{embrace the season}

Hello Hello!!!
How are you doing on this fine Saturday morning!?!?!?
I love Saturday mornings....
extra time to enjoy my morning cup of joe and snuggle time with the girls!

Oh....who am I kidding....the girls drive me crazy on Saturday mornings...they wake up at the normal scheduled time of 6am and beg to eat, go out, play, just plain drive me crazy!! heehee!!! But I still love them:):):) Dogs....you just have to love them, right!?!?

We just experienced our fist snow fall of the season!!
and nope...i'm not crying!!
Since we were already up super early....I got a bright idea to take some pictures of me embracing the first snow fall!!
Good thing my poor husband is always so willing to help me with my crazy ideas:):):)

This winter I am determined to remain happy!
Since the weather has been a wee bit crummy I have been spending time making Simple Daisy jewelry! That always makes me happy!
Stay tuned for a nice holiday inspired give-away SOON!!!!
What do you think of my new creations!?!?!

Have yourself a fantastic little weekend!!
I am spending all day today drinking my vino and transforming my home into a christmas wonderland!!! Getting ready for my annual Christmas Party!! Yippee!!!!!!

Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it. ~ Groucho Marx


  1. Okay, first things first, I can't believe it snowed there!! Secondly, your encouragement to embrace each day and have a good attitude is so well timed for me today. I woke up on the grouchy side of bed, my boys are screaming and wild, I have a headache, it's COLD outside....but you're right. I can choose to be happy! Thanks, Heather!! I'm gonna try!

    P.S. I'm loving all your new designs!

  2. Amazing that it has already snowed this season. Today is the first day of cool weather in Miami! Sweater time for us!!

  3. Beautiful photos, daisy girl... simply beautiful, just like you.

  4. Oh my! Snow! It was on the radar for Michigan to get snow too but we didn't get anything that stuck, but it is coming soon I know. You are so positive and everytime I stop to say "hi" the positivity is so contagious. Beautiful new Jewelry pieces!

  5. What a wonderful post, and your jewelry would make anyone happy!

    I love the photos of you and your sweet puppies! Enjoy your weekend!

    Kat :)

  6. Snowing! This is just the complete opposite of what I'm experiencing now (hot humid tropical weather). The jewelry is beauuutiful:)

  7. Hi Heather-

    I think your husband is a real cutie for going along with you to take the great photos of you on your turquoise bike in the snow. Love it. He deserves an extra xo for sure :) It is wonderful to be able to celebrate and enjoy the little things in life!
    My best- Diane

  8. Heather,
    Where do get all your wonderful quotes? Love the one from Leonardo...so true!

  9. Your jewelry is so incredibly beautiful! You are VERY talented!!

    I should have done my wedding in tourquoise!! :)

    I can't believe it's snowed!!! I hope that doesn't happen here for awhile!!

  10. I love you attitude, kiddo! Each day is a gift no matter how it plays out!

    I had to laugh because I was feeling the same way about the "girls"..and then realized you were talking about dogs and I was talking about grandkids!....At least you can send yours out to play without having to dress them first! Hugs- Diana

  11. I couldn't agree more with your philosophy!!! Sometimes I still get caught up in complaining though, but not for too long anymore. Love the shots of you on the turquoise bike..., and can't wait too see what your decorations will be!!! Enjoy and cheers!!

  12. Wow, snow already! Love your photos on your bike in the snow with the girls just too cute.

    Good philosophy you have...cold gray days make it for me to be inspired.

    Our dogs have internal alarm clocks I swear. Now, if it's raining that's another story they want to remain under the covers. We have to carry them outside.

  13. Wow, you got a lot more snow than we did! So glad you are embracing it! You look so cute in your cozy sweater and hat riding your bike!

    I love your jewelry pieces and can't wait to see what you have in store for the holidays!

  14. Love your photos, love your sentiments, love your jewelry. What an awesome post.

  15. That snow looks soooo pretty! I love it. I am also adoring those bracelets!!!!

    I love the attitude that you are taking - it is so true. Today is what matters. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not a guarantee.

    I am excited that the holiday season is here! While I don't love the cold - I do love being all cozy and cuddly and snuggly inside...maybe with a fire in the fireplace : )

  16. I love your positive attitude, Simple Daisy. And your blog is beautiful. Your jewelry creations are wonderful and your photos, so full of life. I found you through my daughter The Ungourmet. Glad I did!

  17. Hi Heather! Where in the world do you live that you got snow already? We had teeny bits of snow here in Michigan yesterday, but nothing like you had! Those were great photos your hubby took of you. So cute! Hope you had a wonderful day creating more of that beautiful jewelry! I've got some of your things on my Christmas list....! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  18. Snow the first week in November! No way Hosea! I think you'd better buy chains for those bicycle tires.


  19. I love, love, love this!!!! You are a girl after my own heart...riding your beach cruiser in the snow. Oh, how I wish it snowed here. I have to drive up the hill towards Tahoe anywhere from 30 mins-1 hr. to see snow, which isn't bad at all, but I really really want it falling on my own wee cottage and gardens. Everything covered in WHITE...YES! Snow falling was most calming when I lived a short 18 mos. in KC area. It's gentleness was sooooo beautiful. I was mesmerized by it, when most people just seemed annoyed. I love your attitude...you will live a long life because of it. AND your jewelry is sea-lightful!

  20. Ewwww...snow! Although it's beautiful...and the first snowfall is always exciting, I DO NOT MISS IT! I am definitely a FL girl...with year-round flip flops and sand between my toes. (But I love your photos!!!)

    Your new jewelry designs are truly lovely! I'll be by to order a Christmas gift, soon.
    Jane (artfully graced)

    PS I choose to be HAPPY...and to create beautiful things for others.
    Creating makes me happy.

  21. Oh the snow is so pretty! I love it when it first falls. It sure did fall early this year!

    I love your attitude and I wish more people shared it. I know I have to remind myself some times too. But there are those that just don't get it all and I try not to let them bring me down.

    You look adorable in your chunky sweater and hat!

  22. I choose "happy". Many times it's what gets me through the day. After some time of reading the newspaper or watching the news, I HAVE to turn it all off, light a candle and think happy thoughts.

    I love your bicycle. I am thinking of getting a 3 speed bicycle from a second hand shop just for the fun of it.
    I happen to like the first snowfall; it's very pretty. Keep smiling and do what you love!

  23. Hi Heather! I just love coming over here!!! Your happiness and energy are so Contagious!! LOVE the pics of you and your pups playing in the snow! We had snow here in Upstate NY too..not alot...just a little. We all know it's coming as it does every year...may as well PLAY!! Have a great Sunday!!! I just adore all of your beautiful jewelry!!! It DOES remind me of the sea!!

  24. We had our first snow too...early this year! Wow! I LOVE your pictures! :) And I'm also determined to make the best of this winter; I was a little down last year, but I'm going to up my Vitamin D this time around and make the best of things; have projects to keep me busy...it's going to be a good season!
    great new jewelry-it's beautiful!

  25. Wonderful post! I love the inspiring quotes and your jewelry is BEAUTIFUL! I embrace winter, too, and look at it as a time to slow down and enjoy my home and family...

  26. LOVE your robin's egg blue bike!

  27. I have a tough time holding onto happiness in the dead of winter also. I've heard taking vitamin D may help. I love your jewelry so very much. In fact, I hopped over here just to take a peek at your creations and look...you have some new goodies. Yay! So pretty!

  28. this is the cutest post. Thanks for sharing the first snow with us. I loved when this day came. As a socal gal, I had never experienced snow until I was at Notre Dame and would get so excited for the first snow fall. you and the girls look like you are having a blast. oh and your jewelry is just beautiful.

  29. Can't believe you were riding your bike around in the cold snow lol... The pics are great though! I love the very first snow! When everything is white and untouched! Beautiful!
    Also, digging your hat! It is really cute!

  30. Hi Daisy Girl,
    I love your out look on life!!! I cant belive its snowing over there. We are about 75 here in POC Texas. I got my Christmas stuff out but not up. Thanks for getting me inspired to get started.
    Love ya Girl,

  31. The turquoise bike in the snow...luuuuuuv it! Your attitude and quotes about said attitude....luuuuuv it! Okay, so I was looking at the anchor chain thing on your pic (beside 'fresh little pretties created just for you) but can't find it in your etsy shop! Is it part of an earring or a necklace or a bracelet? I'm liking it...a lot.

  32. looks like you celebrated the first snow wonderfully. love your blue bike in the snow! now THATS cheerful. love your earrings too :)

  33. Love this post. And you are to cute riding your bike in the snow. (BTW, those look like professional photographs that should be in magazines!)
    Enjoy every moment of the gone to fast weekends.

  34. I love your new jewelry creations- what a talent you have! Great pics of the snow too, love seeing your sweet blue bike up against all of the white.
    Have a great week.

  35. OH. MY. GAWD. snow. WOW! But really? Who cares what it's doing outside when you have the attitude that you have? Happy, Hopeful, Hot and Hippy!!!! (needed another H word!)
    Lovin the new jewelry AND the aqua bike!! Just keep on livin' like it's always July!!

  36. Since you mentioned Christmas... I will too. All I want for Christmas is treasures from your shop!

  37. Look how pretty you are on your aqua beach cruiser in the snow!

    We all choose happy, having more sunshine does help, but we still have a choice, thanks for sharing Heather!


  38. My earrings arrived today. Yay! They are adorable. I love them so much! Your packaging is so sweet with the shell tied on the box. Thanks so much. It made my day. :)


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