{seaglass wreath}

Well hello and how are you this fine Sunday!?!?
I just walked in from a 7 miles run!!! Yippee...I was pretty glad I did it without dieing:) Should've had the hubby take a photo...owell:)

Yesterday I went and got beautified with a cut and a highlight!

She put bangs in and really blonded it up!! Don't you just love it when the stars align and your hair actually turns out the way you picture it in your mind!!
I like mine slightly messy and short! I think it says i'm fun and don't take life too seriously!!

What do you think about the bangs??? Oh and don't look too closely at my wrinkles.
Geesh where did those come from!?!?

and the back!

I love...love..love a fresh hair cut and highlight!! I just wish it were free:)

I also spent the weekend tinkering with simpledaisy and taking photos of the new jewelry i've been making!!!
Do you like?!?!? Yea or Nea?!?!?

I just need a little more time to get it on to my etsy shop!!
but my friend is having a simpledaisy trunk show coming up...so even if I don't get it all on-line I will still be able to sell it there:)

I love making jewelry and I love styling it for photographs...so fun:)

I also made a new happy little wreath for my laundry room {which is ALMOST finished}
So simple.....

Get some seaglass and a wreath form...

pour a glass of vino and grab some chips....

and hot glue away.....

Oh I was at my friend's house and funny thing is....
her dogs like to help too:)

But I love dogs {you know that} so I didn't mind the extra help.
here is the finished product!!

can't wait to finish the laundry room so I can hang in there and show you!!
Oh I should say....it is HEAVY so be careful when you hang it!!!!

I love it....I think it's super beachy and the colors are just perfect!

As always....let me know if you decide to give it whirl!!!

Alright, back to reality...I am off to mow the lawn then to pour a nice big glass of vino to enjoy the rest of my Sunday!!!!
Take care~

“The simplest things are often the truest.”
Richard Bach


  1. The new do is darling love the back.
    New jewelry styles look great. The earrings on the right are my favs.

    I was wondering how heavy that sea glass wreath might be...

  2. I love your highlights and haircut! Can you make that daisy necklace that is on your banner. I would love to buy it.

  3. Happy Sunday!
    Love the new hairstyle! It's adorable on you. The highlights look good to. (Would you believe I still have not colored my hair...I'm 56...to add highlights, I just open the sunroof on my car.And it works!)

    I love the seaglass wreath. It's the perfect beachy touch. I think I will make one for the "summer" family room.

    You mentioned wrinkles...those little laugh lines around your eyes? If you really don't like them you can try Eye Wish or Eye Tender. These products work wonders! (If you want info, email me).

    Do you have a particular source for your seaglass?
    Jane (artfully graced)

  4. ya, internet problems are a pain in the butt!!

    I LOVE the wreath. I have always been fond of seaglass... its always nice taking a walk on the beach and collecting it. I am a fan of the green glass (green happens to be my favorite color-any shade).

    and I think the bracelet that you have laying on the star fish is beautiful. You make all that jewelry yourself? you are quite an artist!!

    great work!
    and ps, nice do'!!

    have a great week!

  5. LOVE the hair - short and sassy!

    Looks like you had a super productive weekend. Loving the earring you made. Super cute.

  6. thanks for the sweet comments on the blog - much appreciated! Love the sea glass wreath,very fresh sea colors. Make sure to stop by the blog this week, I should have a new sea glass story up later today..

    Glad to have found your blog!


  7. Thanks so much for visiting 24C. It's always fun to see a new "face".
    BTW...your haircut is adorable, your jewelry is amazing and the wreath is unbelievable...love it! You are so creative and you blog is very fun!


  8. You're so adorable with that new do...and so is your wreath.

  9. Love the hair!! You're jewelry is beautifully made, and I just LOVE how you arrange the pieces for your photography. Your pictures are stunning!!!!!

  10. Love, love the hair!! It's want I want, well have (something like it)..., just without the bangs. My husband cuts my hair (I have to show this to him!! I'm afraid to go the hair dresser, haha.

    Love this craft project too! I've already have your wine charm ready to be published on Completely Coastal..., I'll save the seaglass wreath for later..., or vice versa, or combine them,hmmmm. See now I'm in conflict!

  11. The hair is perfect and I love to get blondified too :) The wreath turned out great for the summer!!

  12. I featured your seaglass wreath on Daily Vitamin Sea (and you have something in common with Liz from Shorely Chic!!!), and I will publish the wine charm later on Completely Coastal.

  13. Your hair is darling!

    About your question on hunger after running. It's actually quite common, especially for women, that exercise increases the desire to eat. Running, which is usually one of the highest calorie burns, will especially make this happen. Your body is trying hard to replenish the glycogen and fat stores. Also, another thought, is that you could be underhydrated. If you are sure it's not that, it's probably the biological urge of your body trying to maintain. If you are trying to lose weight (or just keep calories moderate) when hungry after exercise, boost the amount of protein and veggie portions, add a small amount of fat to help with satiety, but not so much as they are so calorie dense. If you have more questions, feel free to email me. :-)

  14. Hola darling, so nice to found your blog, simple and beautiful as a daisy... a was needing just your images of simplicity and joy in the huge web... thank you.
    Your jewelry craftings are sooooo pretty!!!!
    Greetings from Chile,
    Maria Cecilia

  15. Congrats on the 7 miles!!!

    Love your hair - super cute, the wreath is beautiful and of course I want to buy all of that jewelry : ) Love it all!!!

  16. The header for your blog is very clever..I like it a lot. Your pics and compositions are very, very good also. Much success to you.

    Fair Winds and Calm Seas,
    Deborah Leon

  17. your hair looks fabulous! almost has me inspired to get my own new spring cut!

  18. Okay. I sooooo need to make this as I have tons of beach glass and love all things beachy! Great job!

  19. love all of your jewelry and that wreath is gorgeous. so many lovely blues and turquoises on this post, I could look at it all day. i am in the middle of finals week but as soon as I am done grading, I am getting to crafting. BTW love your hair, looks very carefree and summery.

  20. I am completely in love with that wreath!!!! As soon as we get our boat in the water I am beach combing for seaglass and making one. ( ok, and if I can't wait I'll buy the glass at work..lol)

    Your jewelry is awesome. Very pretty.
    Thanks for stopping by my little corner of this huge Blogging world.

  21. Love the new hair....super cute! And the wreath is going to be added to be to-do list!

  22. You look adorable, yay to new haircut;)
    I like the colors you used for the wreath! And the new styling for simpledaisy on etsy too

  23. Nice wreath!!! The colors ARE gorgeous and so is your hair. You're right, short and messy = fun!!

  24. Found your blog when you left a comment on mine. I'm in love! Your blog with all the beautiful sea and sand colors, is just beautiful. Then I read further and find out that I can actually buy some of that jewelry. Not only that, your sea glass wreath is a fabulous idea and on my to do list for next week. On top of everything else you have great hair! Your blog is everything you promise — simple, fresh and happy. I'm off to look around more and figure out how to get me some of that beautiful jewelry to wear and give as gifts.

  25. Your haircut is perfect on you! And your beach glass wreath is VERY clever. Love it!

  26. that looks perfect... u have such an inspirational blog.

  27. Thx for stopping by my blog....I love your hair....so cute on you....just showing my 6 year old daughter the sea glass wreath...she has a huge collection she found herself....we are going to make one together....I'm also loving the earrings you make...going back to look some more....xo, Mariaelena

  28. I have a question about your sea glass...Is it natural found on the beach or is it manufactured? Thanks...very pretty either way...

  29. Love the wreath, saw it on Pinterest and had to come see your blog! It's so beautiful!

  30. One question about the wreath...when I hot glue sea glass...it doesn't stick. Eventually it falls off each other. E6000 works better but still not perfect.

  31. Love the cut and the wreath...I tumble glass and looking for another project..

  32. Love the cut and the wreath...I tumble glass and looking for another project..


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