Hello and how are you?!?!
Thanks to all the new readers who stopped by to say "hello!" I really appreciate it:)
It's so nice to hear from you all!! I read and appreciate every one of your comments.

A special thanks to Maya from
The Daily Vitamin Sea for featuring me and my seaglass wreath:)
That really made my day! I love her blogs and am always inspired by them!! I can't tell you how many times her blogs have helped me get through a brutal midwestern winter!!!

Stop by and say "hello" when you get a moment~~~
The Daily Vitamin Sea
Completely Coastal

I have been working on updating
simpledaisy on etsy. I want it to reflect more of the vision I am striving towards.
Whenever you begin a creative endeavor I think it takes time to really define your style...To really decide what you do and do not like.. To really take into consideration all the opinions that many will give you..but in the end only you can decide what you want.
That's the thing about being a creative soul......you can get a million ideas from others but it really takes "something" to truly make it your own.
You can't copy that:)

Here is the older version of my product styling......

It's not bad but I just don't think it truly reflects the feeling I want you to get when you click on
simpledaisy. And it doesn't really make the jewelry stand out. I think you notice the background more than you notice the jewelry.

Here's the older version of the banner....

Again....not bad. But I just think it looks pretty jumbled!
I wish I were a graphic designer or somebody that knew a whole lot more about this stuff than me:)
I am not....but I think every once in while I come up with some pretty good ideas:)

Here is what I came up with for the new
simpledaisy product styling~

I really think it makes the jewelry POP! And it reflects the peacefulness of the ocean.
{pretty.simple.fresh} that's the feeling I really want you to get when you click on my shop.

I love how calm feeling it looks!

But more importantly....what do you think??????

What does it make you feel??? Do you feel like purchasing something when you stop in????

I know not everyone is into blues, greens, clear crystals.....but I am and that's another point of doing something that truly reflects me.
I can't be everything to everyone and I am now at the point to be OK with that!!!
I design jewelry that truly makes my soul sing:)
Does that make sense!??

And the new banner.....

Just a little more "fresh" feeling!!

I think etsy is great for me. Maybe someday I will have my very own website.....
maybe someday i'll be able to do this full-time....
but for now I really feel like I am working towards solidifying my style. A style that is unlike anyone else's:)
A style that evokes feelings of the ocean and happy, peaceful places!

OK.....now for what you really waiting for.....

I am giving away these pretty little earrings:)
I hand forged sterling silver ear wires and finished them with sweet little chalcedony briolettes wrapped in sterling silver~~~

Yes...Yes:) You like?!?!?!

To enter.........

1. Leave me a comment telling me if you like the changes I made to my shop....or not:)

2. follow me on
facebook & let me know you do

3. follow me on
twitter & let me know you do

{sorry...the give-away is only open to northern united states residents} EDITED.....I meant to say just the residents of the United States....

so..i'll enter those of you who live in the US:)
Sorry... geography is not my stong subject:)

That gives you up to three entries!!!
Oh and make sure I have a way to get ahold of you to let you know you won!!!

PS....feel free to copy and paste the code above onto your blog to let others know about this give-away.

The give-away is open until Thursday April 29th at 6pm.
I will announce the winner Friday April 30th.
I will pick the winner by picking your name out of a basket this time!!!!!

Any questions?!?!!?
Let me know and GOOD LUCK;)

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” Dr. Seuss


  1. your new look is the exact right way to go..before i saw the now shots i was thinking of the sundance jewlery catalogs..and you have nailed that, but in an ocean fresh way.

    ...i would have loved a chance at those beautiful earrings! they are gorgeous. someone is going to be very happy

  2. Love the new look. I used to sell sterling silver jewelry and learned that simple, natural elements were the best materials to show each item. With your love of the ocean and all things blue and green, the sea elements are perfect!

    I love the give-away earrings...the hammered hoops. I sure would love to be wearing them...

    Jane (artfully graced)

  3. I think everything looks very nice from the new designs, backgrounds to banners.

  4. Hi! Happy Earth Day! Thank you for the comments on my blog -

    Loved the wreath - just my colors!

    Love your pretty aquas and blues.. also my favorite colors!

    Stay true to you and to your vision and you will do just fine.


  5. I adore your new look, I do think it is very oceany and it does make me want to buy everything. Those earrings are diving I am in love with them!!

    not sure if I need a separate comment for each but I do follow you on twitter and although I rarely FB I will definitely LIKE you!

  6. I like your new styling and of course your items too! Also, I kinda like your old banner. Thanks so much for your "where to find my man" hints!

  7. Wow! I'm glad I decided to pop back in for a visit today. First, I love the changes you made to your Etsy shop and styling. That's such an important thing and I agree that it can be really hard for people who don't naturally "think" that way. The earrings you're offering for the giveaway are gorgeous! So simple and pretty. Totally my style, too. I love that you hand forged the wire

  8. I LOVE the way the new styling looks, though I liked the way it looked before too : ) I think it has a more fresh and simple look - and it totally does remind me of the ocean. Absolutely just simple and beautiful. I love all of your jewelry too!

    I do already follow you on facebook & will of course link back to this giveaway even though it reduces my chances of winning : )

  9. Congrats on getting your new etsy shop up and running. I love the style and all the calming colors you used. Those earrings are gorgeous too!

  10. Oooh, does winning previously disqualify me? I hope not because I LOVE, LOVE these earings!

    Scrolling down, I really liked your old style, but then...I saw the new style and it just popped. (in a good way.) I love how you have a theme, and stick with it.

    I will get back to you on email. Family coming in a couple hours, so if I don't get a chance tonight, it might be after the weekend. I'm going in stress mode soon. :-)

  11. I like the new way of styling your jewelry very much! As you know, you need to do what is right for you. The rest will follow. And people will feel your originality and passion. Keep on going! :)

  12. Love your Jewelry!!
    love all the styling changes..
    it too makes my heart sing..
    the beautiful colors remind me so of my beloved Gulf of Mexico..my native soil of Pensacola Florida!!
    would love wearing the earrings..but alas, you've restricted entries from the Northeast only..sadly,I'm way out west in mile high Denver Colorado!
    warmest hugs, laughing smiles..

  13. What a great giveaway! Of course I love these earrings, and your new shop is great. So FRESH and fun! I love it all!


  14. The new look is awesome - it totally showcases your jewelry. And looks so professional. Well Done!!

  15. Thank you so much Heather!!!!

    I think you so nailed it with your new presentation..., it's so very beachy and fresh! I wish I could participate in the giveaway, but I don't have my ears pierced -they once were, but not anymore.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. OK, seriously, I am not saying this because of the giveaway but I cannot believe the change in your jewelry display. You did outstanding and yes, it does pop with your new simple layout. You are just on a mad roll.

    Proud of you and I still always love coming here.

  17. your jewelry is so lovely. the pictures of your home are too. wow. gorgeous all the way around.


  18. I reallly like the new way. The white background let's you see the jewelry more clearly! These earrings are fabulous!

  19. been having a hard time getting my comment to post.....sent you email!
    hope this goes thru....

  20. This is my first time visiting your blog and shop, but from the before/after pics, I love what you've done! It's very fresh and clean, and I love the light turquoise theme.
    Two things that I was thinking though: The background of your photos, while bright and fresh, sometimes doesn't allow the beautiful gemstones to stand out. The light ones kind of blend into the background.
    ALso, I can't read the light blue links on your blog very well :(
    Sowwies. But I love your style, and I'm looking forward to being a blog follower!

  21. oooooOO. Love your new fresh vibe...and the jewelry photos are GREAT! And those earrings are awesome!! Keep on doing what you are doing!!

  22. Well, I just discovered your site after you stopped by mine so I can't really comment too much on the makeover. But, I can say that I love the look and feel. It's so calming yet fresh. You should be proud!

  23. Well your new look is very fresh and clean...it shows off your beautiful creations nicely! As soon as this "house buying" stuff is over...I'm looking forward to indulging in a bit of shopping for me...so I'll be headed your way!
    Best with the new site changes,

  24. love the new look, it makes the jewelery "pop", keeps the eye focused...and oh, how I would love those sweet little earrings...have lots they would go with!

  25. Hi there! I love the colors in your porch - the seaglass greens and blues with white are my favorite - I feature a lot of them in my house and on my new blog!

    I missed your giveaway of your beautiful earrings - but congrats to the lucky winner!

    I've added you to my weeks-old blog and will be following!

    Best Wishes and Happy Spring!
    Linda Lan


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