{Aqua Blue Ball Jars}

Hello and Happy Monday to you!!
Thank you for all of your inspirational comments on my last post!!! Sometimes I think it's totally dorky to share my hopes and dreams.....but then.....you all seem to make it feel alright!!
And it's so nice to know that we are all out there striving for much the same thing!
Let's start a small shop nation!!! haha!!!

Anywho....I did the ride on Sunday...finished 63 miles! While I was riding I couldn't help but think.....riding is such a metaphor for life and for following your dreams.
As I start out on my ride.....I can tell you one thing....63 miles would STRESS me out to think about......soooooooo I break it down into smaller increments!!!
I tell myself....all I have to do is ride to the next SAG stop {a place where you grab a snack, a drink and use tinkle town if you have to} they are usually about 17-20 miles apart. For me, that is a doable distance. I break it down that way.....much the way I do life. If I stop and think that I may want to actually own a shop ....i'll get completely overwhelmed ..... but if I say to myself....today or this week or this month...I am going to accomplish a b or c....it's much more manageable!! Get it!!!!
Alright, fine.....I am not always the best explainer of things but the point is....break done your goals and at least for a moment DON'T focus on the big picture......you'll get there if you just keep focused on the small steps!!!
got it!!!!!


Simple Daisy is about so many things and I truly appreciate you supporting me as I move through so many questions in my life!
I wonder if i'll still be blogging at 81 because you know by then.....i'll have it all figured out?!?!?

Recently I came across a jackpot of aqua blue ball jars and as soon as I brought them home.....I knew I had to build a super cute crate to house them in!
Much like the things I would include in my shop!!! Do you like!?!?!
Oh and just for curiosities sake.......would you purchase a handmade crate like this!?!?! Say for $28?!?!?!
I would love your feedback....as always! :) :) :)

Trust me.....you could build a super cute crate too, if you wanted to! !!
It's not too hard....you just have to be handy with a saw!

Thank goodness my gramps taught me how to use a saw! Or really.... I wouldn't stop bugging him until he did teach me to use a saw!
Anyway....it really did pay off:)
I am not afraid of power tools! And notice the dogs helping me!?!?! They like to help (or really get in the way of) everything I do!

Oh and Ruby loves the turquoise paint!!!!
See it all over her nose:)

And L.C. loves to see what new things I have going on!!!

Well I bet you even Ruby & L.C. would tell you....just follow your dreams....break them down into small increments and they will be totally doable:):)

And if you're so inclined....take pretty pictures in everything you do!!
And especially in your new turquoise crate that houses your aqua blue ball jars!!
Just because it will make you so happy:) Another thing about goals......do what makes YOU happy! NO ONE else can ever know what that is for you!! Dig deep and search what is going on inside of you!!!! And again....take happy pictures....they'll tell you something about you:)
And just for fun....
The new "prop" chair and my happy crate with housing the ball jars!!!!!
Have a super great rest of your week and get out there and do something happy & creative:)

Follow your heart and your dreams will come true.


  1. People would definitely buy it! Put it in your Etsy shop and see if it goes (although sometimes things take an eternity to sell).

    With those photos, you could probably even make the front page darlin'!

  2. I love how your dogs are always into what you're doing! Reminds me of home! Your craftiness never ceases to amaze me....power tools?!? I'm impressed!

    A wise woman told me last week, "If you can think it, you can do it." :-)

  3. I can't believe you rode all that way. Amazing!

    I love the box and the color. Looks great with the jars in it. You took some really pretty shots too.

  4. Great advice to break down your goals and not just look at the big picture! I've been trying to do that and it does actually help me from getting overwhelmed!
    Hope you have a great week :)

  5. 63 miles! Girlfriend, you rock!


  6. 63 miles is a huge accomplishment! I am in awe of you. You did it the proper way - you trained for it, building up to it little by little. That is how you will get your shop - by building it one step at a time. We think alike.

  7. What a great way to explain about goal setting - I tend to overwhelm myself so I appreciate the reminder to break things into smaller goals.

    Congrats on the ride - you rock, girlfriend!

    You might want to stop by my blog as I'm having a giveaway for a $40 gift card to CSNstores.com...you could get more cool jars or something! :O)

    Take care!
    Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea

  8. Of course people would buy that super cute turquoise crate! It is SO adorable!! You amaze me!! What an accomplishment ... 63 miles AND Power tools! WOW! I love that your dogs help you out too!!! You GO Girl!!

  9. That was such a cheery post! And truly motivational. 63 miles, WOW.

  10. 63 miles!! That is amazing!!

    Completely agree about breaking goals down, it makes them more realistic and doable. When people make large goals, it tends to be intimidating and then people don't follow through.. But when they are broken down, piece by piece.. those little pieces don't seem so big, making the goals easy to achieve!

    As for the crate-adorable! you are so creative!!

  11. I love it!! I would very much buy that!! and it looks great on your prop chair!
    One step at a time is how I try to take things, doesn't always work, but that is the goal. My problem is that I am "now" girl. I have a thought that I am really excited about and I think it should be done now! I am working on it though! :)
    Not sure what it is about pets and paint but I have the same problem, you gotta laugh though!
    Oh, love the power tools too!!!
    Have a great day!!!

  12. Breaking big goals down to small increments will get us through every time, smart girl!

  13. I love the advice to break out your goals! I am just now getting a bike (used but I have gotta start somewhere right? I looked at new bikes and they are way out of my price range right now) and am really excited to start riding. I love running but I really want to have something else too - can't wait to get started!

    I would absolutely buy that crate! Too cute!

  14. wow 63 miles!! That's insane!!

    I LOVE those blue jars, I am a total mason jar fan!!

    The box is gorgeous too!!

  15. LOVE the crate and the blue jars...darling with the flowers in them...and i LOVE LOVE LOVE your darling doggys helping....

    that little cutie pie smiling with the blue paint on her nose...

    oh...how i LOVE dogs !!!!!!

    sending love to all of you

    kary and teddy

  16. I LOVE the color of the jars, AND the little crate! Beautiful! Great job!

  17. Well how cute is this blog! I just found you over at Heaven's Walk and popped in to see you. I like working with saws too...used to do a lot of wood cut-outs with a band saw..and I had a belt sander...sadly...all are gone now.

    I love aqua and the SEA too! And I think you did a great job on the crate! It's wonderful...epecially the handles!

    I am signing up as your newest follower. I want to see what else you are up to! Diana

  18. ps..My favorite dog I ever owned was a German Shepherd named Lindy. Diana

  19. Okay, love that crate, love your pups, only peeked around for 3 seconds but already know I love your blog.

    I'm your newest follower.

    P.S. Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier and commenting on my dorky jars. :)


  20. Love how Ruby and L.C. help you. Our dogs have always been snoops too. Unless it's the sound of power tools and then they high tail it out of there! We call them techno-phobes.


  21. Love love love the blue mason jars!! I am so jealous that you can use power tools :). Love your advice to take pictures of happy things! I just started a blog for that specific reason. Kind of an online gratitude journal. Your blog is so happy and cheerful!

  22. First...WOW...63 miles! And you are right...breaking the journey into smaller increments really helps. (I do that too.)

    Second...LOVE the turquoise box. And yes, I would buy one for $28. (I could make it myself, true, but that means I have to clean my garage out to get to the power tools. Too much work in this heat!)

    Third...Look for a wine called Quinta da Aveleda (Vinho Verde) from Portugal. It's a crisp white wine...very light and perfect for a warm day. But the best thing (besides the reasonable price) is that it comes in a pale blue bottle. Thought you might like this.
    Jane (Artfully graced)

  23. Great crate in an awesome color. We have saws here you would love band saws, table saws, hand saws, and their might even be a jig thingy too.
    Sanders too name your type. My favorites are the table saw and the dremel.

  24. Love aqua mason jars, love the crate, love your blog!!!Congrats on 63 miles...amazing!!!!

  25. You know what? I'm thinking you could sell photos of the box w/ jars, as well as the box... perfect blues.

    Happy day!

  26. you never cease to amaze me! I always read ur posts and it takes me a while to comment because I am enjoying every bit and making sure I got all the simpledaisy goodness out of them. reading your blog is like drinking the most amazing wine and enjoying the best appetizers, absolutely FANTASTIC!

  27. Congratulations on completing your ride! Yes, I do believe I would buy that darling wooden turquoise crate for twenty-eight dollars! ;) That last photos is completely sweet! Hope your week is going well.

  28. I have one of those jars and every time I look at it it makes me soooo happy. To have a whole crate full...well that would be bliss. Great job!

  29. Very cute! A few months back I was looking all over for some deep enough trays to put our finger starfish in to use for our escort cards at our wedding. Another blog friend told me about some beachy trays she found at TJ Max that mimick these and were in our wedding colors.. score! :) Love the roap handles!


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