{it's a happy day}

Woke up early and spent the morning listening to music, drinking coffee and creating!!!!
The sun is shining and I am happy~

Stay tuned....I'll be adding these little pretties to my etsy shop soon!!!!
Such happy little colors~

Oh and on a side note~

I walk around the corner and just happen to look into our spare room and see my kitty happily laying on my treadmill!! Maybe that's what it's really supposed to be used for!!!!

ps. don't mind the floor...we just tore the carpet out and are getting ready to redo the room!!! Yippee~
Have a great day~~~


  1. those are beautiful! and i think your kitty has the right idea :)

  2. I love your blog! Popped in to say hi!

  3. Cats sleep in the most absurd places, don't they?

  4. My Slash kitty likes to sleep on my treadmill too :)

  5. I love starfish. Makes me miss Cape cod. I like the kitty too :)

  6. Your jewelry is phenomenal! And I love your kitty , he is a pitting image of my Obi who passed last august. Obe loved to chill on my treadmill as well. Here is Obe :


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