{Oyster Shell Craft}

Hello and Happy Wednesday to you:)

I just returned home from a really tough spinning session at the gym. It hurt so good! Know what I mean::)

It's a rainy day here in Indiana...but I am not going to let it get me down!
I am going to get busy organizing and cleaning my happy little studio!
Rainy days are the best for cleaning do you think?!?

I thought i'd share just a tiny few more shots from vacation and a inspired little project I did using some of the shells I collected in Edisto.

HeeHee! I couldn't resist another picture of my little beach cruiser! Can you believe it was once red?!?!?
You can see the before here...
Anywho....I took this photo in Charleston, SC.
What a lovely place....if you've never been!
So full of inspiration.....I could just go crazy in that city!

Flowers and character everywhere!
I bet it would be amazing at Christmastime! Might have to check that out for myself:)

And look what I spotted in Charleston....
The cutest shop EVER!
I was in twinkle light bliss in that shop!

You know how I feel about one day owing a shop!
I've shared that vision before.....

I do feel like I am moving in the right direction....even if it might be an on-line shop:)

And part of moving in the right direction is to get out there and just keep learning and exploring!
Seeing what's out there....continuing to work on YOUR VISION!

I know for sure my shop would have anything and everything in hues of turquoise and aqua blue!
And would be completely inspired by simple cottage living!!

Sound nice?!?!

And look at these cute little daisies made out of cut up water bottles! Genius I say:)

OK....OK....onto a simple little craft!

Oyster shells! Yep...that's what I collected in South Carolina!
People probably throw them away but I thought they were just beautiful!

So I collected about 2 bags full of them:) Ok...my husband helped me collect them too!

And I made a sweet and very simple little wind chime with them!

Which in turn....inspired me to spruce up the little eating space in my sunroom:)

I love the sunroom! It's my cottage...happy space:)
Anywho...for the wind chime...
Just collect some shells....
get a piece of driftwood....
get some twine....
drill holes in the shells...
and start tying them on in any way that makes you happy!

Easy and pretty much free!

Simple things are the best.....aren't they!

Oh and to spruce your space.....collect a bunch of cottage flowers and stick them in an aqua blue ball jar!
Pure cottage bliss:)
And if you want to add a tag to your jar...you can! Here's how I did it!

I think these jars of flowers would be just adorable at a country wedding!

And when your sprucing your space...don't forget the twinkle lights! They make everything happy:):)

ps....I am thinking of doing another give-away real soon......take a peek at my shop and let me know what you think I should give-away!!!!!

OK....well I'm off to get cleaning and organizing!!
Hope you have a really wonderful and inspired kind of day:):)

"Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe." Gail Devers


  1. I tried to make an oyster chandelier (ate a lot of oysters!) but didn't realise how heavy it would be. It morphed into a sort of cascade to fill a hole above my bed left by a porthole - don't ask...

  2. Good morning sweet friend!

    It's always fun to go to your shop. If I could choose a giveaway for me it would be the sea stamped necklace...love it! AND...I already have earrings that would go with it. smile

    Love your little corner. So stinkin' cute. I agree...twinkling lights make everything happy.


  3. Your sunroom is GORGEOUS!

    I think you should give away more bangle bracelets!! LOVE them!

  4. Yes, I could so see you owning a shop like that but it would be even cooler :D

  5. What a cute, cute store - it looks fabulous. I love oyster shells too and your little mobile looks so beachy-chic over your little table. Great job, Miss Heather :O)


  6. Your home truly feels like it's sitting on an island!!

  7. What kind of bit and drill did you end up using? I've tried two kinds of bit and two different drills and have not been very successful.

  8. I am SO laughing.....in the very first pic of your lil dining area, I chuckled and said to myself...does she have lights strung around her bike??? only to keep reading to find out YEP...you do!! How funny and yes....they did make me smile and make me happy! You've also inspired me to make a windchime out of the shells I collected at Sanibel Island a few months ago. That "drill a hole in them" is my only setback. I tend to drill in EVERYTHING when I have a drill in my hand!!!

  9. I love oysters...
    always eat a lot of them when i go home to Florida..
    and yes.. I pick up a LOT of shells..
    my sis and I craft things while I'm there..
    love your Cruiser!!
    with the twinklies..
    adore your sun-room!!
    and YES, you should have a shop for real!!( love your ETSY shop and all the gorgeous goodies!!
    It would be divine!!
    warmest sandy hugs..

  10. Hi Heather-

    You always make me smile - putting lights on your bike to make it even prettier. Love it.

    I like the shell windchime, too.

    My best- Diane

  11. Cute! Indigo looks like a fun place to visit (get lost!). Make your dreams come true...It is so fulfilling!!!
    Jane (artfully graced)

  12. Very pretty wind chime...love the natural feel to it.

    Great vacation shots!!! That shop looks fantastic...think I'd just wander for hours. :-)

  13. love the wind chime. would love to visit your shop if you had one!
    cheryl x

  14. I adore your bike...I love that blue retro color, it is one of my favorites! Your vacation pictures are amazing. =)

  15. Your bike is the cutest!! I saw one that colour in my town today :)
    Your post is so happy...I love your little sitting room....bright & cheerful...just like you!!

    Deborah xoxoxo

  16. I have always wanted to go to Charleston, but haven't made it there yet. Your pictures inspire me to go NOW!!! I love your little corner of the world...you have such a way with decorating...it's like magic!! I have been meaning to ask you...we visited Shipshewana, IN and I wondered if you live near there. When I called for a rental car, they said the Enterprise office was in MI and I know you have mentioned many times that you visit Lake Michigan. It was a cool place to visit!! And thanks so much for sharing your talents with us!!

  17. You have such a pretty blog! I will be back to visit more.
    Enjoy your day

  18. I absolutely LOVE Charleston!!!! It is fabulous at Christmas time, you should definitely go! That shop is wonderful, there are so many cute cute shops there. They also have an open air market that I know you would love!!!! I heart Charleston : )

    I love your little eating area : ) I would park myself there at just about every meal!

    Such a cute little oyster shell craft.

    I am just waiting for some extra funds so I can purchase some of your super sweet bangles : )

  19. Oooh! Love your beach cruiser! I want one so badly!!!

  20. So glad my home state was so inspiring! :)

    P.S. Can I come live in your house? It's always so pretty and inviting!

  21. Simple things are indeed the best, I agree! Love your mobile, your bike, your cottage. You know I do..... but I'm just saying it again.
    I can see Simple Daisy in a shop like that. x

  22. OMG I love these pictures. This looks like such a relaxing and fun-filled vacation. The bike is definitely better the teal color. It embodies the beach life a little more.

  23. For sure, twinkle lights definitely make everything happy!! :)

    Warm smiles from a tiny wood home on the central coast of california!

    Thanks for finding our luna movie! My wife wendy makes and loves handmade silver jewelry.. stoked we connected !

  24. I always love stopping by your blog to see what you have been up to and I love all of your pictures, especially all of the turquoise and twinkle lights! Everything is so dreamy!

  25. Everything looks so cozy. I would love to go to that shop and spend a couple hours there.

    Twinkle lights make me happy too.

  26. I have never heard anyone say Charlseston isn't pretty. Great little shops you found and I love your cozy corner. Your home is perfect-Iwould like to move right in:) Cheers

  27. Swimmingly sweet photos! Love the blue bicycle...and your sunroom! Have you been to Catching Fireflies in Berkley/Rochester, MI? http://catchingfireflies.com/ Very cool, like Indigo. Might be a nice place to sell your work. Cheers!

  28. What a beautiful room and a cute shell craft idea! I want to make a mobile out of some of mine, too! ♥

  29. Wow , your blog is Like a breath of fresh air , Love your jewellery ! You now have a new follower from Australia :) Can't wait to read more xx Ava

  30. Sum...sum...summer! Love your shell hanging!!

  31. everything is better with twinkle lights! I love them too - and cute little shops that are so inspiring :)

  32. Hi Heather! Long time to speak...my computers been down for awhile and I finally had to buy a new one. :) I saw your post from Thursday and can't believe you are making rings now...that's awesome! They are really pretty...especially stacked with the plain silver ones like in your picture. Congrats, and I hope the contest is successful! ~Barb from Canada

  33. Love your beachy blog! This is a great idea to do with shells, you should stop by and link it up to my shell craft post!

  34. I'm glad your active. My mom is really into spinning class. You really live a life that makes you happy. I'm glad.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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