{heart craft}

Happy Monday to you.

I am having one of those.....feeling funky days.
Do you ever have those days....just funky. I am growing weary of the snow and lack of sunshine. I am a summer girl after all:) And I just keep hoping and praying that my dreams of creating Simple Daisy jewelry for a living will come true. I have never been so determined at something in all my life.

But I can't help but to have those nagging thoughts.....
negative thoughts.

You know that thoughts like....what am doing thinking this could really be possible....how will it all work....on and on.......you know those thoughts!

I think we all have moments when those thoughts start to creep in and it's sooooo important to stop them right then and there.

So that's what I am doing right now.
I am taking a moment to focus on something positive...something that makes me happy.
Flowers and tinkering:)

What do you when you feel a funk setting in!?!?!

Seeing these beautiful tulips that my husband surprised me with inspired me to get a little crafty.
Plus it's hard to be down when you are spending time making happy things:)
I am not much of a pink girl....but I do think it's pretty cute sprinked in from time to time!
Look how cute it looks on these grey gloves:)

This little craft couldn't have been any easier!
Cut out a little heart from the felt and stitch it onto $1.00 gloves! I think any of your girlfriends would love a super cute pair of these gloves for Valentine's Day:):):)

Even in a funk....they make me pretty darn happy:)

You can get the materials at just about anywhere! I got mine at JoAnn Fabrics! and they even had the gloves there for $1.00!

Easy and happy...I L.O.V.E. them! They are just the pop of color I needed on a cold and dreary MOnday!

Well let me know if you do make these!! I think I might make some with turquoise starfish next!!! CUTE!

Hope you have a nice rest of your Monday! Right now I am just counting down the days untill Spring and untill I can create for a living:):):)

"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”
Oprah Winfrey


  1. These gloves are so cute! I bet blogging made you happier. I'm kind of having one of those days myself! I'm tired from staying up too late watching Dear John, didn't have time to blow dry my hair so it looks like garbage, and my skin is looking awful. Oh, and I'm at my dreadful day job when most people have this day off!

    HAHA wow I bet you didn't want to hear someone else rant about their funky day, but at least you know you're not alone!!!

    When I sip my wine tonight, I will think of you and send a smile your way :)

  2. Your tulips are very pretty and your little heart gloves are sweet; I just love hearts. :) Yes, winter is starting to wear me down. I was born in July, so techically I'm a summer girl.. but lately I feel most alive in late Spring digging in the dirt to garden. xoxo

  3. Those gloves are just precious!!!

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  4. When I'm feeling the winter blues (which I haven't just yet), I buy flowers for the house, and a couple of different throw pillows for the living sofa. It changes the room abit without breaking the bank.

    I love those gloves - you should sell them on your etsy site. I would buy them. :)

  5. So glad you found your happy place again. You're not crazy to pursue your dreams, and the gloves are so cute!

    Kat :)

  6. Your tulips are so beautiful! I picked up some white ones yesterday, I needed some spring in my house. :)
    I adore those mittens, very cute and yes starfish would be perfect!! :)

    Happy creating and I hope you are feeling better. I get those days especially now in the winter. January and February are the hardest.

  7. How sweet are these flowers?! LOVE!

    I'm sorry you're feeling down! Let's see...I normally get my nails done, read a devotional book, watch HGTV or TLC, skype a friend, call my mom...read a decorating book! Something fun and girly!
    I admire you for going after what you love. Do it well and do it with passion and you will be rewarded! Always better to do what you love in life (:

  8. PS. Totally know how you're feeling with missing the sun. I'm from California, but am living in Washington for school and it's so dark and depressing all the time. I can't wait to get some sunshine back in my life!

  9. The tulips are beautiful! I always love it when I have fresh flowers around, so pretty.

    Try your best to avoid those negative thoughts. Your jewelry is amazing and your determination is inspiring. You will make it!

  10. Love the gloves, love the sentiment. I'm not big on pink, but a splash here and there can really brighten a dreary outlook.

    I've had one of those days today too...so I went out and took photos of my son scooting around on his snowmobile at dusk. It did the trick..

  11. I think we all need a little spring in our lives right now. Those tulips should do the trick- they're gorgeous! Chin up!! Hope you have a great Tuesday! xo

  12. The gloves are really cute!!
    I definitely head to the chocolate when I am in a funk!!

  13. Once again, impressive crafty idea from adorable you! You need your own show or something! You just make it all sound so easy.

    I hope that you can stay encouraged. You know what the core part of that word is, right....enCOURAGEd....it takes courage to stay on the path you're on! So take heart and have courage, be encouraged!

  14. Heather - I feel for you, girly. I know what you're feeling. I've been busy making some cute clay tags, loving every single minute I'm holding that clay in my hands. But what to do with them all? Where to sell them? Will people like them? What makes mine more unique than others? All those questions tend to halt my creativity and I start to doubt myself.

    However, your jewelry is so unique and adorable and one of a kind, that I just know that your business will be successful in it's own time. Hang in there and keep creating! :)

    xoxo laurie

  15. Hi there!! Thanks for stopping by the other day. Yours is a beautiful blog. I intend to read every word and follow, follow, follow! It looks like we have a lot in common. I revealed my special delivery today. Hope you'll stop by to see it.

    Ciao for now!

  16. Love flowers I keep fresh flowers all year round in my house. It's my treat to myself every week. I love them!

    The gloves are an adorable idea and quik too! Great idea for a quick, inexpensive Valentines gift.

    I have the same goal, to work from home doing what I love. I just have to keep believing in myself and not let the doubts enter my mind. It's easy to give into the fear so we must rise above it and keep doing what we love! :) Just keep creating!

  17. Even in a funk.. you are brilliant!

  18. We all have those days. The photos on your blog are beautiful. Tulips are my favorite. Hope today is brighter for you! Spring will be here soon.

  19. Gosh, I know just how you feel, self doubt can really be powerful, but your jewelry is really beautiful. I love those little gloves, they would make great gifts for a teen to make & give to friends. Thanks for sharing, Now you've lifted my spirits too!

  20. Hi sweet Heather!

    Your jewelry is awesome and I wear mine proudly! I'll have to send you a pic of me with it today. Just keep pushing and your dreams will come true ( I think they are already coming true!) You are such a phenom in the blogosphere and everybody loves you and your creations. Chin up my friend!

    hate to be a brat but for your tag there is one boo boo
    it should say "suis tes rĂªves" it you were able to get the accent on the e in reves that would be awesome and more french. "tes" is the tu form for "your" in french. "tu" means you. Hope you know I am just looking out for you and I am a big nerd language teacher. and you know I think your pieces are gorgeous!!!

  21. Hi, I'm new to your blog and etsy page, and I'm in love! I think that you have some great ideas...I would love to see turquoise starfish gloves!!!

  22. Gorgeous shots of the tulips...hubby just walked by my screen and said, O those are pretty!!!

    Yep, self-doubts can easily bring me down...on a funky day, I get out my camera and look for something new to color my day...or go for a walk to invigorate myself. O, and a glass of wine let's me drift for a bit and forget...

    I love your stamped jewelry and need to get over to your shop...I'm not much of a jewelry wearer but I could use one of those metal tags with a sea word on it...

  23. You've got the funk, I've got the crud. We should start a band. What would we call ourselves? I just typed a few word combos... probably best not to go there, LOL!

    Stay warm,

  24. Hi Heather,
    Wow, I am new to blogging and joining blog parties, but it proves to be amazing. You meet new people from all over the world - found you through The Beech Cottage.
    Thanks for the pink tulips - a welcome sight in winter. I also love your blue bike in the banner of your post.
    Thanks for stopping by at my virtual place.

  25. Okay Heather, time for you to seriously watch this:


    Amy Krouse Rosenthal will inspire and encourage you out of that funk! Hope it helps!

  26. I love all your jewelry and those gloves are so CUTE!! I think I might have make some this weekend. :)

    Keep doing the things you love and I'm sure good things will come of it. :)

  27. those PiNk tulips worked their magic..on you and all of us!!

    good job hubs!

  28. So sweet! I sooo adore hearts...and your sweet blog. Friday hugs. xoxox

  29. What a beautiful blog! You are so creative! My mom and I were both talking about getting through creative funks-- it must be the time of year, exhaustion from the holidays! My husband calls it "project paralysis." Looks like your husband knew just what to do to motivate your creativity! How nice!


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