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Well Hello & super Happy Friday to you:)

I really want you to know just how much I read and appreciate each and everyone of your comments!! Sometimes I can't wait to wake up in the morning to see what new things there are for me to read! They always keep me motivated and inspired to keep following my dreams!

Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to leave your comment!
I really do try my hardest to stop in to all of your blogs.....
I love to read them!! They inspire me just as I hope I inspire you!

Guess what.....

I have been crafting away as usual....
nothing too challenging just painting pots:)
Over the years I have learned that when I paint pots with a couple of coats of paints it chips off and in NOT a pretty way.
I have been white washing {is that what you call it} my pots.
Simple and oh so cute:)

Get some terra cotta pots...
mix water and the paint color of your choice {I don't use exact measurements...can you believe it:)} just mix it until it's super watery...
Paint it on...
sand it with sand paper when it dries....
repeat 1, 2 or 3 more times....depending on how you want them to look!

Here is the finished product...

vintagey and aqua blue! PERFECT:)

I also did some little ones for my outdoor table....
I put super cute geraniums in them and added tiny shells. They just make me so darn happy!
Who knew $.50 pots and some paint could make a girl smile!!!
I also added some tiny shells to my votive candle holder! I just love summer:)
I wish winter never had to happen because I am just so happy being able to enjoy my meals outside surrounded by pretty little flowers:) Thank you SUMMER for being you!!

Just for good measure....
here are the girls.....in black & white!
You know I am not the world's biggest fan of black & white photography....but I think their really captures their personalities.....especially when they are begging for a little morsel of the food I am cooking for my Fresh Friday post:)

such a cute face! You wouldn't even know she could chew an entire pillow and comforter in probably under 5 minutes!! Do they have a medal for that?!!? :) :)

and L.C.

Such a pretty, pretty girl!! Champion beggar for sure!!
I love dogs....even though they "might" chew all of your sandals or constantly beg for food....maybe even sneak your entire dinner off the counter when you're not looking.....they make me really happy and always {oh, OK....almost always} bring a big smile to my face!

Now for Fresh Friday:)
I have been more than a little down on myself for gaining 10lbs this winter....have I mentioned that winter and myself just don't get along....we try and try...but we just can't be friends:)
I think I just eat my way through winter!

I got sooooo close to my goal weight/size {whatever you want to call it} last summer and then winter hit and I just got really involved in my wine and pizza....darn:(

I know most of us have a few or a tiny bit more than a few lbs. we'd like to say good bye to.
Here's how I do it or plan to do it:) .....
now mind you I never did reach my goal weight last summer {darn wine...gets me every time} and am starting from scratch this summer....So I am by no means an expert!

First, I always increase my exercise and no.....not just the running/cycling/p90x.
I mean simply move MORE. {summer makes that easy}...
Yep....I push mow the yard! Most wives probably save that for their significant other to do....not me....Burns an extra 200 and some calories! Plus I ran before that...not far but just a little run!!!

I also start cutting back a little bit on what I eat....I am NOT perfect but one day I realized I ate over 400 calories in stinkin' goldfish crackers....
don't get me wrong I love those darn things...but really 400 calories worth.....so I switched to apple cinnamon rice cakes at 100 calories.....
still get my crunchy snack but saved calories:) {Thanks for the tip Jamie}

For me....I know it's senseless to say I am not going to snack or have my wine.....so I just start figuring out how to snack for less calories and do a little more exercise so that I can lose my winter induced fat layer:) :)

I wonder if I lived in Florida or California or Louisiana what my excuse would be for my winter weight gains!!!!

Alright now on to the super healthy food:)
Fish Tacos with Grilled Peach Salsa

This meal was sooooo darn good it should have been illegal:)

for the tacos.....
mahi spiced with lime, chili powder & cumin
grill it and chop it up when it's done

for the grilled peach salsa.....
red onion
add......lime juice...frozen corn...chili powder and grill.
When it's all finished make happy little tacos with corn tortillas {oh don't forget to grill those too} and add a little Mexican Cheese....

Edamame Corn Peach Salad

red onion
add in
thawed frozen corn and edamame
mix in lime juice, chili powder and cumin
This really rocked my face off...........
So fresh and So Healthy:)

You know me well enough by now to know......I don't have any fabulous meal without a little vino!!
Since it was FINALLY warm and sunny here in midwestern paradise...white it was:)
Great wine!!! Plus look how cute is the bottle.....
this meal and the sunshine made me kind of feel {for a moment} that I was in Santa Barbara!!
And have yourself a super fabulous weekend..............

Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. ~Hans Christian Anderson


  1. Great post! You have me excited about taking my bicycle out for a ride on this sunny day. Happy Weekend to you. :)

  2. What a clever pot-paintin' girl you are!!! They look great!

    I have a lot of painted pots in Florida and they don't peel, thanks to a GREAT TIP from a garden center person at Home Depot. She told me to spray the interiors of the pots with pruning spray to seal them. That keeps the dampness from watering the plants inside the pot and away from causing paint-peeling on the outside. It works well.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I painted some terracotta pots a few years ago. The paint kept peeling though so I kept on trying. Finally found sealer and sprayed them down inside and out - now they just have a shabby chic look to them. Yours look sooo nice. Love the pink flowers with the white.

    That salsa sounds divine!

  4. Your projects look so fun and summery and your puppies are adorable! I'm a huge dog lover and yes they make me smile too.

    Misery loves company so I'm just letting you know that you aren't the only one who has packed on the pounds this winter, oink.

  5. Delightful (pots!) and delicious (salsa!).

    I have to look for really cool wine (labels)!

    Happy Weekend!

  6. Have yourself a great weekend.
    Your pots look darling. I had the same chipping of the paint and on the flower pots it just didn't look nice. I switched to "patio paint". Matte acrylic sealer helps too.

  7. Love the flowerpots! I used to paint mine with acrylic paint too and add a sealant so they'd be weatherproof, but the problem is that I always want to use super bright colors and they end up fading in the sunlight :(

  8. I will be making that meal immediately! This is the perfect warm & sunny weekend for it. They look delicious!

    As far as the 10lbs(I am certainly no expert either) - you look fabulous,healthy, fit & happy!

    I have just begun to come to a space where as long as I feel good, am still healthy, active and eating well (most of the time) I try to forget about my weight - even the seasonal stuff, which ALWAYS seems to happen...grrrr. Not easy but when I am successful at it I FEEL wonderful!!!

  9. What a cool idea painting the pots!
    I have been to the wallywords and thought terra cotta yuck, but now with some paint I can do that and have cute pots too!!!!
    Linda Seattle WA

  10. Yum! Those fish tacos look and sound delicious!
    I love painting pots! For my son's rehearsal dinner we used a blue/green coastal theme. I painted terracotta pots by first sealing them with acrylic spray, then using acrylic paint...followed by another coat of sealer. I used these on each table with a chunky citronella candle. They still look as good as when I painted them 2 years ago! I even have one in the guest bath, holding paper guest towels.

    Jane (artfully graced)

  11. Love the dogs, I'm a huge dog lover. Even on my worst days they are soooo happy to see me. Their whole bodies wag when I walk in the room. BUT...we have also lost several loafs of bread, a package of cookies and a whole pot roast to my counter surfer, Waffle. My older one,Barcleigh, acts like she has nothing to do with the shinanagins...but I know she enjoys the loot.

    Happy Weekend!

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  13. Can't spell! Deleted my last comment - your meal looks fabulous! Will definitely have to try to make these tacos next week. I am printing out now. Have a wonderful weekend

  14. What a cute blog you have here!
    I am fairly new to blogging, and just found your site...
    LOVE the painted pots. I'm going to the store later, and plan to pick up pots and sealer and paint. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Oh, that recipe is perfect timing since we are going to a peach festival tomorrow morning.

    Good to know that chard is good. I've seen it at Trader Joes and hesitated to buy. I will for sure now.

    Here in AZ we gain summer weight, because this is the time of the year that we are more house-bound. Hence, the P90X for me. less runs and walks in the extreme heat.

  16. Great post.. you make me want to pick up some Pino and have a garden party.
    Have a great weekend

  17. i love the pots with the hot pink geraniums in them...suzanne have a great wek end ..

  18. Hi.. cute post...

    Pour me a glass of vino and I will
    give you a zillion excuses for winter
    weight gain in Florida ...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog..
    Like you, I don't care if someone
    just lurks and doesn't comment.
    I like photo blogging and that is why I keep the blog going.

    Have a good weekend.!!

  19. thank you for leading me to your blog...i love your blog. the recipe for fish taco's looks amazing. i'm inspired..the cooking and the blog...thank you. i can see i have a lot to learn.

  20. GORGEOUS photos!!!!! The fish tacos look amazing! I am on a huge Mexican kick. Oh and I live in Fl so let me tell you the excuse would be intense heat keeping you from running outdoors. And lots of wine ;)

  21. I think you are the most prolific crafter I know!! You have created almost a whole lifestyle of craft - with the delightful cottage beach look! Love the black and white photos of your dogs!

  22. You are so crafty! I'm impressed :)

    That edamame salad sounds delicious and fresh.


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