{Spring Mantel}

Hello! How are you on this Sunday morning!?!?!?

Me...well I am getting really tired of winter and all the SNOW~
I am just really dreaming of spring!!

After I took down all my Christmas decorations I thought I would at least bring a bit of spring happiness to my fireplace mantel!!
It's ok to be super beachy in the middle of January, right!?!?!?!

I want to get some of those faux blooming branches but I didn't feel like leaving the house...so I just used whatever I already had on hand!!

Turned out pretty cute, I think:)

I wish I could take better photos but our living room is a VERY dark room...it's one of those 1970's sunken living rooms with no windows:(

But it is a pretty cozy room in the winter! Someday I would like to add skylight windows to brighten it up .... for now i'll just appreciate it as it is!

I'll probably change the mantel up just as soon as I go out and about but for now...I like it:) And I didn't have to buy a single thing! Love that!
And well....you know how I feel about all things turquoise!! I think the mantle kind of reflects the outfit I wore out the other evening...heehee:)

Oh and I thought I would keep you up to date on Simple Daisy happenings!!!
I have been working on new designs....still trying to get the soldering just perfect...but stay tuned for some soldered designs!!!

And thank you for giving me such wonderful suggestions the other day!!!
I have sprinkled in some stone choices! I am still undecided about Citrine....and I do have pearls but forgot to add them into this photo! Anywho...I think these choices give you just a bit of variety...in case....gasp....you don't like blue!!! But I think the choice still clearly reflect my style!!

Do you like the choices!?!?!?!!? 

And don't forget the chain lengths are also customizable. Basically...it's almost like a build your very own happy necklace:):):)

And as I was tinkering the other day....I just for the fun of it looked up the meanings of the stones I chose and I L.O.V.E. the meanings!! I think I should include them in my descriptions! I found the stone meanings here.....Kind of fun even if you don't really believe in that kind of stuff:)

I hope you have a fantastic Sunday!!! I will be working on Simple Daisy all day and I have some fun Valentine's Day crafts i'll be working on:):):) What will you be up to today!?!?!!?!?

"Happiness is not in our circumstance but in ourselves. It is not something we see, like a rainbow, or feel, like the heat of a fire. Happiness is something we are." John Sheerin


  1. Hi!! I just found your blog, and am an instant fan!! I love your mantel just the way it is, and I also love the sea, all things turquoise, and have a beach cruiser bicycle very similar! Can't wait to see whats next! xox!

  2. I'm so happy you visited my blog so that I could find out about yours! I could use some inspiration for my mantel for sure. So hard to redecorate after Christmas!

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Thanks for stoppong by my blog. I have been enjoying looking at yours this morning. I've been o Puerta Vallarta too. Beautiful! Someday when I can afford some of your jewelry I would love to make a purchase.

  4. Nothing wrong with having a "beach house" mantle--anywhere! Enjoy yours until you can feel some sunshine on your face! Thanks for visiting Buttermilk Cottage today and I hope you'll come back often.

  5. Oh, your mantel is so pretty.

    Dreaming about spring over here, too. :)

  6. love your mantel - so YOU and beautiful :)

  7. It's NEVER too early to celebrate the beach!

    When we lived in PA, I had an annual January BEACH PARTY...beach chairs, Beach Boys, Pina Coladas...the works! Our friends loved it...and it gave me a little taste of home when I was beginning to brood over the gloom of winter.

    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  8. Your mantle is just lovely and creates a beautiful ambiance with it's subtle glow AND it's definitely not too early to think BEACH!!!
    Your jewelry creations look great too! As always I just love your quotes :)
    Wishing you the best Sunday.
    Lots of Love,

  9. The mantle is great! I linked up to a winter mantle party if you interested stop on by!

  10. So, I happen to believe that the middle of the winter is the best time to beach it up!!!! The mantel looks lovely!

    My living room is so dark all of the time too - boo, it is just so gloomy. I don't like it and am always looking for ways to brighten it up!

    I like your advice about not doing long runs on the treadmill - maybe that is why it feels so daunting to me? It has been so cold here that I have been doing all of my running inside. I am going to try to start incorporating a long run on the weekends and see how it feels. Come on warmer weather!!!!

    Oh, I have also found a few Red Vino's that I am liking : ) Thank you for your suggestions!

  11. Ugh, I hear ya about the snow! Sun is out a bit today, so that helps a little. :) Love your new designs and I think that you should add the meanings of the stones, they are beautiful!! Soldering? Oh I can't wait! I did that waaaay back in high school and I loved doing it!! Have fun!!!!

  12. It's truly winter here, but at least the sky is a beautiful blue. I love that blue! I like your mantel - candles and beachy! Enjoy.

  13. I love your springy mantel! I'm dreaming of spring here too - there's just been way too much snow this year. Loving your blog :)

  14. Your mantel is very beautiful...love the lights.


  15. Love the spring mantel! Here's an idea...if you have any forsythia bushes, go out and clip some of the branches. Bring them in, stick them in water, and within a couple weeks, they'll be blooming indoors!

  16. ha! glad you *found* me so that i could *find* you. loving your little piece of the shoreline on your mantle. yes, these michigan winters are so l o n g. i'm going to follow you, if you'd do the same that would be super sweet. i'm about 30 miles north of ann arbor. :)

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