{fresh Simple Daisy jewelry design}

Well hellooooo there!
Happy Monday to you!

The sun was shining today and so I had much happiness in my heart:)

I thought I would take a minute today to show you some of the new designs i've been working on.
Oh I couldn't help taking part in a tiny photography session of the cute little sprouts of green i've seen around the yard! Greenery...finally....greenery!

Still lots of snow out there...but it's progress and I was more than excited to take a few photos!

It really is the tiniest of things in life that make my soul sing!!!!!!!

A broken wine glass....I know....can you believe it!!! It crashed on the ground while I was trying to photgraph the pretty green moss! Owell...another wine glass bites the dust......

So here's what I spent my weekend doing!!!!!!

I am so excited to see what you think!!

It's the first time i'eve ever worked with fine silver clay! No teacher...No class....just bought a book, a kiln....poured a glass of wine and went to town!

I have many more ideas swirling around in my head and now that i've gottne a feel for how it fires and how to work with it a little better...I know what to improve! But .... I have to say...i'm pretty happy with my first attempts!!!

What do you think!?!?!?

This pretty little charm was molded from a real starfish!! How sweet is that!!!!!

Lately...i've been into peace signs....I just love how bohemian they are! And they are sure to remind you to have peace in your heart for whatever comes your way! I textured this one with some of the shells Chas at One Women's Haven sent to me!! I won her sweet little give-away!! Be sure to stop by her blog...you're sure to  be inspired!

I love this charming pendant! Very organic feeling and I hand wrote the quote!! I love it!!

And how true is that ....Not all who wonder are lost! I think that pretty much describes me:)I hand wrote the words and pressed real starfish into the clay before I fired it!!! Love it:)

And here's what else I worked on this weekend!!!!

I think they are just gorgeous! Simple and organic. Fresh and beachy! LOVE. I really hope you love them too!

The bangles are now in my shop, Simple Daisy! Stop in to take a peek:)

And in an effort to find more peeps that might enjoy Simple daisy I am going to do a little give-away on my facebook page!!!

Please feel free to stop by...like me and share it with all your facebook peeps! Share the Simple Daisy L*O*V*E :):):)

Thank you for all of your support!! You make my heart more than happy!
I {{{{{heart}}}}} you!


  1. Just gorgeous! I love your new bangles.

  2. So glad the sun is shining for you, and there are green things to seen where white has been for so long. I love your jewellery. You're so talented. I love looking at it, but don't where it much. (I kind of go through phases). Thanks for sharing what you've been doing.

    Lisa x

  3. Love it all! Want it all! sigh

    How much is the LOVE necklace with the starfish? How long is the chain?

    Your work is so good.


  4. I am LOVING those. I love, "Not all who wander are lost." The pieces are seriously great. I dig that a theme of vino runs through your posts! Girl after my own heart as I open a bottle!

  5. Heather - you rock, girl. Your jewelry is just beautiful, creative, and so unique. It truly reflects who you are. I have never heard of silver clay before, but after working with something as simple as air dry clay, I know how much you must love it! Keep up the great work. I WILL be buying some of your pieces soon!!! They're calling my name.....lol!

    xoxo laurie

  6. Your jewelry is fabulous. Loving those bangles and the peace sign necklace.

  7. Beautiful pictures! I hope the glass was empty before it broke, because you know - spilled wine is alcohol abuse. 8-)

    Your jewelry is gorgeous! Love the starfish pendant and that paisley raised relief one. I'd never know you were still learning the silver clay. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Love the silver, you did amazing for just jumping into it! Your bangles are so fun and fresh as well!!
    Spring is getting closer, more sunshine today!

  9. Isn't there a song about bangles and beads? Could be your song...nice work, Heather!

  10. The bright green moss growing on that rock is so pretty. Such great textures all together.

    You sure mastered that silver clay quickly. I love that you used real starfish to imprint it. They all look fabulous.

  11. Ohhhh Spring! I can't wait :>) Beautiful pictures!

  12. your bangles are awesome! love what you are doing with the silver clay too. i've always thought that would be such a fun material to play with!

  13. Hi!! I am so glad you stopped by my blog so I would have the chance to find your darling blog. Happy Tuesday to you, I can see you are a very talented lady with a lot to offer blogland, KS

  14. Your jewelry is stunning!

    I'm new here and am so glad that I found your blog.

  15. I am so happy to hear you were able to use some of the items I sent from my giveaway! Beautiful! I love them all!

  16. gorgeous blog and wonderful things you make!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love your work!
    gorgeous photos!
    happy day!

  17. Oh my, your jewelry is beautiful. I love all the charms and the quotes and the bracelets and well I love it all. Your blog is so full of special affects, don't know how you do that, but I love what you have done. The photos of spring are great......I want SPRING!!!!

  18. I want!!! You are so talented Heather.

  19. Hello, Heather! Greetings from another Heather! :) I just wanted to stop by and say "thank you" for visiting my blog. You certainly have a lovely blog...such beautiful photography! And your jewelry is out of this world!

  20. You are lucky that the sun is shining there Heather! And you actually have green growing!!! We still have snow on the ground and I see nothing green yet.

    Your jewelry is beautiful! Simply beautiful...you are SOOOO talented!!! Love your stuff!!

  21. I LOVE the new charms and the peace sign reminds me of my hippie days. Gosh, I guess I'm showing my age, lol.

    I admire that you're always thinking of new ways to create your art, standing still is never a good thing! Well, unless you're having your picture taken.

    Seriously though, the freehand work is so appealing, I just love it!

  22. I am your newest follower! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have some amazing crafts on here! And that jewelry! Wow!! I am going to attempt some of these fun wreaths. I need a Spring pick me up!

  23. Love all the new designs..
    but then, I just adore your work/creations! so fresh..
    yet ageless..
    warmest sandy hugs..

  24. Your jewelry is beautiful! you have a real talent. And I am dying for spring to be here too!

  25. I'm so ready to see some sprouts popping up, winter has been so long this year.

  26. Hey Heather, So loving the new designs! especially the bracelet and the peace signs. Being 50 years old I grew up with all the that, and haven't outgrown it. I want so many of your pieces but need to make some more money 1st. :-)

  27. I have been looking at your ETSY shop and admiring everything! Then I remembered you had a blog so I went to Love of the Sea to find it! Love your jewelry! ♥


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