{salt dough ornaments}

It's going to be a beach Christmas for me and i'm sooooo excited:)
I am so thankful to be going to Puerto Vallarta for the holiday!

We weren't going to go but when my step father passed away unexpectedly this summer my step brother talked us into it!
{you can read about here if you'd like}

I think it will be really nice for all of us.
My emotions have sort of been all over the place this holiday season. It's to be expected but it's still really hard.

I think the hard thing to realize is that life truly is so precious and that each day is a gift.

Why do some people live a long life and others don't. I guess those are questions that we aren't supposed to know the answers to right now.

Maybe when we lose someone we love....we really should look at it as a learning lesson. What are supposed to learn from this and how can I make it a positive change in my life.

Sometimes we go throughout life not really appreciating each and every day.

I think losing such a wonderful person at such a young age {he was only 58} really jolted me into a 
reality that life isn't forever and that we really do have to appreciate just how precious it is:)

I wonder if he knows that he really did inspire me to really get serious about following my dreams!

Life isn't .....
oh when this happens i'll do so and so
when I get this in order i'll do....

Life is in this very moment. Sometimes there isn't another chance!

So whatever is in your beautiful heart and soul.....do it! TODAY!

Ok...just had to share a feeling:):)
I'm feeling sensitive!
Back to the beach......
See how happy I am on the beach!
It's just me!

Oh and since i'll be gone and won't be checking in with you until 12/31 {which is my birthday by the way *hint*hint:) }
I thought I would share my last Christmas-y craft i've done for the season!

Remember those silly little salt dough ornaments!?!? I think just about everyone has made them when they were little.

Well you can make a grown up version that is super cute!

And if you look up salt dough ornaments you'll find some that are even much fancier than mine:)

You can find the recipes all over the internet...
but i'll tell you...don't put them in the oven! Just makes them puff up.
I just let them dry on a cookie sheet for a couple of days!

And I just used $1.00 stamps from our local craft store!!
But you could really use whatever you want:)

I love them!

And you sure could use them to decorate packages!
This is a package I just gave to a co-worker and inside is a pretty little custom Simple Daisy necklace that she ordered!!
I sure hope her mom likes the necklace!!!

Happy little ornaments!!

and if you have children....you can do a very fun craft together!!! They could make them anyway they want and you could do the grown up version:):)

Well...i'll talk to you when we return!!
and i'll be thinking of you as i'm sipping Mimosas on the beach Christmas morning!!!!!!!
Take care and Merry Christmas:)

Oh and happy Winter Soltice to you.
You know what that means.....now we starting gaining daylight again!! YEAH

See you soon!

However mean your life is, meet it and live it: do not shun it and call it hard names. Cultivate poverty like a garden herb, like sage. Do not trouble yourself much to get new things, whether clothes or friends. Things do not change, we change. Sell your clothes and keep your thoughts. ~Henry David Thoreau


  1. God bless you and your family this Christmas. Puerto Vallarta sounds perfect! Celebrate life, your inner child and nature!

  2. Merry Christmas, and Happy, Happy Birthday. I'm sorry that you lost a loved one, but I think it is apparent that he will live on in your memories and this lesson to embrace life.
    p.s. those ornaments are the best!

  3. Have a wonderful Christmas Heather, and thanks for all your positive thoughts and great craft projects. Come see us on FF Jan.7 for some Kailua punch and live entertainment.

  4. Have a great time in PV!!! I love Mexico!!! less than 2 months until Mazatlan for our wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy the beach!!

  5. Honor him by living your life to the fullest; he would want you to.

    Enjoy your beach vacation. Merry Christmas to you.

    By the way, my husband nor I shot that pic. of the cardinal. I pulled it somewhere from the internet. It is a beauty!

  6. Happy Christmas! Have a wonderful time in PV... Share memories,drink wine, and celebrate life! Enjoy having sand between your toes!!!
    Jane (Artfully graced)

    ps The 2 sets of earrings I ordered arrived today. My friends are going to LOVE them! I truly love your packaging...

  7. I'm sure your stepfather would want you to do exactly what you have planned, enjoying the holiday and remembering him with such fondness and love.

    Enjoy every minute at the beach! Love the ornaments, btw. I know the ones I made as a child were nowhere near as cute as these, lol.

    Thanks for the Thoreau quote, each gentle reminder makes me stronger and more determined.

  8. Lucky girl... I am SO there in spirit with you. *sigh*

    I hope you take pics, and then I can atleast take a virtual vacation. I've never been where you're going.

  9. Great post!
    Love the ornaments...they look awesome with the teal!

    Have a wonderful vacation!!!
    Sounds perfectly lovely...

  10. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Heather!!!
    The salt dough ornaments are lovely.

  11. Heather~ You do belong on the beach. I feel the same way...I think I always look more beautiful on the beach. Have the MOST wonderful time...soak it all in and bring that sunshine back home with you in your heart to carry you through those cold winter months. Happy happy Birthday New Years Eve baby!!!!! I have two daughters both born at Christmas. Holly Noel on Dec. 26 and Grace Elisabeth on Dec. 25(she was due on New Years but came early)...Oh how they hate having birthdays at Christmastime. Always getting forgotten...and it is difficult to have a birthday party on Christmas! I bet you experienced the same thing. Enjoy those mimosa's while your toes dip in the waves. oxox`kerrie

  12. Hi Heather-

    Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful time in Mexico. I hope you have a very festive time enjoying the sun, sand, and of course some very good wine.
    My best- Diane

  13. Heather - I won't tell you how jealous I am that you'll be in PV over the holidays. Really I won't. lol!

    Have a blessed time with your bum in the sand, your toes in the water, and the sea air washing your face. Celebrate your life as well as the ones who are waiting in heaven for you. ♥ We will miss you while you're away, but look forward to seeing some fantastic photos when you get home. :)

    Merry Christmas - and Happy Birthday, friend!

    xoxo laurie

  14. Merry Christmas and have a wounderful time on the beach.

  15. Merry Christmas Heather. I'm so pleased to hear you'll be at the beach. Enjoy the break and salty air, and see you when you get back. Happy birthday too if you're not around before the 31st. Your little decorations are lovely!

  16. Hey Heather,

    Thank you for the nice comment you left at Jane's blog. You are such a sweetie. Have fun at the beach. I've never spent Christmas there, but I bet it would be fun. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Have fun and be safe.


  17. Have a wonderful time sipping and lounging and soaking in life in the moment! We are never promised a tomorrow but we can live for today! Merry Christmas to you and to yours and I believe that your step knows how much you love him and how he has inspired you!

    Blessings to you!

  18. Have a great time at the beach for Christmas! Your words really hit home with me. So many questions, so few answers. We just have to go on.

    Love your salt dough ornaments. I don't think I have ever made them. So cute! Oh and my b-day is the day before yours. So have a happy birthday!! I always hated my dec. b-day!

  19. These are really cute, and much more sophisticated than the ones I remember making as a kid! :)

  20. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Have a wonderful holiday.

  21. hey there...i completely understand how you feel about losing someone & getting through the holidays. this year will be especially tough since i lost my grandfather in may. i'm dreading it, but i am so thankful i had him as long as i did. he was 93. i'm sure you have many wonderful memories & it's nice to be able to look back on those regularly.

    enjoy your trip to mexico & have a very, merry christmas!

    kMk :)

  22. You are so inspiring. Your blog does amazing things. I love all of your posts. This is a beautiful message.

    You all are in my thoughts. Loss is never easy but honoring the loss by really chasing your dreams is the best thing that you can do.

    I am jealous that you will be on the beach!!!!!!

    Merry Merry Heather!

  23. I'm already looking forward to your vacation pics..., you'll show some right! Happy, happy holidays and birthday, Heather!!!!!

  24. I love the ornaments! I am wanting to try them with a silhouette on them. Hope you enjoy the beach! I'll be here freezing, lol!
    Merry Christmas! =)

  25. hello i havent been blogging for a while but always enjoy your blog as i feel we share the same feelings about the beach i recently posted what I ve been up to but for some reason it doesnt show up on the sidebar that i posted it keeps sayng it's been 6 months ...anyhow ..hope you have a merry christmas ..and hope to hear from you soon..

  26. Just dropping by today to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New 2011!

    Thank you for the uplifting and beautiful posts which you provide on a regular basis. They really do bring sunshine to a dreary day.

    Happy Holidays from Sally Lee by the Sea!

  27. I hope your holiday in PV eases a bit of the sting this season... the first without a special loved one is surely the most tender. Hold him close to your heart... he'll always be there.

    Thank you for sharing your creativity & inspirations this year. And for being such an aqua loving girl :-) I never tire of your pretty colors.

    Merry Christmas to you & yours.
    Safe journey.

  28. ...I am imagining white sand on your toes...and a cool mimosa in your hand...as I type!

    The merriest, beachiest Christmas to you...In memory of your step father.

    To Life!

  29. I loved your salt dough ornaments. I make my own version as well. Much fun!

    Have a great time at the beach. As my daughter the life guard would say, "wear your sunscreen!" Merry Christmas from Cottage By The Sea xoxo

  30. Cute tree Heather! Merry Christmas to you and your family...enjoy the beach! (so jealous) ~Deb~

  31. heather thank you for visiting my blog but wont cha become my friend you see we have alot incommon we both love the beach and its decor and my masterbath is in the blues that you have in your home ill become one of your followers also have a wonderful xmas at the beach xoxo sherri

  32. Your dear stepfather will be with you all in PV...you are all 'including' him by doing this...it's very touching. We lost my husbands sister four years ago when she was only 38, needless to say we've asked the same questions as you...many times. Your thoughts are so wise, we must appreciate the now and love those near, now.

    Many blessing in the new year Heather...you have such a fun loving and sweet soul!
    xo Jessica~

    (Love the salt ornaments...next years project for sure!)

  33. I sure do hope you're enjoying yourself at the beach right now!! I too lost a family member this year (just a couple weeks ago) and kept hearing people talk about how hard it is at the holidays...boy, were they right. It was hard, and my emotions were all over the place too. I'm glad it's over, truth be known. Moving on...happy early birthday! Aren't holiday birthdays fun? Mine is on Valentine's Day. Looking forward to hearing all that you have in store for the new year!

  34. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family Heather!! I am sure that your stepfather would have wanted you all to enjoy yourselves and I do believe he'll be watching from above.

    Have a blast in Puerto Vallarta!! Your salt dough ornaments are terrific!!

  35. I hope you had a wonderful time at the beach, soaking up the fun and living a beautiful life!!!! Cheers.

  36. Hmmmmmm....I'm figuring that ms simple daisy is prolly kicked back on a beach somewhere with her painted toes up in the air!!! Hope you're having the time of your life and come home with sunshine in your eyes!!!!
    But come on home and tell us all about it!!! mwah!

  37. That's awful I'm so sorry for the lose of your step father. I'm glad your active though and going out and about. Lose of family is very hard.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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