I have always been a rather fit type of person....what can I say I get bored easily!!! Over the years though my running has certainly slowed and I just am not what I used to be...but who is!!!
Well....as I told you in this post ...I am determined to get back into shape....but it has been MUCH slower than I anticipated...call it stress and 34!!!
Anywho...recently I thought I would make a major change and I took up yoga.....

flickrDefinately not me!!

Yes I would much rather practice my yoga on the beach BUT.....
I don't!!!
Yoga has never been on the top of my priority list..but then one day I gave it a chance and I was hooked!!
I run miles...I lift weights....I rode 50 miles on my bike and nothing has made me feel like yoga!!! I am just starting but I am for sure hooked and can't wait to see where it takes me!!!

Again....not me...

but more poses I am striving to achieve!! When I started 5 weeks ago I couldn't even put my heels of my feet down in a down dog....but NOW!!! i can!! yippee~~~
Seriously.... when I started my husband snickered and said....that looks easy...
Hey well give it a try, I said.......
One session and he couldn't keep up!!!
I am totally obesessed!! I am not going to give up on my other loves...mainly running and riding!! Thanks to Jamie my running has never been better {except when I was younger}!! Thanks for the interval tips over the winter!! I went out for my first spring run and rocked it!!! I can't wait for the autumn when we are riding in the 100 mile bicycle ride...but yoga is definately part of my life!! I think it's always great to expand one's mind into areas not explored before!! I find it completely relaxing and very spiritual!! Almost like a hike in nature~~~~~
I am so happy with taking a minute to explore new things to better my fitness!!! I can't wait {or maybe I can} wait to see how the 100 mile bike ride turns out for us!!!! It's always fun to have things to work towards and to have to look forwards too!! You never know where life has to take you!! And as one friend says "never say never"~~ So True!!!

I am so very thankful to have wonderful friends that have the kind of personalities that are not afraid to try new things!!! Like a crazy night at the BACKER......Michelle!!!!!!

So get out there and give something new a whirl.....


  1. i've never tried yoga but this kind of makes me want to...haha :)

  2. I'm actually a trained Yoga teacher and I can tell you I'm still very flexible from all those years in my late twenties and early thirties when I was teaching it and practiced daily..., after more than 10 years of not practicing at all. That is remarkable to me. Now I just do the occasional posture. Have fun!

  3. i love yoga but have not done it in a few years. your post has inspired me to take it up again. gracias!

  4. yoga changed my life!!!!

    After taking it up, my back was no longer recognizable as my own. I felt like, whose back is this? It was like having a brand new back... so good :)

    It is amazing how good it will make you feel. And, having the right teacher is so worth the search. Enjoy!

  5. I run and bike too, but have done yoga a couple of times this year - and I completely understand what you are saying about it. When I did it I felt so in tune with my muscles and bones, and it felt soooooo good. In fact it's rainy and cold here today I think I'll do a session!
    Do you have any running, biking goals in the works? I'm hoping to do a half marathon this spring.

  6. I have only tried yoga at home so it's a little harder to get into it from a DVD but I can only imagine how relaxing and amazing it is. Keep it up, I think it's awesome you're committed to is. As for new things, I finally started playing tennis again, just this morning. My BF and I decided to make it a weekly thing. I didn't want to get bored with just wogging (walking/jogging) so I really wanted to mix it up. Keep it up!!!!!

  7. oh I LOVE yoga...so good for your mind too. I practice it several times a week.

    You sound like you are in GREAT shape. Good on ya!!

  8. i am inspired. yoga has always been on my "want to" list...


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