{shabby chalkboard}

Hello and Happy Friday!
Can I get a woot woot!! :)

It's been a whirlwind of a week and i'm looking forward to just tinkering around this weekend!
I've been craving pizza all week.

but I thought i'd try something a little different ... I decided on an autumn inspired pizza!

I love pizza in almost any form.....but it makes me feel best when I eat a healthy pizza!

I made the crust from scratch using whole wheat flour.

Then I added these ingredients.....
add a little vino and enjoy a super healthy dinner:)
Doesn't get any better!

ps...that wine was fabulous and I love the bottle....tempra tantrum.....yeah that's what I feel like doing about summer beginning to end:):)

Guess what.....I've been crafting away lately!
I know...I know....hard to believe but when creativity rains it pours.....at least for me!
I'm on a roll and have found that I can't sleep because my brain is spinning with ideas I just don't have enought time to do them all!
Thank goodness for weekends:)

I had an old frame lying around....
I decided to paint it...scuff it up .... add some shells and make a chalkboard!
Then I used a piece of metal that we had in the basement and just painted it with chalkboard paint.
That way it's magnetic and a chalkboard!

I even added one of my little clay magnets that I made awhile ago:)
What do you think!
I know I keep saying I need to list these things on my etsy shop.....but truth be told....I just don't have the time...or take the time to do it! :) :)
If I do ever get around to it....i'll let you know!
For now....i'll just focus on inspiring you to make super cute crafts!

Oh and I used little scraps of fabric lying around to make the shabby looking hanger.
Cute! I think:)

And just for fun....
here's what a peek at what i've been working on lately!
designing cute little shabby shell signs....
learning how to cut on a miter saw.... hello shabby chic frames!
having fun with painting everything in my vicinity a chipped up turquoise:)
tinkering with all the painting techniques out there.....dry brushing, white washing.....etc!

and I am just hanging everything on a wall in my little studio until I can figure out what to do with it all:)
See....I do need a tiny little shop:)
Happy....Happy...Happy little wall!!!!!!

Sure hope your week has been going well!!
What creative things are going to work on this weekend!?!!?!?!?
"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." Proust


  1. cute chalkboard! I always write happy messages to myself too. When things get overwhelming they ground me. :) Thanks for the happy post!

  2. Good heavens, get this girl a shop!!!

  3. You really do need to open yourself up a little boutique!! These are all great! I am digging the frame with the sea glass and the star fish!! (I love sea glass!!)

    As for the pizza, that looks great! Deff has an autumn feel to it!!

    And yes, TGIF!! I can't believe next weekend is labor day! And then, classes start up for me :(

    Hope you have a great (and creative) weekend!!

  4. First time call long time listener!
    Just wanted to say how amazing I think you are even if I don't tell you enough.

  5. I would love to see your crafts on etsy! I'm always looking for beachy things to put in my room and the things you create are just perfect! Keep crafting! Also I saw in your last post you said you were a special ed teacher, I just got my first job as a 6th grade special ed teacher and start on Wednesday! Any tips you have I'd appreciate :)

  6. That pizza looks amazing! I love the idea of it being inspired by a season : )

    As always - I adore all of the crafting that you do!

  7. I would call that a Happy Wall!
    And that pizza would make me a Happy Girl ;-)

  8. First, the pizza looks great! Crust from scratch. You are good!

    I love the wall of frames. I love the one on the bottom right corner. Did you happen to make it? I am looking for a mirror in a frame similar to that, you know like old barn wood. I can't find one and wondered about making my own and faking the old wood look!

  9. Love your studio - a smile studio because it's all you can do! :)

  10. I think pizza should be eaten every single day! That combo sounds sooo good. I bet some butternut squash would also be fantastic with those flavors. Hmmmmm, gonna have to try that one. Happy Friday!

  11. Wow, girl, you are on a roll indeed..., and I love the double duty of your latest creation, super clever!!! All the frame and signs together..., looks pretty spectacular. I can't even think of summer coming to an end..., it's warm and sunny now, so I go with that, just love the warm air!

  12. You've created SOOOOOOO many things this summer that I've been wondering where you keep it all...I see where some of it goes--on the wall!!

    The handhewn pizza crust (and goodies on top) looks wonderful!! Have a happy weekend "tinkering."
    You always make me smile.

  13. Brilliant website, I had not come across obxtradingroup.blogspot.com previously in my searches!
    Carry on the good work!

  14. I love the chalkboard frame! So adorable :) have a fantastic weekend!!

  15. You remind me that I must get cracking on my own frames. Yours are so lovely! You're making yourself a really nice art wall:)
    Now if some perfect retail space could be thrown your way...

  16. OMG I am dying!! first the food then the crafts. BTW my bday is coming up! HA HA!

    Shouldn't of come here when I am starving I should know better by now!!

    Come over to my blogeroo I have a VINO post I think you might like!
    Have a great weekend and enjoy your tantrum! SALUD!

  17. That pizza looks so delicious! I have been wanting to jump on the chalkboard bandwagon for quite awhile, and yours is so cute I am definitely inspired!

  18. Wow. Love love love the chalkboard, especially that it magnetic too. Love the ribbon scraps on the hanger. Tooooo cute!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  19. Love your wall....with all the pretty shell signs and frames.

  20. That pizza looks delicious!!! I love different things like that on my pizza too, although I have to admit I had the pizza out of the box tonight :(

    I love all you little crafts!! The fabric hanger is so cute!!! Your wall is great! You should have a open house type thing. Invite some friends and friends of friends, grab some vino and let them shop!!! That way you can see what people like and get feedback and you don't have to spend hours putting them on etsy. Just another idea to put into your your already busy and creative mind:)

  21. I love all things chalkboard...soooo cute and yes you do need a little shop:) Great job!

  22. Love the chalkboard..sooo beachy!
    And the pizza...OMG! Looks so delicious!!!

  23. where to start..first of all...my final meal would be PIZZA

    i have been making homemade pizza at least once a week for 30 years...i LOVE pizza !!!

    and you need a shop....etsy?
    love all your things
    i have a chalkboard that I got in Maine and I love it...i keep menus on it..right now..early Fall taco casserole......

    kary and teddy

  24. Cute chalkboard. What a wonderful idea!

    The pizza sounds delicious, too.
    Jane (artfully graced)

  25. Love the chalkboard - how cute and beachy chic is that! Your little signs are also so adorable - you are way crafty girl!

    That pizza smells wonderful - really - I can almost smell it!


  26. Hi there, thank you so much for stopping by and for the compliment on my work. I really apreciated that!
    Love you beautiful, calm, relaxing and enjoyable blog. ~It is for sure a place for me to visit!
    Wonderful ideas you have!!!
    I've been away for the past month from blogging but I'll be back soon!
    See ya,
    Li :-)

  27. Love the way you made your pizza from scratch! So healthy! It looked so yummy, too! :) Your chalkboard is just adorable. Yup....you need a shop. lol!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  28. Well, first I was drooling over your pizza and wine, and then falling in love with your frame projects! Maybe we should talk....

    e-mail me...


  29. Loving the mini chalk boards! How adorable!


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