{spring break}

Or at least I thought.....
I woke up this morning to this.....Seriously .... this is RIDICULOUS!!!! Is sprink ever going to get here??

I can't even find one happy thing about this image...

Even the ducks that make our pool their home are freezing!! I just told my husband...it's almost time to open the pool! Guess we better wait a while longer!! I had all these super great plans of all the things I wanted to accomplish while on spring break {i'm a teacher} but I don't even remotely feel inspired!!!

I would rather sit around and look at happy images like this....

Coastal Living

Coastal Living

I love gardening and can't wait to get out there and get my hands in the dirt!! How awesome would it be to have your garden on the water!!! Aahhh....Dreams!!

Well...I do have to say...in my "can't stand living here one more minute" decided on a whim to book a vacation to Key West for my Winter Break...I know it's a ways away but after summer at least i'll have something to look forward too!!!

southernmost on the beach
More to come in future posts~~~

southernmost on the beach

I definately don't want to wish time away...but I am so happy to have something to look forward too!! Hopefully {unless one of us were to lose a job} we can finally get back to our regular vacation schedule!!!!!! Anything to get through the cold, dreariness of living in the Midwest during the winter and what is SUPPOSED to be the spring!!!!!

Summer is beautiful here.....but is it EVER going to be summer?!?!


  1. Yes, yes...summer is coming promise! And you'll appreciate it that much more.

    Where in KW are you going? There are so many great places to stay!

    We (sunny FL in the 80's-90's today) getting a cold front too...it'll be in the 40's tomorrow!!! Geez...I hear your winter pain!!

  2. totally understand your spring frustrations...maybe you should get to your local nursery and buy a big pot of flowers to hang INSIDE your window!
    i recommend the island city house in Key West...not on water, but very lovely, tropical, very close walking to duvall st.

  3. Wow, that is tough..., but this too shall pass, right. Stay warm!

  4. we totally went from high 50's this weekend to low 30's and 8inches of snow today...it was nuts! i am right there with you in being ready for all the white to be gone for good.


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