{trunk show}

Hi there and How are you doing?!?!?

I'd be lying if I said all was peachy here in Indiana:(
Let's see.....I am finally recovered from the half marathon but I am still feeling like po*p from this cold/sinus infection.
AND the sun hasn't shown it's pretty little face in WAY too long:(

But on the bright side....yes there is ALWAYS a bright side:)
I've been really working hard on lots of pretty new designs for the simpledaisy trunk show this weekend!!!! Especially since I am not tempted to be outside soaking up the sunny days.

I recently stopped over at
Beach House Living and noticed she was doing lots of stamping on different things.... {so cute}
She totally inspired me to get back into my stamping:)
I haven't done it in awhile....
What do you think!?!?
I thought it would be cute to do some stamping on something other than necklaces.....sooooo I put this cute little stamped "sea" on a bracelet with ocean blue chalcedony:)
I sure hope someone likes this little beauty at the trunk show:)

I wish it were easier to list everything on etsy but it just takes so darn long....plus I don't want to take the time to list everything since I am hoping to make lots of people happy with simpledaisy jewelry at the trunk show!

I also have to tell you....I was on the phone with my best friend this morning....having a bit of a debbie downer moment about simpledaisy.....you know feeling overwhelmed and worried about if it really is all worth it...

and you know what she told me.......to just focus about how happy I make women feel when they put on their simpledaisy jewelry in the morning or whenever:) I make people feel good about themselves.....yes I do!!! Who doesn't love a new little pretty to brighten their day! Right?!?!!

She told me to NEVER give up on my hopes & dreams.........

Thank goodness for best friends:) Do you have a best friend that supports you through all of your crazy adventures?!?!?

Anywhoo......remember I told you that I am sticking to creating the kind of jewelry that makes my heart sing...
Well.....here are some of the fresh new pretties that really make my heart sing!
Ocean blues......that make me feel like i'm spending a day with my toes in the sand......ahhhhhhh.


I sure hope your week is going well and the sun is shining wherever you are:)

“Don't worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright”
Bob Marley


  1. Oh, DO keep your dreams alive...DO what makes your heart sing. It may not be the internet that makes this thing really crank up...(who would believe that in this day and age but... )...I had great success at the New York Gift Show...it's a big commitment but the throngs are there!!! Get your best friend to help you...

  2. Oh, DO keep your dreams alive...DO what makes your heart sing. It may not be the internet that makes this thing really crank up...(who would believe that in this day and age but... )...I had great success at the New York Gift Show...it's a big commitment but the throngs are there!!! Get your best friend to help you...

  3. Well, duh, sorry but your comment guy said I had put in the wrong characters...so they repeated by message.

  4. Don't ever give up on your dreams girl! You make the most beautiful jewelry ~ and it totally makes me feel good EVERY time I put it on!

    I love your new stuff : ) Good luck at the trunk show, it will be really successful, I just know it!

  5. I'm sooo lovin' that beautiful bracelet...love the "COASTAL" look! Your items are very pretty and you do a wonderful job displaying them:) Thanks for coming by...hope to see you again:)


  6. Your jewelry is beautiful ~ as is the opening picture.
    I did 10 laps around the track at my daughters college today ( I walk the turns and jog the straightaways( My legs feel like jello tonight. I don' t know how you did it!!!
    Good luck at the trunk show.

  7. How sweet are you to mention me!
    Glad your stamping! The bracelet looks great!

    I'm sure your trunk show will be a hit! Take the stuff you have on Etsy with you don't leave it home. If it sells at the show make another.

    As for Etsy if you use Firefox you can download what is called Etsy hacks. One is called copy listing you still have to put in shipping and photos but tags and description
    stay so all you need to do is edit those. I discovered it in March and it's a time saver.

    As for being worth it, well I like it but am feeling overwhelmed on one hand and the need to do produce more, a better workspace and think I can't keep up....

    Notice how none of my stamped jewelry isn't listed and I'm not out running marathons, or digging ponds like you do.

    Please hand in there, you help keep me plugging along to not give up.

    All the best!

  8. I meant hang in there! Excuse that please along with all other poor spelling.

    P.S. Roses need the sunniest spot you have unless you pick the kind that can handle a little less light.

  9. Do what you love; the rest will follow.
    Good luck at the trunk show!!

  10. LOVE the little stamped tag, so sweet! And the way you display your pieces in that bottom photo, beautiful! You really have an eye... ps. My fav is the fourth from the left!

  11. love your blog! it's beautiful :) u have a new follower

  12. Listen to your heart...DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! That's the advice so many of my blog friends...and my real life friends gave me. And they were so right!

    Your jewelry is beautiful! and I LOVE the new bracelet. It is simple and fresh...and so much nicer that much of what I see in the stores. Please keep it up...

    Your trunk show (when is it?) will be a success! And think of asking your friends to invite their friends/co-workers to their home and have you show your items...like one of these jewelry home parties. I was once in the business, and it's amazing what happens when someone has the opportunity to try on the jewelry. With your prices, you should be able to do well...
    Here's to your success....
    Jane (artfully graced)

  13. Hello there!!!
    Thanks so much for all of your kind and inspiring comments!!

    Jane....the trunk show is this Saturday:) YIPPEE~

    Beach House Living....thanks for the advise. I don't have Firefox....at least I don't think I do....but I will be checking on it!

    Leslie...that's exactly how I started.....run/walks and then worked my way up to running 3 miles. Once I could run 3 miles....I worked on increasing the distance! Next year i'll work on increasing my speed:)

    Thanks all for your comments....I appreciate them:)

  14. These pieces are so very pretty--your photography and blog design are just to-die for! I know what you mean about Etsy, though. It does take forever.

    I hope your trunk show goes well. I'd love to learn how you do these at friends' homes. I've been thinking about doing it myself. Mine is open to anyone at Urban Lily on the 21st--no invitations. Would love to meet you there.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for making ME happy today with your post.

  15. Listen to that best friend of yours and keep going with it. Your jewelry is pretty, cheerful & full of life. Just like you! If it makes you happy then keep it up!

    My friends are very supportive and as I am sure with other circles of friends, each one offers support in a different area. One with family, one in the fitness dept etc...

    Good luck with the trunk show.

  16. I've just recently found you and your blog and your designs and you know what? IT ALL MAKES MY DAY WHEN I VISIT! :-)

  17. your jewelry is beautiful! sometimes life is tough and it seems like it does not play out like it should but those are the times we must hang on the most through ......

  18. these are gorgeous love love love them...

  19. Your jewelry makews my heart sing, it's beautiful! Congrats on your marathon, wow, you rock :) Love your blog, now following! xx

  20. I love the stamped tags on the bracelet, so super pretty!!

    I find this quote to be so true (I think it's Marianne Williamson or Sondra Ray)

    "Love brings up anything unlike itself"

    This means when you follow your heart and do what you love whatever is not "love" will surface big time..., like doubt, fear..., pretty much all the negative believes you have about yourself, life, money, etc. will come up.

    Enjoy the ride!

  21. I love your jewelry. I think it's so fresh and simple, just so pretty.

  22. Hola! I love the stamping so awesome! I think your show will be a hit. I wore my simpledaisy earrings on thursday because I needed a little beachy cheer to what I knew would be a tough day. I think you have a hit on your hands, just be patient and don;t stop dreaming! check out my fresh friday, today, just another example of how YOU really do inspire people.

  23. Oh my gosh! I totally know how you are feeling. I got to spend some time with my two best friends this week and what a difference it made in my mood. Not to mention the weather has been awful. But today the sun shining and it's going to be a great weekend.

    Keep making your jewerly because it makes you happy. :)

  24. First off, congrats on your half marathon- that is AWESOME! I've run one half and one full and believe me when I say I understand about the recovery! Second, your jewelry is beautiful and I hope that you stay motivated to run your business.


  25. Love the beach and anything that reminds me of it!

  26. I always thank the good Lord for my BFF. Every gal needs a great friend to pick her up, dust her off, and point her back in the right direction...and drink wine with. Good luck at your trunk show! I love the beach photo, we are leaving in 3 weeks for the beach and it's just not soon enough!

  27. I love your jewelry-I am not an aqua fan-but you make it look so pretty. I hope the sun shines on you.

  28. What a pretty blog you have! Love all of the lovely things you make too!
    I really like your beach photo today. Wishing I was back at the beach with my toes in the sand!

  29. Your jewelry is beautiful.. I'm gonna have to get me some sometime :)

  30. Your photos, design, jewelry and your whole blog is absolutely beautiful. I have to believe that good things will follow for you. You are so talented! Keep it up.

    My husband is my best friend and when I get overwhelmed, he says "take a day off". I take a day off and then I miss my blog which I call my new canvas. I'm happiest when I'm creating. Sound familiar?

  31. LUV LUV LUV your jewelry!!!!! Sooo beachy! So coastal! So cute! Your earrings and 'Sea' bracelet are to die for -- seriously! lol! I'm definitely going to check you on on Etsy! Keep up the great work - and we're all with'ya with the workouts! Midwest winters can be brutal.... :) Gonna love following your blog!

    Hugs ~



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