Top of the morning to you!
Happy Monday.....I know I am super excited for this Monday....it's the last working one for the summer! I am a teacher and this is the last week before SUMMER BREAK! woohoo.
I am really hoping to focus on simpledaisy this summer and one thing I really want to do is.....have actual business cards and a logo done!
I found this girl and her work......it's AMAZING.

The Wheat Field
and she does business cards! Probably out of my budget.....but you never know:)
If you have any other recommendations...send them my way!!

I felt a little inspired to take some creativish photos....
Here was my inspiration.....
magenta and blue! I LOVE this color combination. Plus I was super excited that the peonies are blooming. Their scent is intoxicating.
Do you ever just walk around your yard to see what's blooming.
It doesn't take much to make me happy.....just a few blossoms:)
here's what I came up with after I was inspired by the magenta and blue color combination.....
simple sundress and a bouquet of peonies:)
{ps. never mind how pale I am ..... haven't had much sun in these parts}
dorky or not?!?!?
I love ... love...love this type of photography.
What do you call it?? still life...styling??? I don't know but I sure think it's fun. Thank goodness my husband is always willing to help me out:)
Hope you have a really fabulous week.
"Some pursue happiness, others create it." unknown


  1. You are such a happy person, and that is very contagious! I like your photos; that must have been fun to do. Have a great last week of school. Then it's summer vacation for you - yay!

  2. Oooh I love that shop, one of her paintings is in my favorites. You know, just in case I strike it rich someday! Very cheerful stuff

  3. Gorgeous flowers...and lucky you for having the summer off!

  4. I'm headed over to check out the shop now. Oh, and lots of pale skin on me too! The sun is bad for the skin anyway, so don't feel badly, just know that your skin will be quite gorgeous when you reach my age. *smiles*


  5. That combination of colors is gorgeous. I love the photos, they are simple and beautiful!

    I am only jealous of teachers in the summer : ) I tought highschool English for 1 year - boy is that tough work!

  6. I love love love that quote I saw that on the last coastal living mag.oh and your pics are cute too! remember never ever, ever, ever give up on your dreams , you will get there.:-)

  7. You are just too cute! Good luck finishing up school - will look forward to your summer adventures.

  8. I'd love to be off for summer. Instead, that is when work gets busy. Your sundress looks great, as for the photos I think that is called styling.

  9. I bet you could create awesome business cards and logo with your own photography!!

  10. Pretty flowers! That must be a great feeling for summer to almost be here. I hope the summer goes by slow for you!

  11. beautiful pictures and congrats on making it to the end of the semester. I do dig the photos, I like the idea of making it all very personal, using your own pics. you have a great eye. hugs!

  12. Totally not dorky. Love the pictures and those colors are fabulous together!

  13. Great color combination! I really like that kind of photography too!

  14. Great color scheme indeed. May be it's just what you need to use for your logo/cards:)

  15. Love those colors...such a cute dress too. Thanks for stopping by:) Debbie

  16. love the dress! so lucky this is yo last week! i have 4 more weeks left!

  17. yep, im with maya...use your own cheerful photography! love the painting and quote thou :) happy
    summer vaca

  18. Just happened upon your blog and I love it! I am a former teacher so I know how exciting the prospect of summer va-kay is!

  19. I call that stylin'! Very cute ideas for your card...the peonies are sensational. And, I can surely understand your anticipation for the end of the school year and time to CREATE!!!

  20. You sound so excited to have summer off. My BF is a teacher too. This is her busy week. Love the photos girl. Not sure what it's called but I likey!!!

  21. Oh girlfriend.....I do remember that last week of school when I was teaching...pure bliss!! I can remember singing about those lazy, crazy days of summer all the way home on the last day!! Enjoy!!
    Booked a condo in Florida today and thought about you and smiled...will definitely take some pics for you!!

  22. That first photo of the quote is TO DIE FOR. I want that done really big and have it be the first thing I see when I walk through the door!

  23. Hiya! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!! (can you believe how fast time is flying?!)
    As for the photos, definetly not dorky! They look super cute! And the color combination is good too!! I have always been a fan of the pale yellow...I think that paired with the blue or a deep wine color are super pretty...

    hope you have a good week!!


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