{healthy recipe: simpledaisy style & wine bottle craft}

Happy Happpy Friday to you!!!!!!
It's my last Friday of working for the summer! Yeah:)
I am just so happy to be able to have some extra time to work on simpledaisy....

Yes...Yes....always follow your heart and be true to you! Life is too short to not follow your dreams:)

Summer is my season.
It just makes me so darn happy......
I just love to be outside....coffee outside in the morning...tinkering around the garden in the afternoon.....dinner outside in the evenings!
and can you believe it ...... I even have a turquoise umbrella:)

I know hard to believe.....many hues of blue in my backyard:)

and if your in the mood for the easiest "craft" idea ever

take an empty wine bottle {I prefer the blue ones} and put in some tiki fuel....add in a tiki wick and secure it with some washers.
waalaaa....you got yourself a super cute tiki torch for pretty much FREE!!!!

You know how much vino I drink....so I should have a million of these all around my backyard!

Life is just pure bliss to me in the summertime......

I really don't need much....just a little vino...some healthy food and some twinkle lights:)
Speaking of vino...
check out this awesome bottle.

You know i'll be collecting these bottles! Plus the wine was super tastey.

Now for the recipe....

Every Tuesday my friend & I get together for what we call "Tropical Tuesday."
We drink probably way too much wine and cook an awesome meal together...
This week's recipe came {addapted} from the June 2010 Cooking Light magazine:)

Heirloom Tomato & Peach Salad
heirloom tomatoes
red onions
slice them all & add
olive oil
vinegar....they call for sherry vinegar
we used pear infused white balsamic vinegar
add in some feta
mix it all together and ENJOY!

This will definately be a summer staple!
I even took it to a gathering and everyone liked it....so YEAH:)

We also made little pizzas....
we used pesto...mushroooms...asparagus...goat cheese...We grilled them and they look yummy....
but in reality we got to drinking too much wine and forgot to watch the grill....
Oops.....burned pizza's!!
Owell we still ate them:)
I am just so happy that it's summer!!! Can you tell?!!??! haha
Hope you have a really fabulous summer too.....
Oh and stay tuned for a simpledaisy give-away and it won't be earrings this time:)

"Beach sand, perfect tans. Day walks, night talks. Sleepless nights, pillow fights. & spending every day with those who matter most." unknown


  1. You have a fun-loving backyard. It looks like it's ready to go and entertain. I too like the summer months even though I am not a teacher. My favorite time of day is early morning and the extended daylight hours in the evening! Love it.
    Great post and Happy last day of school!

  2. Wow! I would love to be your neighbor! Enjoy your weekend~

  3. It was totally refreshing to look at your post. You find pleasure in the simplest things! That's such a gift for living.

    Looking forward to your giveaway because now I know how to "grab a button"...did I say finding pleasure in the simplest things?

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I LOVE that wine bottle!!! I'm a true blue kinda gal too, always have been. I used to try to branch out and do different colors, but lately I've started giving in to blue. Life is too short to wear anything else, when you'd rather wear blue, right?! :-)

  5. Okay, so were you standing on the roof to get the photo of your turquoise umbrella or a REALLY tall ladder? LOL Be careful up there, okay? Especially while drinking wine!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

    1. looks like her second story in her house

  6. Happy Summer to you!!!! YOur back yard looks like it will get a lot of good use this summer.
    I love the homemade tiki's and the sea glass wine.. gonna have to find that myself.
    The burned pizza looked pretty tasty. : )
    Have a great weekend.

  7. I LOVE the wine bottle torches! that is a great idea!!

  8. Summer is my season too! And I love your backyard! I think I would spend every second I could there. with a glass of wine. :)

    have a great weekend!

  9. LOVE the tiki torch/wine bottle idea!!! What a super idea! WineGuy (my eldest) will especially love this to use at his wine dinners...he's educating people on paring wine and food. Nice side biz!!!

    Love the label on the Sea Glass wine. I'll look for it today...
    Have a fabulous weekend!
    Jane (artfully graced)

  10. What an awesome idea for the tiki lights. I am so going to try this! I need to start a night like that with my girlfriends too!

  11. I love the wine bottle tiki idea. I got to try it. Can I come over to your house. Looks so inviting. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I wish I had a pool -you got such a cute hang out area!! And you find the best wine bottles (labels)!

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  14. Hey, that's the salad I made as well and just posted yesterday! :-) It was delicious wasn't it?

    I'm absolutely in love with your backyard! Beautiful! I wish I lived next door, we'd be hangin' out drinking wine every night on the patio!!

  15. Seaglass wine? I would have purchased it for the label. Nice to know it tastes okay. We have two old tequila bottles for table torches and one one bottle in the shape of a fish.

    That salad looks really good I wouldn't think of such a combination and may try to make that for something different.

    Lastly, the turquoise umbrella is perfect I've been wanting one. Our house has dark blue green trim and turquoise would look nice.

  16. I found your SeaGlass wine but where do I get the tiki fuel and wicks? I have lots of blue wine bottles and this would be fun to do...jerdee@comcast.net

  17. I just love the tiki bottle idea...definitly going to try that.

    It's been so dreary here so thank you for the bit of sunshine!! Your enthusiasm for summer has rubbed off on me :O)

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Sally Lee by the Sea
    "Celebrating the Coastal Lifestyle"

  18. What a great summer post and who cares that the grill got away from you for a second. I love the imagery and the tomatoes. Thanks.

  19. Your backyard is so beautiful! I love all the blues, and especially the DIY wine bottle tiki torches! I'm pretty sure I have a bottle of Relax Riesling just waiting to be enjoyed that would be perfect for this :)

  20. "Can I believe that you have a turquois unbrella?" ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I would expect no less from you!!! Lovely backyard area and definitely gonna make the wine glass tiki's. I should own stock in tiki torch fuel, as much as I buy!!
    Two questions...do you mind if I copy out your summertime recipes and make a lil book out of them?
    and two..where do you find your quotes at the end of your posts?
    The one today is perfect for my girlfriend trip to Florida next week...wanna make them lil goodie bags and I just have to attach that one! ok?
    Off to start cooking for the masses that will be here this weekend!!

  21. I love this post so much, so positive and so ME!! The pool, the umbrella, the wine bottle craft, seaglass wine, all just so amazing and refreshing!

    Have a great weekend!!


  22. Oh I LOVE your patio. Summer is definitely MY season too. Love it. Um, can I please join you for Tropical Tuesday please?!

  23. Happy Memorial Day! Summer is so great - I love the outdoor living and the fresh fruits and vegetables!

  24. Oh my gosh! These recipes and the one for the Edamame Salad look amazing! I'll definitely be making these this summer. Now I just need to find that wine…


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