{riding & trunk show}

Good Morning to you!!
What a weekend it's been.
In true simpledaisy style I thought it would be great to get up early Saturday morning to do a 20 mile ride with a friend:) All this before I headed out for the simpledaisy trunk show the same day!!
It was just such a gorgeous morning. I was so happy we decided to ride. Here's what you'd see if you headed out to the country in Indiana:)
Lots & lots of farmland!
It was a great morning & even though we were pretty slow it just felt nice to get out on my bike for the first ride of the season!!
Now I am starting to feel the 100 miles in my future.....stay tuned:)
I told you I was going to do a trunk show at a friends house.
Well.....i'd be lying if I told it turned out as I had it planned in my mind! It was cold and gray outside and not a lot of people came. Good thing I had my trusty wine:)
You know I picked this wine for the label......I thought it would be perfect for this event!!!
Matches my display:)
Even though not a lot o people came.... I was SUPER thankful for the wonderful people who did come and who were kind enough to purchase a few simpledaisy pieces!! I hope I made them super happy!!!!!!!
My friend who hosted the trunkshow also had 2 other talented women bring their merchandise.....
We all set up on her deck!! It was so cute. She has the most cozy backyard.

Here is Sara's display....
So completely adorable! Her company is named Girlogik & she makes all sorts of girlie things:)
Stefanie was also there with all of her amazing things she makes in her studio!
I wasn't able to get as many photos of her set up because she came a little late and I had already had my camera put away....
But if you live in the area her shop is Interior Elements & Design...
Well...darn...she doesn't have a website but I included a link to her shop's address:)
And my set up.....

What do you think?!?!? Except for the wrinkled tablecloth!!
But that's how I roll......always in a rush and a little messy:)
I also included lots of cute little starfish......
Starfish just make me smile!

All in all it was a really wonderful time! It was all set up like a cute little shop in the French Quarter. Plus shoppers got enjoy some delicious appetizers and vino. How could that not make you happy??!?
Makes me want a cute little shop of my own......maybe someday:)

Hope all was well with you this weekend!! Did you have any big plans!?!?!?

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”
Albert Einstein


  1. Wow, cute set-up. Love the idea of a "trunk show" in someone's yard. Too bad about the weather but, at least, you didn't get rained out, right?
    Your jewelry looks great...you'll do wellsomeday...don't give up (listen to your hubby).

  2. Your display looks wonderful! I can't belive you fit in a 20 mile bike ride before the show! Amazing!!!

  3. What a cute idea-your items all look beautiful. Good job on the early morning ride-I went and rode some hills yesterday-killer hills were you are pedaling 4 miles an hour-2 hours later I was back home. I am glad I did it and wanted more. It looks like you have some pretty countryside to ride by with no cars-i hate cars-they make me nervous.

  4. I love your table display! Your items look so cute and beautiful. Great job!

  5. wow you did so great on your ride! seriously 20 miles is great! and i so wish i could have been at your trunk show. wine and fun things to buy is a great combo :)

  6. Your table looked quite bright on a not so nice day. The aqua frame, boxes, starfish plate were great backdrops.

    I cannot believe you pedaled 20 miles before the show!

    I'm happy you had a few sales and hope more will come because of it.

  7. I just love that you bought wine b/c it coordinated! Too cute. Glad you had a great day even if it didn't turn out quite as you had hoped. Little by little right???

  8. Your display looks great; very happy and inviting! Whenever, you get that daisy for the necklace, please let me know. I'm in love with it.
    Have a great week! :)

  9. You have beautiful designs! Thank you for leaving a sweet comment...especially since I now know of your blog!

  10. Your display looked fabulous! I love all of the new stuff that you have out! What a cute idea, to do a trunk show like that.

    The scenery for your ride is beautiful - so peaceful.

  11. What a cute little spot. it looks like y'all made the best of the rainy day. Your stuff is gorgeous!

  12. Love what you did! The display is bright and fresh...perfect for Simple Daisy. Plan to do this again...in the fall, for the holiday purchases. That is often a great time for "trunk shows". We always had a great turnout with our October/November shows in Dallas and Knoxville...Christmas shopping?
    Jane (artfully graced)

  13. I'm glad that the trunk show was a success. I love how you display your pieces ~ very pretty.

    Nice bike ride, The view is amazing.
    Have a great week.

  14. Seriously - great display! And what a beautiful day for a bike ride. Wish our weather would get sunny so I could go for a ride too!

  15. What beautiful scenery for a bike ride! Love it!

    That set up is amazing! It would be hard to resist buying it all : )


  16. Beautiful images! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  17. How beautiful! This is such a great idea. Makes me want to have my own little soire in the back yard--if it weren't such a mess!

  18. I am SO proud of you and what a great idea to have a trunk show at someone's house. Everything looked awesome girl. Good for you!!!!

  19. How fun! Looks like a great party between friends, what a great idea! LOVED your first image of the sun and countryside. Thanks for all of your comments on my blog, so appreciated!

  20. Hi! I do love your display and you have the right attitude. When I had my Stella and Dot party it was a low show but I still had fun! I do love those stamped pieces, surely that beautiful bracelet flew off the shelf. Either way, you have a great attitude that inspires us all, especially that 20 mile bikeride EEK!!! I feel I am pretty active taking the dogs out on a bunch of walks a day, but you my dear WOW! Again another way how you motivate the rest of us! :)

  21. Beautiful Trunk Show. I love your colors and the outdoor setting!

  22. I wish I could have been their for your trunk show. It looks wonderful from the pictures. I loved "accompanying you" on the ride, too, via pictures. Good luck with the training for your Century!

  23. Thanks for dropping by my blog this weekend. I have been out of town, but I'm back now and looking forward to checking out your blog. Thanks for becoming a follower. I'm off to add myself to your blog too.


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