{enjoying a simple life}

Sometimes I think it is really important to slow down and just do something that makes you happy!! Recently we had a bit of really nice weather and I decided to make a delicious dinner on the grill!!!
I also talked my husband into sitting outside and taking in all the spring views while we enjoyed our dinner!!

Here is my dinner...blackened grilled salmon with fresh mango salsa, asparagus and a yummy salad with organic feta!! Oh and don't forget the wine~
I even put some candles and daisies on the table!!!

Here is my husbands dinner...mostly the same except for the steak and no wine...

A picture of my wonderful husband trying to enjoy my hairbrain ideas to eat outside when it is just above 50 degrees outside!!
Hey we live in the Midwest and you really have to make an effort to get outside any chance you get!!

I deflinately think you should have fresh flowers in your home at all times!! Daisies are my favorite and they just make me smile!!

A cute little chickadee enjoying his dinner~~I could watch birds for hours!

Our dog L.C. trying her best to look cute enough for a table scrap or two..

A beautiful sunset making it all worthwhile to sit outside and enjoy your dinner while being just a little bit chilly!!!
Sometimes in life I really think you have to get out there and make a real effort to do the things that truly make you happy!! For me being outside is where my heart is happiest....

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. ~Abraham Lincoln


  1. beautiful post. I love all of the pictures, especially the one of L.C.
    Hooray for spring!

  2. "Blackened grilled salmon", is that an actual term? I hope it is, because that's exactly how I grill our salmon.

  3. Ahhh. Looks like a delightful dinner communing with nature!

  4. That looks so perfect (both the meal and the atmosphere). I know what you mean about getting outside when you can! Way to make the effort :-)

  5. nice meal, very healthy looking! then i scrolled down to see the steak,ha! ha! thanks for sharing~

  6. yummy... love the mango salsa and salmon...

  7. Beautiful. I agree. Simple things like having dinner outside, even when it is a tad chilly, can just change your perspective and character. Dinners look great, both the fish and steak!!!!

  8. love this post..
    it is the simple pleasures of life that make us the happiest,
    like your outdoor dining w/ hubby!
    dinner looks yum, and table looks
    inviting...very nice!


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