with whatever you're up to:)

I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.  John Burroughs


  1. Oh you are the sweetest little daisy! Lol
    You just bless my heart and make me giggle the whole post.
    How you have touched this girls heart today with your rays of sunshine xo
    Bless you sweet girl xo
    Love your wine bottle border..how cute is that?!
    The beer bottles from hubby made me laugh.
    Love your sweet spirit xo

    Deborah xoxoxox

  2. You have such a joy of life! It's contagious!!! Hope you are feeling better soon...and yes, wine does help the sore throat (or so Marty tells me). Love the wine bottle border. Mine is almost complete...and there are still bottles left to plant. (We had 2 rehearsal dinners and several dinner parties!) My bottle tree is almost complete, too. I'll post a photo soon...

    Enjoy your summer freedom...

    ps Love that little birdy's wrinkled beak...

  3. What a happy post!! I love it. that little bird is ADORABLE OMG!!! When I was in the bend, I had a family of Robins that I was taking care of. I even went to walmart and bought worms to throw into the grass for them. Here in Momterey, I get to see a binch of baby deer on the campus of DLI. It has been a bit of a rough go for me starting in a new town and new job but whenever I see these deer I just melt! I feel like they are my new friends in a place where everything is so unfamiliar and stressful. Anyway, thanks for such a delightful post, you always make me smile.

  4. Hey there, hope you are feeling better?! What a cute birdie. Love your wine bottle order:) You are so right with your post-we do need to appreciate the little things every day. Some days it is harder than others. A great white eagle flew over my head this morning at the lake-how cool is that. Cheers

  5. Love the John Burroughs quote...so true. So glad you can find so many pleasures, right in your own backyard.

    Be well, dear.

  6. The chickadee baby us adorable! Love the fluff on its head :)

    Ya know....simple pleasures are the sweetest. And I love your cottage yard and gardens. Simply beautiful!

  7. Thanks so muck for visiting my blog. Just love this posting! Also love all the photos and your pets.

  8. i love your attitude! and your sweet comment. stay on the happy path!



  9. Such a lovely post, Heather. I love your birdy pics :O)

    Hope you are having a fabulous week.


  10. Ah, the little things in life (as well as the big things) are what matters. There's always beauty to discover! The chickadee is adorable!! I hope you get to feeling better - summer's no time to be sick!

  11. Your photography skills are really showing themselves off these days!!
    Happy Happy post...thanks!!

  12. lol your husbands version is too cute lol!

  13. I REALLY love your blog, Heather!!! Hope you're feeling better... enjoy the summer!! (thx for stoppin' by & visiting my blog!)

  14. Hi I just wanted to let you know I featured you in my first Etsy Treasury, but I have not learned how to leave messages on Etsy yet! And I don't know if it lets you know you are in the treasury. So here I am telling you on your blog. ox

  15. Yours is the first blog I go to when I need to feel happy. I love your spirit and sense of style! You have found your calling in spreading happiness!
    Thank you for sharing smiles and beautiful scenes, and flowers!

  16. Oooooh that birdie is so sweet! Just as I wrote that, a little birdie hit our window :( He is recovering in the bushes, I hope he is going to be ok.
    I am a bracelet stacker too - love all of yours!!
    Your pics are gorg...I love your hair with the braid.

  17. Hi Heather - jumped over from your interview with Diane at In My Own Style. Love the wine bottle garden border in this post. Don't see any of your lovely shades-of-blue stacking rings in your store. Do you plan to offer them?

  18. The little chickadee is an absolute angel! I hope it was okay. Seems rather odd that it would let you get so close.
    Can't say I've seen a wine bottle border before. Definitely prettier than the Miller Lite one!

    I do believe your flowers are rather cottage-ish. I like it!!

  19. I love your blog and will be spending lots of time here. I am a new follower and loving every minute. I do hope you will hop over to my blog for a follow. I have two West German Shepherds who I am in love with. They each have a little pink swimming pool like your dogs. There are pictures a plenty of them. Yours are beautiful. Hope to see you soon. Donna


  20. So sorry you've had a cold...summer colds always seem worse than those in the winter for some reason. Hope by now you're feeling much better.

    I'm saving wine bottles for a friend who is doing a wine bottle border. Such a cute idea.

    Happy weekend hugs sweet friend,

  21. oh that crazy little bird's curvy beak! and that wine bottle border - awesome! hope you are feeling better physically (obviously your mental state is in a pretty good place). i haven't been blog reading for a while, but i love what you are doing with your line of jewelry. really creative things!

  22. Just found your blog. It's delightful. I live not far from Saugatuck. Need to head overmthere soon. Domyou ever check out Fennville winery? I'm thinking you must live close to New Buffalo..as I saw your post on pizza and vino at a restaurant in NB. I live in Muskegon..heading to Chicago next Tuesday. Just a day trip to see a newborn niece. Any recommendations for dinner on the way home..MI city, New B or that general area.
    I will follower you on google reader...like your style.

  23. You. You. You. You have the soul of a stunning star. So full of wonder, and kindness. Something about your blog made me feel warm inside.

    So much sugar spills from this post!

    I could make you into my bestfriend ^.^

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!


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