{Pretty Aqua Blue Chair}

Well Hello & Happy Friday to you:)

Guess what….each day you CAN choose to be happy.
Life is just full of choices and each day is an opportunity just waiting to unfold:)

What do you choose today.
Be happy or Be sad!?!?
Follow your dreams or let them pass you by?????
It’s all up to you…..or so a wise woman once said!

It’s FRIDAY {YEAH} and I can once again truly appreciate a good solid Friday….
You know I am choosing to be happy on this fabulous first Friday back to school!!! Oh ok...the back to school part isn't really all that fabulous.....but the Friday sure is:):):)

First I thought I’d share……
My healthy recipe.
It’s just perfect for when you’re in a time crunch and need something healthy to eat.

I often make a batch of something similar to this on Sunday or Monday evening and then I am ready to go each day of the week.. No thinking involved.

Ths time it was..
CousCous {garlic flavor}
green beans
& lime juice, salt & pepper!!

Mix it all up & enjoy:)

A perfect lunch!!!

Well guess what….
Simple Daisy has a goal..
You betcha…
No more him hawying around…
I have decided to open a happy little shop one way or another.

I am making that my long term goal no matter how long it takes:):):)

I have a ton of work to do and it might start much smaller than you think....but I am a determined kind of gal.
I love etsy....don’t get me wrong…
I just don’t necessarly feel like it’s the right kind of venue for me…
I just don’t feel like I connect with people the way I would like to….you know the way I would if you were to ever come visit my shop:):)

I have a long road ahead of me….but one thing I know for sure is…if you don’t write things out and formulate a plan….they WON'T happen……
I have learned this in my running and riding training and once again a wise woman recently shared this with me:):)
Good thing for wise friends and people that truly believe in you!

But you know what else she said.....it really doesn't matter what other people believe about you....it's do you believe in YOURSELF! That's really all that matters:)

Now really think about that for a momemt! Do you believe in you!?!?!?!!?
If you did I bet you would fulfill a lot more of your dreams!

What’s your dream…
What do you see yourself doing if nothing stood in your way…
What stands in your way from fulfilling that dream????
How can YOU make it happen….

Alright now get busy and start writing it out.
Keep a little journal for yourself! I know I am making a commitment to journaling things:) :)
Things don’t just happen to you…..YOU happen to things!!!

OK now for a little crafty inspiratiion!
First up…

The driftwood sailboats….
Lake Michigan little sweeties! I have loved boats for as long as I can remember…..and when I came across driftwood sailboats….I was smitten:):)
Easy to make…..
And easy to like!!

Oh and did you see….Maya from Completely Coastal just gave lil ol me a shout out for my Lake Michigan inspired driftwood boat!?!?!?
Thanks Maya
I love all things beachy and so does she!!!!
That’s why I LOVE stopping by her blog!
Happy inspiration.

Stop by and say HELLO if you get a chance:):):)

But after much ado…..I don’t know at this point how much I’ll be adding to my etsy shop so I don't know if these little cuties will make on there….
I know tons of people do quite well there….but just don’t enjoy how time consuming it is.
I would rather focus my efforts on my real DREAM!!
But if you’d just love to have one of my Lake Michigan driftwood sailboats….well just send me an email!!!! I'm sure we can figure something out:):)

Oh and notice the chair???

A "new" prop for me:)
It was just a real junker I just {re} came across it in the basement….left over from the previous owners of our home. I ALMOST threw it away…..sad little chair….I think it was even handmade by the previous owner….

But one day as I was shabbying everything up in a 5 foot radius of me……I turned to see the sad little chair…..
And it too got a shabby little paint job!

It’s just so darn happy now:):)

I want to sit on it and drink my morning coffee!!! I think the builder of this chair would be quite proud of it!!!

See ….that’s the stuff I would have in my shop…….
Cottage inspired wares…

Handmade.....repurposed.....vintage.....awesome stuff
In all shades of turquioue….aqua and robin’s egg blue!!

Even my jewelry!
How could I not be happy!! And I think it might make other people happy too!

What do you think!?!?

Oh and when I do one day own a shop……….
I know I’ll have the vino flowin' for each and everyone of you that would venture in:):)

How fun would that be!!!!!

Picture it.....you're walking up to the tiniest turquoise building. First thing you notice are all the happy flowers just bursting out of the pots surrounding the french doors entrance. As you walk in you hear the fabulous music playing and take a moment to take in the frangrance from that ocean scented candle that's burning on the counter. You look around to see old worn wood planked floors and pale pale gray walls. The ceiling is beadboard in the creamiest shade of robin's egg blue. You are happy...you feel like you've just spent a moment at the beach. You see shabby furniture in every shade of aqua blue. You notice handmade beach inspired signs and you fall in love with the tons of vintage fans for sale! All perfect for your lovely home on the water!

Of course you can't move past the pretty jewelry displayed on vintage turquoise frames and you just love the beachy artwork. The nicest {ok...maybe not the nicest} shop owner stops to say hello and offers you a glass of wine while you enjoy your visit:) Oh ok....I don't know if that part's reality but........it would be nice:)

And you end your visit with a purchase that makes you super happy....not just for what you bought but you're happy with the experience of shopping in such a happy inspiring place!

So do you like my vision!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?

Hope you have a happy weekend!

And remember to write down your goals and dreams!!!!

They won't happen without a plan:)
Oh and Sunday I am riding in a 60 mile bike ride….still getting ready for that 100 miler
on Sept. 28~~
Woo hoo !!!
Wish me luck:)

"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal."

Pamela Vaull Starr


  1. What a beautiful and inspiring post Heather!! I would so come down to visit your shop! That sounds like the best place, and wine while shopping, love it!! :) If anyone can make their dreams come true, it is you! You are so creative and hardworking. I believe in you and can't wait to see your journey. Your boats turned out so cute! I love the little details on the sails!
    Good luck Sunday and if you ever need any help, I can commute!! ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I've never had cous cous and have no idea what it is? a grain?


  3. A GREAT post! It is so important to have dreams, lofty and realistic ones.
    I am so glad I found your blog; you are very inspirational.
    Happy Weekend!

  4. i've got just the book for you...the artist's way by julia cameron. so inspirational!! she is all about journaling and finding your creative way. i love it. i feel like her and i are friends. i'm part of a wonderful shop..bloomsbury loft. we are re-opening after a summer in storage. i'm hoping and praying this will work out for us. its awesome to do what you love...sometimes it just doesn't pay the bills....i think i need a day job. ~karla

  5. You are so creative! I love seeing all the gorgeous things you make. A shop is definitely in order!

  6. Love the photos and your creativity for life! Love to re-purpose anything. Another avid biker here. I recently finished a Relay Triathalon (bike) and training for another in Sept. I love biking so much I became a Spinning Instructor. Have a super weekend.

  7. What a lovely dream and I can easily picture the experience of shopping in your adorable little stosre...I once owned an art&craft gallery with 7 other young moms and we had a wonderful time. Many years later, I had a dream of my own shop--called The Abbey, of course...where I'd sell bread and wine, books and handmade cards...just couldn't find the start-up cash to rent a slot on a busy street where such things might have a chance...and didn't really want to spend the time waiting on customers...would rather be making and displaying...which means hiring help...lots of things to consider.

    I know a couple artists like you who are doing their dreams on the very street where I dreamed my dream. One is a shabby chic home furnishings store called Posh on Palm, the other is a beach-inspired theme called "Sirene" (mermaids) and she sells everything involving shells and luxury bed and bath items. They're passionate about their presentationsand ha ve lots of good help in their shops. It's going well!
    So a business plan is surely the way to get ready!

  8. Im so glad my beach photos could bring you some joy today!

    By the way - I LOVE the chair. I am always trying do do things like that.
    Also, the salad looks delicious. It might just be what I need for lunch on a a super hot Florida day :)

  9. What a great post! So motivating! I would plan a vacation completely around being able to shop in a store like that. Your vision is truly awesome. I can't wait to see it happen for you!

    That chair is fabulous, and I adore those little boats!

    Good luck with the rest of your training for the 100 miler!

  10. Oh my...what an uplifting post this is! You are a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.
    With your joy and determination, you will be successful in whatever you choose to do.
    Your shop sounds like Heaven.
    Enjoy the ride!!!

  11. What a beautiful post! I am wearing my "kate" earrings today and as always receive oodles of compliments! I'm excited for your adventure and would visit any shop you opened..especially if wine is involved!! Enjoy your weekend Lovely Lady!!

  12. hey girl,

    i totally needed a little perk of inspiration today! thanks for getting me out of my rut this morning! :)

    there are LOTS of ways to make your dreams come true of owning a shop. you just have to figure out the right angle & go from there. in the meantime, don't let go of what is important to you. i did that & now i am gradually working my way back to it. it's really hard to do once you decide to sort of let it go. it becomes harder to visualize it as a reality.

    just make is so!!

    love the boats, chair & your words.

    k :)

  13. Your dream shop vision is worth seeking. I think many of us have similar dreams. But it is hard to do without money. I've had many dreams of little shops, bakery, cafe. Now I am pursueing my art...a dream/passion since I was 5...and I am happy!

  14. So, I meet the lady behind the boats! What fun they are!

  15. Hi Heather...what a beautiful and inspiring blog...all so pretty...

    i enjoyed my visit here so much...happy to find a new friend

    and i LOVE your doggys....

    me too...doggy LOVER !!!!!!

    Happy Friday
    Kary and Teddy
    oh...i just noticed kathleen...purple flowers here...one of my sweet blog buddies.....

  16. Very nice post. Have been in your shoes, and I can tell you how much heart and soul you will put into a business - keep dreaming, you can make it happen. I planned for 3 years before I opened my store in 2002.... was a wonderful 5 years.

    Glad that I decided to venture out and open the new website, but I still miss my customers coming in the store to hang out. Call or shoot me an e-mail anytime, I might be able to provide some insight!


  17. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I love your ideas and I share in your dream of one day having a shop. Sounds like you will get there one day soon!

  18. That's the loveliest dream, the one you have:))
    Keep believing in yourself and you'll make it happen.

  19. Another great post! I kept checking in everyday this week to see if there was a new post, and lucky for me, there was today! I adore the sail boats and would maybe like to have you sell me one, how much? ;) Yours are so much better looking than everyone else's. I love the chair too. As for the dream - sounds a lot like mine - but make that into a hair salon. We can do it! We WILL do it! 'nuff said!

  20. heather...i think your half way there already :) your closer than you think!

  21. Love your dream. There is a shop in town empty for some time. Empty not because of location but price. I drive by it every day thinking almost the same things.

    Your little boats are adorable my husband has one around here made from when there is nothing to do while traveling by sea...and of course his friends ships in bottles..

    Yes, Etsy is time consuming with taking photos and everything but your good at those. It's constant but on the other hand a brick and mortar is too. It's a good place to help learn about shipping and control of supplies, orders etc.

  22. Thanks for your comment on the Mark Twain quote with the Blue Sailboat photo. So glad you liked it...funny how it seemed to fit with your post today on your dreams for opening a shop! Good luck on that - sounds exciting.

    Love the job you did on the chair! My favorite color.

  23. I simply love the turquoise chair! it is just adorable and I've got to add one to my house...I'll keep looking at garage sales until I find it.

    Congrats on deciding to follow your dream ~ you have the right attitude to accomplish anything you set your mind too.

    Have a wonderful weekend sweetie.

    Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea

  24. 1. The couscous looks wonderful!

    2. Adore your little fleet, so precious.

    3. Can I come live at your dream shop?

    4. I don't really think it's a dream at all... I believe you've glimpsed your future :-)

  25. Great post! Sure do love your heart, your attitude, and your great ideas.


  26. Heather! You just ROCK these inspiring posts!!! Love the little driftwood boats and the chair is fabulous!! Great Job on the entire DREAM theme....you WILL do it!! I just KNOW it!

    As I am sitting here in my cottage wishing I lived just a bit closer to Michigan...
    Jeanne of bichonpawz

  27. Good luck on Sunday! That is sooo impressive.
    I believe in you and know you can accomplish this dream. Just by looking at your amazing blog and what you've accomplished with your creative jewelry and crafts. I know you will acheive all that you want.

  28. Heather,
    You can do it!!!! You have a dream that so many of us do. I think if you opened a shop I would gather my girlfriends together and take a road trip. You inspire me everyday. I am always happier after reading your blog. It's like a shot of vitamin"H". (Happy). Go for it!

  29. Great chair, great sailboats, great post!
    Good luck in your bike race!

  30. Question for you pretty lady!

    We are getting married on a beach in mexico in February. I need a guest favor idea that's inexpensive, but special!!! (and of course won't take up too much space in our bags)

    I thought of you instantly. Do you have any fun ideas? Our colors are black, fushia with little bits of green!!

    email me if you have time, or thoughts. If not, no worries either!

    Jessica (my email is my blog name @ hotmail dot com)

  31. Yummy food!!!! LOVE to be happy EVERYDAY!!!

  32. 生存乃是不斷地在內心與靈魂交戰;寫作是坐著審判自己。. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  33. YOU, ma dear, are lippin' full of energy and optimism an health!

    Adoring your dream and your little lake Michigan sailboats!

  34. I will definitely make that salad!! I love your blue chair :)

  35. Great salad ideas, thank you! Have a great week.

  36. Great idea to divide up the salad for the week in separate containers. I wouldn't have thought of it. I love your sailboats so very much! I also love the ideas you have for your little shop. This is exactly the kind of place I would open. I am in love with cottage and beachy things. The wine would be a lovely touch. That chair looks wonderful as well. I love the color your chose for it and the detail in the legs. Nice post! Have a fabulous week! ;)

    Oh yes-Good luck with your biking!

  37. Your sailboats..., and all your other creations are just so fabulous!! And I love the vision you have for your shop..., it will materialize, you know! Thanks for the mention!

  38. Your store sounds just like the one in MY head! lol! A quaint little beachy little shop that just oozes French vintage coastal....Yup. I can see it!!! My vision? To blog my days away with my butt in the warm sand of Florida! lol!

    Reach for it....go for it....and then fly!!!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  39. You will have that little shop one day- you sure have convinced me! Your taste is beach sophistcated- my favorite! I love your little sailboats especially.

  40. I picture it! I do, I do! I'd love to come visit.

  41. Love the driftwood sailboats.. so cute!


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