{switch it up}

Sometimes in life it is so easy to get stuck in a rut......lately I have really been thinking about this and have been on a sort of mission to...switch it up!!!
Yesterday was certainly not fun...snow on the ground and freezing cold....so I decided to make the best of it!!
Since I am on spring break I have more time to myself and one thing I love to do is make super yummy, healthy food!! I love everything about shopping around for the best ingrediants and taking the time to prepare it!!
I have had this meal swirling around in my head for awhile and just decided Monday night was the perfect night to make a fabulous meal and really take the time to enjoy it!!!
Here's my idea of a wonderful evening....sans TV!
First off....pour yourself a glass of wine~
There isn't much in my life that doesn't first start with a glass of vino! I just love it!
Next, light some candles...
Yes, even on a Monday night~

And actually sit at the table!! We haven't sat at this table since I
re-did the dining room!
Enjoy your view~

Yes, I would much rather be looking out at the ocean or palm trees but that's not my view! I did get to see a lot of bird activity though! Poor things they're probably freezing!

Slow down enough to actually make a delicious meal and truly enjoy it!!
Linger and enjoy the conversation~

This was so wonderful and so simple....

Salmon with tequila lime rub
Whole wheat pasta with fresh lemon juice, italian parsley, tomatoes, fresh asparagus and the most delicious fresh gouda cheese!!
Switch out the salmon for a T-bone steak for the husband!! But even he liked the pasta....Yeah, because it was so healthy!

Oh and I forgot .... always finish a wonderful meal with a small piece of dark chocolate! So yummy and it goes perfectly with the red vino!
I truly think happiness is all about choices and sometimes all you have to do is decide to switch it up!! Make a happy choice...life is much to short to not be happy! Even if it is SNOWING in April!

Bon Appetit~

"Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times." Anon.


  1. looking forward to our next healthy tropical tuesday meal!

  2. LOVE your idea of switching it up. I am with ya on the vino!!!!!


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