{simple french ocean inspired decorating}

Well hello and Happy Sunday to you:)

{I wanted to answer a few questions from my last post...
the paint I used for the bowls was just cheap craft paint in all hues of aqua blue....and the letter stamps were just rubber letter stamps from the dollar bin section at Michaels craft store! Hope that helps!}

I'm not sure about your weather....but it is completely beautiful here this morning! I am enjoying the sunshine, the birds chirping and  my cup of joe while writing this post this morning:)

You know just how thankful I am whenever we get lovely weather here! It just inspires me so:)

I want show a little sprucing I have going on in my home...but first!
Look at what I caught in my house the other day!!!!!!

Poor little guy {or girl}! This sweet little birdie was just flying all over the place probably scared out its wits! I finally caught it and well....had to take a few photos of it!
Then when my husband and I came home the other day...it was in our house again!!
I wonder if it was trying to tell me that we need a little birdie!!
You never know!!

It's pretty darn lucky that my kitty didn't catch it...
Must be one blessed birdie:)
It was kind of fun holding this sweet little birdie....and I think it was so shocked it hung out for about 5 minutes so I could snap some more photos of it!

Ok...onto the sprucing!

We have this bedroom in our home that for the past 4 or 5 years has been a complete junk room!
We tore the carpet out and just never did anything with it!

Well finally we are starting to work on that room! And so I have been thinking about how I was to decorate it!
I think I am going to go with....french chic inspired by the sea!!
Soft and simple with just a few tiny touches of shells and such:):)

So here is just a glimpse of what i've been tinkering with!

...I collect vintage fans and use them in lots of my decorating! I L*O*V*E them! I think they are so cute and happy. Plus all of the ones I own...actually work. Just in case I ever needed them:)

 I kind of want this room to be vintage inspired.
So I made these cute little doily bowls!
So easy to do...
mix plaster of paris with water (about thick milk consistency)
mix the doily in with the plaster of paris mixture....make sure the doily is totally covered with the mixture.
drape the wet doily over a bowl or something and let dry..

That's it! When they are dry pop them off and you have the cutest little bowls!
Of course you could probably sand yours and poke holes where there should be holes...
but I thought these were fine just the way they were:)

I love the doily bowls! Doilies always make me think of my great grandmother! She had them laying on and draped across everything she owned:)
In fact....I inherited quite a few of her doily table clothes!
Maybe i'll have to do a vintage inspired table scape one of these days:)

 I also made the oyster shell mirror out of the shells I collected at Edisto Beach.

So easy to do....
collect shells {whatever kind make you happy}
get a frame {this one is from Ikea}
glue them on all willie nillie hodge podge
and hang it on the wall:)

I love it! I think this room is really going to shape up nicely!
i just need to get my husband motivated to lay the floor ....
{until we can spring for real hardwood floors it's just the cheapy look-a-like laminate flooring...but still better than carpet in my opinion}
and I am thinking of building a super cute little farmhouse inspired day bed!
I found plans here! But I would build the sides just a bit taller:)

And of course...paint it white and scuff it up!

The one thing I know about decorating and life for that matter is....simpler is always better!

You just can't go wrong with simple!

and I thought I would take my color scheme from the muted tones of these sweet little oyster shells!
Soft creams and greys.
Maybe a tiny...tiny...touch of aqua blue:)

Anwyho...I am just so excited to get this room finished! We will have 2 more rooms to go and will have succeeded in taking a straight out of 1976 home into the current with barely spending any $$$$!

So there you have it!
Decorating made affordable and so very simple!

Hope you have a really wonderful and inspired Sunday!
I am off to mow the lawn now:):)

     “I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning..."
Joseph Priestley


  1. Such lovliness on a Sunday morning!!
    I love your bowls...how dainty!
    And the shell mirror? Dont get me started...love, love, love it!
    I love simple too, and decor thats fun to create with little $$$$
    spent on it.
    Love how this room is coming along...so pretty!!
    Have a wonderful day!!
    Its gorgeous weather here too, and Im cleaning and enjoying the day...kids are coming for supper and fun night tonight!

    Deborah xoxo

  2. Well hello-what have we here. Wonderful inspiration-love the doily idea. And the poor birdie-we found one the other day that got blown out of its nest. Have a good day.

  3. That is so wonderful..Simple is the best and most calming. I love old fan and your baskets are great!!! You are sooo talented.

  4. I love your room. I have a sweet vintage fan from my husband's grandma. The mirror idea is great too.

  5. Fantastic! Love the doily bowls and mirror.

  6. You are so inspiring & creative!

    Such a sweet little bird : )

  7. Seriously Heather, these bowls are genius! How good do they look?!
    I am a big fan of sea glass too.

  8. Love the doily bowls! Very very cute.


  9. That is the best shell mirror I have seen - I like the doilies too, but know I'd never do them!

    Have you ever made papier mache bowls from tissue, with things between the layers, like petals and leaves? They look translucent and mysterious, and mine dried slightly wonky which only added to their charm (I tell myself).

  10. Your decorating is amazing!!! What a great idea! Sea glass is so pretty...I love it!! If I tried the doily thing though...I'm pretty sure it wouldn't come out anything like yours...yours look like artwork! Awesome!!

  11. Just beautiful! Your doily bowls are a great idea...thank you for sharing!
    They would go well with Margaret Oomen's lovely covered stones...

  12. What a great space! Such a nice, relaxed feeling. Love the doily bowls. I have seen that done with a glue mix but never with plaster of paris. I like the plaster of paris ones so much better!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your nice comment.

  13. Your blog is lovely - as are your sea-inspired design ideas... and I'm glad you were able to rescue your little wren visitor!

  14. Love your mirror...looks great!!

  15. Your creations are beautiful! I love the mirror and your vignette looks perfect!
    The flea market that we go to is in Allegan MI, you would love it! It is every last Sunday of the summer months and they have LOTS of vintage fans there. :)
    It would be fun to meet up if you can come up. :)

  16. That you were actually able to catch birdy surprises me- what a cutie! And how precious is that shell frame done with your vacation finds -just love it. I can't believe I haven't made a shell frame yet (mirror or picture frame), but as I mentioned in my post today, I do have a huge bucket full of shells at home (hauled from a RI beach) waiting for me!

  17. What the.....those doily bowls are to die...so simple. I love them. Must do one. First...find doily.

  18. What a cute little wren. So lucky it flew into your house. Twice that is. There is something in there she likes. And those doily bowls...that is so clever. And they came out great. You sure are creative...!!

  19. Hi Heather-
    I love the doily bowls - so sweet and so easy. They look so pretty lined up on your dresser.
    My best-Diane

  20. I can't agree with you more. Simple is better. We are on the same wave length for that one!
    Your color idea for the bedroom sounds wonderful. Love the mirror you put together.
    I can't believe you caught that little guy. Twice! Did you find out how he's getting in?

  21. I love French seaside style and that mirror you made is FAB!! Can't wait to see how the room turns out.

    Have a lovely week.


  22. My goodness..do you ever come up for air! You are a whiz.. and I love what you have been "tinkering" with!
    The mirror, the fan, the bowls!

  23. That is the sweetest little bird ever. Thank you for saving it. Thanks too for dropping by Beach Vintage and supporting my guest blogger.

  24. Simple is the way to go ...
    and your beachy theme is the best.
    Love the clam shell mirror and the little white dresser!!! Yum!
    Happy decorating...the room will be awsome...
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  25. Your decorating is absolutely beautiful. I especially love the doily bowls. I never would have though to do something like that! I've also got a technical question for you. I've noticed that you have the picture links, and are actually able to show the code for them so people can copy and paste them. I've figured out how to make the code, but can't get it to show up so people can put it on their page. How on earth were you able to do that?
    Holly @hmbeadcompany

  26. Awww, what an adorable bird! I'd be tempted to keep him :) But of course he's happier outdoors... The doily bowls are such an original idea - very cool!

  27. I just found your blog from a comment you posted on The inspired room. This is beautiful and just what I need for inspiration. I am just finishing up painting my very tall entry and family room and need some seaside inspiration since I have painted blue in that room and the rest are different shades of a sea green. Thanks. This is beautiful. Definitely going to try a couple of these ideas.

  28. What I really love in the summer time is when it's nighttime you can hear the crickets. I love the sounds they make. It's really calming to me and helps me sleep.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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