{nephew love}

I love spending time with my nephew! I always have the best time with him and I try to get him as much as I can! This time...he spent the night but I just wasn't up to my usual fun aunt Heather self!! I was down and out with a sinus infection...but I did troop on with just a little art! Oh and pizza~~ He is always so easy to please!!!!
Here he is enjoying pizza with uncle Jay!!! I know I should make him eat something healthier but hey....
I just love how he sits on his knees even though the chairs are more than high enough to the table for him!!
You know I am just thinking...please don't touch anything with your pizza fingers!
I asked him before I got him what he wanted to do...since aunt Heather was not feeling totally up to par and he chose marble painting!! This is so simple and he just loves it!! Fine by me~
I love how something so simple can be so much fun.....really makes you think that as adults we should find so much more fun in the simple things in life! Just spending time with people you love should be enough! Ok..fine...maybe a little music too!

Notice the sheet on the floor!!! I am just much to nervous that things will get out of hand and all over the place!! The funny thing is...it is never him that makes a mess..usually i'll walk in the paint or spill something and I end up making a mess!! Oh-well what's the creative process if you don't have a little mess somewhere?!?!
I made an impromtu display for his art!! He was so happy!!!

I just really enjoy how proud he is of his creations!! And I think they're pretty great too!!!

I love kids but I can say we are past having any of our own.....we love our freedom too much and really appreciate having a little extra change in our pockets!!! I appreciate my life just the way it is!!! But I do really enjoy when I get to have my nephew stay the night....it mixes things up just enough~


  1. lovely! I do art with my nephew and niece, as well. They love the time and effort we show them... :) togetherness is wonderful.

  2. What a FUN and adoring aunt!! He must have a ball with you...think of all those memories you are creating!

    Hope you feel better too!

  3. Those marble paintings are cool! And it's the Aunt's perogative to feed her nephew delicious unhealthy food. It's the parents' job to worry about nutrition. I give my nieces and nephews candy all the time!

  4. Sometimes the auntie with no kids herself is THE best auntie in the world. You're like my sis, she loves her life just the way it is and won't have any kids yet she is sooooo good with them and her nieces and nephews. I totally respect and admire her for that!!!!

  5. looks like the perfect visit!
    hope your feeling better!


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